Newton MessagePad beats Samsung UMPC

Newton MessagePad beats Samsung UMPC

Summary: While it's admittedly unscientific I found it very amusing that a 10-year old Newton MessagePad 2000 beat a brand spankin' new Samsung Q1 UMPC in a head-to-head battle over at CNet UK.

TOPICS: Samsung

newton-v-umpc.jpgWhile it's admittedly unscientific I found it very amusing that a 10-year old Newton MessagePad 2000 beat a brand spankin' new Samsung Q1 UMPC in a head-to-head battle over at CNet UK.

Two of the most high-profile devices in this category are the Apple Newton and the Samsung Q1. Though separated by over a decade, they share a form factor, work in a similar way and were designed with the intention of redefining how users interact with computers.

You can read all of the details for yourself, but the main reason why the Newton MP2k kicked the Q1's butt is battery life. The Newton gets 30 hours of run time from a pair of AA batteries while the Q1 gets a paltry 2.5 hours of run time on a proprietary battery back. Oh, and there's the price:

The Samsung is on its way down, but I'm going to give it one last slap before it eats canvas. The Samsung costs £799, but you can pick up a Newton on eBay for £50.

The Q1 has several advantages over the Newton: color display, WiFi,  Bluetooth and SRS surround-sound - obviously their tongue is pretty heavily planted in cheek. It makes you think what Apple could do today if they put their mind to building a tablet Mac.

Topic: Samsung

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  • It's on my Christmas List...

    Hope springs eternal that Apple will get busy and develop a new tablet! It is and has been on my Christmas list for several years...
  • Loser wins more categories than winner

    The Samsung Q1, a first generation device, wins 6 out of 8 categories, and is the loser of this competition? What?s to say the author wouldn?t still have declared the Samsung device the loser, even if it won all 8 categories? Geesh!
    P. Douglas
    • Yep, That's right.

      But the three categories won by the Newton were biggies. Especially the fact that the Q1 is going to die from power asphyxiation every 2.5 hours; and that the Newton gets 30 hours out of standard batteries. That's 12 times the battery life and no need for a charger (thanks to a slow processor, limited communications channels, and an efficient OS). Long life on standard batteries is one reason I prefer the aging Palm III over modern replacements.

      Some of the abilities of the Q1 can be given "toy" status as a result of the deficient power. Color screen and ability to watch movies doesn't matter if the power won't last for the entire show.

      As to whether the battery life trumps application availablity is a matter of what you use the device for. I'd say that prospective buyers of ANY device need to shop carefully and give what they're ACTUALLY going to do with it more weight than how many checkboxes on a feature grid it has.
      • It is still absurd to declare the Q1 the loser

        In time UMPCs will improve on power consumption. I believe in the meantime, people can carry around an extra battery for the Q1 if they need to go up to 5 hours without charging.

        I however think it is quite a stretch to say that this shortcoming, in particular, cancels out the 6 of 8 areas in which the Q1 beats the Apple Newton.
        P. Douglas
        • A healthy dose of sarcasm

          Guys -

          There's a healthy dose of sarcasm in the CNet UK "shootout."

          While the Newton definitely has its merits no one really believes that it really beats the Q1 - do they?

          - Jason
          Jason D. O'Grady
          • Not so sure

            It depends on what you want. The Messagepad 2000 was a cumulation of many years (and failures) preceding it. When the first Newton came out, it was a battery eater. The next Newtons had easily removable (rechargeable) battery packs. Apple knew it needed a processor that was low power, so the <40 watt StrongArm processor was developed. The next step (that Apple never got to) was to make the thing smaller.
            Roger Ramjet
        • Oh, really?

          > In time UMPCs will improve on power consumption.

          Yes, it's only taken 10 years to improve power consumption to the point where it's 12 times worse than it use to be. At this rate in a year or so we can improve it so you've got to be constantly plugged into the wall.

          Free Clue... that shootout was an absurd example that highlights some very serious points: Buy according to your needs, not feature grids. Don't assume that what's "sexy" is useful. And don't assume that the reviewers' criteria equal yours. If you don't agree with the results of this shootout, you think maybe you'll think twice before you buy into any hype surrounding the next one?
        • Hilarious!

          [people can carry around an extra battery for the Q1]

          This is what the Newton people did BEFORE the Messagepad came out!
          Roger Ramjet
  • Hmmm...

    I read that challenge as one who still uses my original
    MessagePad 2000 everyday for business purposes. Some of what
    I read was questionable. For instance:

    "The model we're pitting against the Q1 is the 1997 Newton
    MessagePad 2000. This was a later revision of the MessagePad
    line and represents the Newton at its strongest."

    Well, this unit cannot be OVER 10 years old, because we are in
    2006 and the MP2000 came out in 1997 according to the one in
    front of me. Also, the 2000 was NOT the strongest of the line --
    that honor went to the 2100, which was canned in 1998.

    Also, the sample they used has had the screen modded. The
    originals did NOT have a 'white-ish' screen, but a green one.

    I've been tempted over the years to dump my Newton for a
    PalmTX or something similar, but everytime I end up in some
    remote part of the world and I'm losing power, AA batteries can
    be had anywhere. Plus I love the way it saves To Do items on the
    DAY they were completed. Can't say that about ANY current
    Palm. The Newton just keeps on functioning -- brilliantly --
    without losing anything. Highly recommended.
  • Clay tablet and stick beats Newton

    So if it's about battery life then the clay tablet wins hands down. Also more people used clay tablets than ever even saw a Newton.
    Newton doesn't even make a decent boat anchor.
    • Sounds like objective comments

      from someone who uses a MessagePad 2x00 daily. Yeah, right.
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