More alleged iPhone 4/HD parts surface (videos)

More alleged iPhone 4/HD parts surface (videos)

Summary: iPhone portugal snagged some official looking iPhone 4 subframes from a seller in China. Are they real or potential knockoffs? Check the videos and draw your own conclusions.


iPhone Portugal has posted videos of alleged iPhone 4/HD sub-frame assemblies that were purchased in China by one of its readers. The site goes out of its way to state that the parts weren't "stolen or found" but that they were "delivered to us." They also refuse to disclose the price.

It's impossible to tell if the apparent iPhone frames are the real deal as they don't appear to be stamped with the Apple logo or anything official like that, and no actual electronics are included, so they could conceivably be from a Chinese knockoff of the unreleased iPhone 4/HD -- lord knows there's enough pictures of that floating around.

The site goes on to say that the two frames it purchased are "more then (sic) perfect" with "no defects" and that there's "not even one difference between the 2 we have, this seems to be made in mass production."

(My video embeds keep getting munged, so you can also find the videos here and here JIC.)

Anyone want to take a stab at the translations?

Tip: iPhone Portugal via 9 to 5 Mac

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  • RE: More alleged iPhone 4/HD parts surface (videos)

    With Apple being so secretive as the CIA, it is strange that there are so many of the iPhone 4G phones and parts and it could be part of deceptive seeding by Apple.
    • RE: More alleged iPhone 4/HD parts surface (videos)

      @phatkat thats my theory. "Accidentally lost one" in a bar... bs.
  • RE: More alleged iPhone 4/HD parts surface (videos)

    It's an interesting phenomena that most apple products like ipad and iphone are produced in China before they are purchased in US, so this is reasonable that the iphone 4/hd is "delivered to us" in China.