Needed: iPhone radio toggle application

Needed: iPhone radio toggle application

Summary: It's pretty well documented that the iPhone 3G can barely eek out a full day's use on a single charge. So much so that a cottage industry is cropping up for external battery packs.


It's pretty well documented that the iPhone 3G can barely eek out a full day's use on a single charge. So much so that a cottage industry is cropping up for external battery packs.

Here's a free tip (that I previously mentioned) for an enterprising developer that would like to sell a bunch of software: build an iPhone application that toggles on and off the 3G, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even the cellular radios to conserve battery.

The Pro version (US$0.99) would add a scheduling feature that enables the user turn on and off various radios at a certain schedule. The Ultimate version (US$1.99) could add location-based toggles (via GPS and/or Wi-Fi) to switch the various radios based on where you are. (Credit to Rob Parker for the location-based idea).

I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

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  • other options?

    I would spend my cash on an external battery... you're going to need it sooner or later :)
  • This is what "smartphone" is all about.

    Back when Palm OS was king, part of its success was the 3rd party developers (no need to make up the term cottage industry).

    The Palm OS provided a good platform for 3rd party development, so that pretty much anyone could develop anything and run it on a Palm OS device.

    That means if you are a truck driver, or doctor, or coach, or parent, or teacher, or...whatever you are, somewhere out there were a few different apps you could install and test until you found the specific one that worked for you. And that's why we fell in love with the Palm OS.

    Apple has released a developer kit to high demand, because people were just waiting for the chance to develop on this platform, knowing that Apple developers couldn't - nay, SHOULDN'T - try to develop every app in-house. The variety provides CHOICE and customizability for each user's unique needs.

    So, um, yeah, software utilities to manage hardware will become standard fare for the iPhone if it is to become a true smarphone, much more than "just an iPod with a phone on it."

    This IS what a smartphone is all about. Welcome.
  • It's a core function, probably only Apple can do it.

    Since the toggle function would be turned off as soon as you exit it, the radio side would come back on. Apple doesn't yet allow for "Stay Resident" programs. It seems strange that it drains so fast. Is internet always on when it is on or is it like other phones, on demand?

  • RE: Needed: iPhone radio toggle application

    We may not need an app, Apple could just put all of these settings in one place so we can more easily access it in the settings menu. Here's my suggestion:
  • RE: Needed: iPhone radio toggle application

    I like the idea, but if I'm not mistaken you cannot access any of the features, as in wifi, 3g, Edge and cell. I know you can access GPS, having not delved into the SDK I cannot say for certain. Although, they (apple) already provides the 3G on/off toggle, and they do allow for turning off of everything (via airplane mode) and you can turn Wi-fi on with Airplane Mode on, so it's essentially already built-in.

    Now, for scheduling, that would be quite useful. I would like to see that implemented across the entire platform, not just in the alarms.
  • Something like Boss Prefs 1.73

    I use Boss Prefs (though there are some other apps as well) that work on my 1.1.4 jailbroken / unlocked "original" iPhone. It allows you to toggle Edge, Wifi, Bluetooth, and phone, on and off with a simple slider.

    Does the 3G version have an "airplane" mode out of the box?
  • RE: Needed: iPhone radio toggle application

    you mean like the app i talk about (second screenshot) here: -- unfortunately in asking an Apple evangelist, these settings are not exposed to the developer in a manner that would be supported to distribute via the AppStore. the iPhone Dev team (jailbreakers) have the custom header files to do this, but no way would it get approved via Apple.
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