My list of iPhone grievances 3.0

My list of iPhone grievances 3.0

Summary: Apple made some nice headway with its preview of iPhone 3.0, but it's certainly not going to be everything to all people -- nothing ever is.


Apple made some nice headway with its preview of iPhone 3.0, but it's certainly not going to be everything to all people -- nothing ever is.

Let's review how iPhone 3.0 (at least what we know about it now) stacks up against my list of iPhone grievances v.2.0:

  1. Copy and paste √ iPhone 3.0 feature
  2. MMS √ iPhone 3.0 feature
  3. Push notifications √ iPhone 3.0 feature
  4. Camera improvements: video recording, image stabilization -- No
  5. Voice dialing (have to use Vlingo) -- No
  6. Turn-by-turn GPS navigation √ iPhone 3.0 feature
  7. Keychain support -- Partial Credit. iPhone 3.0 allows saving logins in Safari
  8. Multitasking -- No
  9. Landscape keyboard √ iPhone 3.0 feature
  10. Tethering over Bluetooth -- No
  11. A2DP √ iPhone 3.0 feature
  12. Flash playback -- No

By my count Apple scored 7 out of 12 (or 58%) if we count Keychain (#7 above) -- which is debatable.

So that makes my new iPhone Grievance 3.0 list, as follows.

  1. Wireless Sync -- Sync over Wi-Fi, 3G, presence-based sync
  2. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support -- could make it a netbook killer?
  3. Camera software improvements -- video recording, software image stabilization, zoom, auto-focus
  4. Voice dialing over Bluetooth -- still have to use Vlingo
  5. Multitasking -- or at least more background apps
  6. Tethering over Bluetooth -- only a matter of time, AT&T holding this up?
  7. Flash playback -- will we ever see it?

What about you?

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  • Mine is a short list

    1. Camera improvements, especially increasing mp.

    2. Allow 3rd party apps to auto sync. for example, I use
    Bento for some medical records, but have to download
    changes via MobileMe using CSV touch. I also keep track of
    books, etc. using the pedias, like Bookpedia.

    3. Get FileMaker to get on the stick with a version of Bento
    for the iPhone/touch.
    • Get Filemaker Mobile back

      I am transitioning from my old beloved Palm to an iPod Touch, and the
      only thing missing for me is the old Filemaker Mobile which Apple
      stopped supporting.

      This was a brilliant app and I hope Apple will bring it back now that
      the iPhone and iPod Touch have become so popular. I know that there
      is an app in the App Store called FM Touch, but it's nowhere near as
      good, yet. Bento is too cut down for me, compared to the full
      Filemaker Pro version. OK for anyone who only needs a simple

      All that I need to then make my transition complete is Documents To
      Go by Dataviz, so that you can edit word and Excel files on the fly.
      They are working on a version now. This worked brilliantly on the
      Palm. At the moment, other similar apps on the app store are read
    • Create/Edit Office Docs Would Be Nice

      Having the ability to view them is good, but being able to edit them would be even nicer, don't you think?
      • Waiting for Documents To Go

        Yes, as I said, that's why I'm waiting for Dataviz to finish off Documents
        To Go. They make versions for all platforms and soon for the iPhone and
        iPod Touch.

        If you're interested, contact them and they will put you on their emailing
        list and keep you up to date with progress -

      • Like I could out of the box with my HTC Touch Diamond?

        • Which Won't Matter After IPhone 3.0?

          Once it's released sales will go through the roof again.

          Sorry, Apple > HTC & Microsoft
          • Hey, if iPhone v3 is good enough, I'll be one of those sales.

            [i]Once it's released sales will go through the roof again.[/i]

            The OS improvements have finally brought Apple's software up to par with where MS was last year. MS has taken too long to add even more innovation to their already innovative platform. If Apple can only improve their oh so pathetic hardware then I will be counted among the sales boom your are predicting. :)
          • sure thing, Skip

            The very fact that the iPhone sports an Apple logo means that it
            will never be "good enough" for you. If you were ever to buy an
            Apple product, you'd promptly disappear in a poof of your own
            illogic. What would happen to ZDNet then? There's an entire
            ecosystem here devoted to refuting your unending banality.
  • RE: My list of iPhone grievances 3.0

    As the owner of a 1st & 2nd gen iPhone I can wholeheartedly ask who cares? I got tired of waiting for Apple to implement features that damn near every "smartphone", which the iPhone is not, comes with and bought a real "smartphone", a BlackBerry Storm. Until Apple realises that it's not about what they think is important to have but what the customers thinks is important the iPhone will always be a niche product for those more concerned with fashion than function.
    • Customers live in different markets

      While the iPhone might not be your cuppa tea it has hit the
      spot with a lot of consumers and developers. The 25,000 apps
      isn't that great a number I guess, RIM and MS are sure to have
      more mobile apps - but Apple and their developers appear to
      be working hard to catch up.

      I was going to wait until the iPhone came with an iSight camera
      on the front, but a dead Nokia moved me to buy earlier. It's
      worked well for me, especially on the medical side as I've been
      given a Dx of Type 2 Diabetes. I'm moving to a full medical
      records area and will be able to download lab reports and
      various imaging tests I've had, including the images from a CT
      scan I get tomorrow.

      There are free or 99? apps for the wife as well as a load of free
      educational apps for the grandkids.

      I believe that the iPhone/touch platform is going to be the first
      series in multiple lines that vary by size and power/capacity. I
      look at apps like Osirix gives a pretty good indication of that
      potential in medicine and that's just one field.
    • Here, Here!!

      The Storm has everything the iPhone crowd wish they had. But they won't like it because it's not an 'apple'.

      And as for JDOG's comment re 'Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support ? could make it a netbook killer?' c'mon Jason... I think you've had a bit too much 'cider' mate.

      • Um no.....

        If I wanted what the above posted wanted I would not be foolish
        enough to purchase an iPhone gen 1 nor would I have followed that
        purchase with an iPhone 3G. So I have too think that this is a made up
        story on his part for any informed consumer Apple fan or not would
        NOT purchase a product that does not meat his needs once but
        twice!?! ABSURD!

        Now "IF" the iPhone did not match my needs again I would not buy it.
        If the Storm did match my needs I would at the very least consider it
        based on the over all quality of the product and the UI. (I would not
        want a product that matched my needs but was still a pain to use you
        see) That said I assume that most iPhone users/customers are
        intelligent enough to match a given products features to their needs
        and purchase accordingly.

        Please don't be silly my friend it makes you and the above poster look
        well strange.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • Silly? How? Why?

          So you...

          'assume that most iPhone users/customers are
          intelligent enough to match a given products features to their needs and purchase accordingly'

          Didn't your momma ever tell you not so assume - it makes an ass out of you and... no just YOU!

          I'm not sure on what basis you've called me silly. And your post also labels Jason D O'Grady and countless other iPhone owning posters on this forum who complain at the lack of iPhone features as 'uninformed' and 'unintelligent'.

          Please stop generalising and throwing labels around my friend it makes you look well ignorant.

          Your post does nothing but throw accusations regarding other posters intelligence and integrity - you are most definitely a troll... please get back under your bridge.
  • NO A2DP for 1G

    ...or MMS (like I care). I want stereo BT on my iPhone 1G (2G? 2.5G) and Apple says it won't be supported.

    I just want to ditch my wired headphones for full iPod and phone support.
    • A2DP/MMS in 1G

      They clearly stated during the event that these were hardware limitations,
      not software. With the new API's for the Dock etc. should be
      possible for someone to create a dongle that would allow A2DP on the
    • just use this...
  • RE: My list of iPhone grievances 3.0

    What would you suggest is the best alternative out there (assuming one has to connect to Exchange ?)
  • Gee, How About We Put Everything In It

    And then call it a Mac Book?

    We've still got until summer before IPhone 3.0 comes out, they could add more options to it before release.

    • My phone already has all of them anyway...

      It's called a Windows Mobile phone. Does all
      this and more.
      • Yes, Does It All..Including Crash

        I had more issues with my Winmobile devices (8525 and Tilt) in 3 months than I have had with IPhone in the 7 I've owned a matter of fact I've had zero issues with it...

        I returned my 8525 SIX times for replacements due to keyboards not working, screens blanking out, etc...

        Replaced my tilt twice for same reasons....and typing with a stylus is ridiculous, even more ridiculous is HTC shrinking the keyboard from the 8525 to the Tilt, causing individuals like me with big hands to make mistakes left and right typing.

        The IPhone does everything I need so far, the additional things with 3.0 will make it even better.

        And I've been able to send images via text without paying for months, you just send an email to (for AT&T), or if the recipient has sprint or tmobile whatever it is for them...not a big deal...and who wants video on a phone anyway??? The quality stinks, I have a 8mp camera for that purpose.