Monday morning quarterback: No Apple commercial or Beatles iPod

Monday morning quarterback: No Apple commercial or Beatles iPod

Summary: Speculation was running rampant in the lead up to yesterday's SuperBowl that Apple was considering buying a 30-second commercial to promote the new 6G iPod, possibly even a special edition Beatles iPod that would include the Fab Four's entire remastered catalog. It didn't happen and here's why.


Speculation was running rampant in the lead up to yesterday's SuperBowl that Apple was considering buying a 30-second commercial to promote the new 6G iPod, possibly even a special edition Beatles iPod that would include the Fab Four's entire remastered catalog. It didn't happen and here's why.

For starters Apple would have a tough time beating the buzz created by the now-legendary "1984" commercial that they ran during SuperBowl XVIII. Second, Apple will not sell a phone-less 6G iPod until iPhone is released and sales begin to plateau. I would venture to say that the 6G full-screen iPod (which is essentially just an iPhone without the phone) is already completed and ready to ship. The problem is that it would cannibalize sales of the iPhone too much for Apple to even consider.

Think about it. If Apple released the 6G iPod today, there would be no impetus for early adopters to run out and buy an iPhone in June - unless you happened to need a new mobile phone and your contract happens to be concluding (and how often does that happen?). Everyone would buy a 6G iPod, but only 10 percent of customers (the die hard early adopters) would buy iPhone.

Apple know this full well and is planning to fleece their flock.

Apple will release iPhone on schedule in June and everyone that needs an iPod and/or a phone will find a way to justify and buy one. Once iPhone sales begin to level off, Apple will release the cheaper versions, ala the 6G iPod. They have a long history of doing this and will continue to do so with the iPhone.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the 6G iPod. The good news is they're going to have a public beta program - it's called iPhone.

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  • Apple? Do they still sell computers?

    I guess Apple thinks they can't sell computers to sell music devices. Boy has that company has lost its computer vision. Now they want to sell phones are they going to be a cell phone provider next? and in the the next few years sell cable tv? I see Ipods in a few years being paper wieghts on people's desk and homes, or even the ocasional fishing weight.
    • Who cares?

      Their primary function is to generate profits, which they are doing. What difference does it make if they aren't generating profits in ways that you personally approve of?
      Michael Kelly
      • Who cares? Part Two.

        Exactly. Gee, when Microsoft or anyone else, makes telephones, keyboards, mice, video game consoles, cameras, mp3 players, etc. there's no problem. But when Apple does it why are all the haters coming out of the woodwork? I see lots of people buying iPods and they're happy. I'm expecting many people will buy iPhones and they'll be happy too. The company tells people it's not going to replace your corporate PDA/Cell. So what do some people do? They decide to focus on how it can't replace your TREO or Blackberry. How is that fare? How is that even logical?

        Who cares? Obviously these people do. It goes to show you that people love to hate.
        Rude Union
    • Why not?

      Do you expect them to only sell computers? This is not the 90's anymore where the computer market was flourishing. Both Dell and HP sell plasma TV's and other high-end consumer electronics.
    • Dell? Do they still sell computers?

      I see an awful lot of tv's and media players and cameras on the Dell website. And man, Sony is all over the place.
      tic swayback
  • I'll wait for the 6G iPod

    As a Verizon customer Apple has precluded me from buying an iPhone. I certainly
    want the multi-touch auto-orientation-sensing touchscreen of the iPhone, but if it
    never comes to Verizon I'll wait for the 6G iPod that I believe, as you've put it, will be
    an iPhone without the phone. With the WiFi and BlueTooth it'll still be an awesome
    internet device, especially when on the road connected to my Verizon EVDO service
    served up by my Treo 700p instead of the lame GSM EDGE.
    • May be you should read your news

      Apple didn't shun Verizon, Verizon shunned Apple. Maybe you should consider dropping your phone company?

      I personally wish Cingular cover my area so I could get that particular phone.
  • Grow up

    "Apple know this full well and is planning to fleece their flock."

    Geez... what the hell are you so bitter about? You're speculating about Apple's
    motives regarding a product which you don't even know exists!! If you hate Apple so
    much why not write about Compact or Dwell?
    • not bitter at all...

      If I was, I wouldn't spend so much time buying, advocating and writing about Apple products. It comes with the territory with Apple. Apple charges a premium to their early adopters - if you want to buy the latest gear, plan on paying top dollar for it.

      Wait six to 12 months and the second revision will be out and most likely there will also be a cheaper version too.

      As far as knowing if the 6G iPod exists, I know for a *fact* that it exists. If they can demo iPhone with all of its functions, don't you think that the iPod-only version is much easier to engineer? I think that the iPod came first, then the iPhone came second.

      My opinion is that the iPod is done but that they're holding it back for fear of cannibalizing iPhone sales. Apple has a long history of doing this -- like I said in my piece.

      - Jason
      Jason D. O'Grady
      • widescreen ipod held back - you're correct

        You're completely right. It's a decision that when everyone heard about the iPhone, we all were confused why the widescreen touchscreen iPod video was NOT going to be released at the same time. As far as I'm concerned this was a mistake too. I would have bought one right away if it was available. I'm still ticked that we have to wait another six months to a year for another Apple convention to get one, but it's their company. Maybe there are a few video hurdles to cross which they couldn't get done in time like battery life or a new low power CPU isn't ready yet from a manufacturer. It is a big screen and I don't know how much more electrical draw there is in comparison to the current crop of video iPods. I do know one thing - I want one.
        Rude Union
      • Ethical Standards

        How do you know that they aren't planning to release it the same day the iPhone becomes available? Maybe they only made the iPhone public now because of the FCC leaks.

        There was a story on NPR the other day about bloggers not being held to the same ethical standards as the press is. Your blog should probably have a large disclaimer that reads "Warning: I was sued by Apple and may be bitter".
        • Ethics Smethics

          First of all, unless you're an insider and are privy to this kind of info, everyone?s opinion is just as valid as yours. We?ll all see eventually when a product is released.
          As for bloggers releasing info early ? Where were the pictures? Where were the specs? Where was any evidence that there was a leak? People have been trying to figure out if the iPhone is a red herring or will a true product immerge. Will it be a killer app? Etc. There are web sites dedicated to guessing what it will look like with people posting their sketches. If there was a phantom posting that was going to supercede Apple?s release plans then why haven?t we seen or heard anything from them yet after all this time? You know why, because it doesn?t exist. Apple would never release a unit for review anywhere; that would mess with their plans at unveiling it themselves. They never do things that way and anyone caught releasing info will lose their reputation and job, and most likely end up with a criminal record. Who would hire someone you can't trust to keep a secret? Confidentiality agreements are signed for a reason.

          Your post should be "I'm bitter that people are talking about an issue and I can't accept the fact that I may not have all the answers."
          Rude Union
  • Makes sense

    Also why they would announce a product 6 months before release. Gives people time to think about renewing their contract. If they hold out until June, they get the mother of all phones.