My other phone is on Verizon

My other phone is on Verizon

Summary: How's the AT&T coverage by you?The AT&T wireless coverage in my area (southern New Jersey, close to Atlantic City) is atrocious.


My other phone is on VerizonHow's the AT&T coverage by you?

The AT&T wireless coverage in my area (southern New Jersey, close to Atlantic City) is atrocious. This is a problem for me as an iPhone user because I can't get decent coverage in my house (1 bar tops) and my entire city is pretty much entirely dark (mostly zero bars). I complain about this all the time on the PowerPage Podcast and many people email me to say that AT&T coverage in their area is just fine.

I called AT&T customer service and they told me that my house is located in a "moderate" coverage area (which is supported by their coverage viewer) which should have "sufficient signal strength for on-street or in-the-open coverage." But it doesn't. I have one tiny spot in my backyard that gets one bar of signal but I usually get dropped within the first 10 seconds of any call.

Due to the horrible AT&T coverage in my area I've resorted to carrying two mobile phones and my other phone is a Samsung u740 (a.k.a. Alias) on Verizon Wireless.  VZW gets excellent coverage in my house, my city and even the remotest parts of the beach and even out on the water. Verizon has the best coverage of any wireless provider, hands down. I wish Apple would have gone with Verizon for iPhone.

The Samsung u740/Alias is a capable handset, although it isn't an iPhone. The Alias features a unique dual hinge design so that it acts like a standard flip phone when making calls, then it flips on the other axis to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for things like SMS, IM and email.

I don't really use the V-Cast music and video features but they're available if you want them. Having real hardware keys to tap out messages is a nice change of pace compared to the virtual keyboard on iPhone, but the buttons are small and cramped. The compromise is that the QWERTY keyboard also contains the numerical keys, which means that they're incredibly small. (Full review at CNet).

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How's the AT&T coverage in your area?

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  • Re:

    I like near Boston and coverage is pretty good up here. I used to have Verizon, traveled the entire country never found a single deadzone even in the northern parts of the country like Montana. the only thing I have against Verizon is they aren't GSM so if you break your phone your stuck paying tons of money for a new one rather than just bidding on one on ebay or something.

    I've been thinking about switching to Sprint for the new "Instinct". I just don't know how Sprints coverage is though. Anyone have an opinion on that one?
    NamelessFor Now
    • Sprint Coverage

      Sprint coverage is not good in the San Francisco Bay area. I have the same problem Jason is mentioning, i.e., I need two carriers! Overall, I'm not too happy with Sprint (their web site sucks, and their account management is terrible).
  • RE: My other phone is on Verizon

    i have both AT&T and Sprint. I've never had a problem with Sprint but AT&T is certainly weak in a lot of areas.
  • Correction

    Don't want to be a pest but:

    "I wish Apple would have went with Verizon for iPhone."

    should be

    I wish Apple would have "gone" with Verizon for iPhone.
  • Over The Air?OTA?programing...

    Allow me to suggest AT&T perform a OTA forced update to
    the phone. Doing so should update your phone cell tower
    information. Did that with a friend on Verizon, their phone
    then received more bars as well.

    In my area, North Atlanta metro, AT&T coverage for me
    provides most often 4-5 bars. Comparing my signal
    strength to neighbors using Verizon I have more bars. My
    phone is a Sony Ericsson W810i.
  • ATT is tops here

    Here in California ATT has the best coverage of any of the available providers. Even up here in the mountains where I live I get great coverage. It seems ATT caters to the west coast, while Verizon caters to the east coast.
  • More Bars more places

    AT&T has more bars in more places. The commercial told me so.
  • RE: My other phone is on Verizon

    AT&T works for me anywhere I go (CA, TX, KA, WA), even Australia.
  • dee dee dee

    Spent all that cash on an iPhone because it's cool, even though it is virtually useless as a phone. So what if you can't actually use the silly thing, the whole point is to have the cool Apple gadget, right?
  • Only a rabid ....

    ... Apple fan would by the iphone when he lives in an area that doesn't have AT&T reception. Classic!
    • So, you think...

      someone who writes a blog about Apple shouldn't use their
      products? We may as well have the Zealot write an Apple
      • You don't have to buy a ....

        ... product to review it. You do have a zealot writing the column. His name is Jason.
        • Perhaps he'd rather...

          write a thoughtful, in-depth review, based on actually
          [b]using[/b] the device, rather than just playing with it for a
          short time.

          In a short session, it's all too easy to overlook or miss all of a
          product's warts and blemishes, and you seem to be most
          interested in finding problems with Apple's products. So,
          what's your problem?
        • funny!

          You're hilarious ShadeTree!

          You call me a Zealot when I put down AT&T coverage?
          I just call 'em like I see 'em brother.

          Oh, and I disagree. How do you review a product without using it? I guess that you just try it in the Apple store and review it based on that.

          I'd like to read your blog some time!
          - Jason
          Jason D. O'Grady
          • It's an interesting part of ZDNet culture..

            anyone who admits to using or liking any Apple
            technology is branded a 'zealot' or 'fanboi," even if they
            don't use Apple products as their main computer (phone,
            MP3 player, etc).

            Amusingly, this branding is usually done by people who
            don't use Apple products, or have never used Apple
            products, and yet still prowl the Apple blogs, so as to post
            disparaging remarks about Apple, and Apple users.

            Kinda makes you wonder if they know what the word
            'zealot' means.
          • The interesting part ....

            ... is your total misassessment of the situation. I have access to and use many Apple products including to the iPhone. I also know full well the meaning of zealot. It is someone that is so enamored with Apple they bought an iPhone knowing it doesn't work in their home calling area. It is also someone that rushes to defend everything Apple like you.
          • Really?

            A zealot is someone who is enamored with Apple?

            And what would you call someone who trolls about on Apple
            blogs, insulting others just because of their choice of
            hardware, and does so with great zeal?
          • Strangely...

            you ignore the fact that I've posted fairly often of how much I
            like Vista.

            Oh, wait, you only troll on Apple blogs, don't you?

            Who's the zealot?
          • Answering your own post with ....

            ... a subsequent post is a sure sign I struck a nerve! What does your saying you like Vista have to with the fact any time someone says something remotely negative about Apple you rush to their defense? That is a convuluted arguement if I ever heard one. By the way, you'll see my posts here on a variety of topics, not just Apple.
          • @Shadetree..

            Posting two separate responses to you is nothing more
            than a sign that it's 2AM, and I should be asleep.

            Again, the fact that I have repeatedly written of my liking
            Vista, and defending it, means nothing to you. As soon as
            I write a positive thing about Apple, I'm now a zealot. Is
            that the way it works? Funny, when I look up 'zealot' in the
            dictionary, there's no mention of Apple.

            Yet when someone posts a response to a blog, with the
            sole purpose of insulting the blogger, calling him 'rabid,'
            you think that's normal?

            From my dictionary: "A zealot exhibits not only extreme
            devotion but vehement activity in support of a cause or

            Fits your behaviour here pretty well.