Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

Summary: In order for a 9.7" iPad to qualify as a Retina Display (300 DPI) the screen would need a resolution of 2560 x 1920 - which would top every other display that Apple currently ships.

TOPICS: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the second-generation iPad will inherit the super-sweet Retina Display from the iPhone 4. Numerous rumors indicate that it's going to happen, and so does logic and a little deductive reasoning.

The Retina Display, dual-cameras and gyroscope are all likely to migrate to the second-generation iPad for the update that's expected in early 2011 as Apple continues to reap the rewards from the new technology that it build for the iPhone 4.

Or so the theory goes.

A larger Retina display will be a killer feature for a tablet and will help further differentiate the iPad from a growing pool of rivals.

Or will it?

gdgt's Ryan Block throws cold water on recent rumblings that Apple’s second-generation iPad will ship with a Retina Display. He writes that in order for a 9.7-inch iPad to qualify as a Retina Display (300 DPI) the screen would need a resolution of 2560 x 1920 - which is massive.

That kind of resolution would top every other display that Apple currently ships, including:

  • 17" MacBook Pro (1920 x 1200)
  • 24" iMac (1920 by 1080)
  • 27" LED Cinema Display (2560 x 1440)

Imagine all the pixels of the 27" LED display (and then some) crammed into the 9.7-inch iPad's frame. Yeah, it's a lot.

Even if Apple did include a sick 300DPI panel in the next iPad, what kind of GPU would be required to drive it? How would 3D applications like Rage HD and Epic Citadel perform? What would the penalty be on battery life?

The post is a great read and will make you question a lot of the conventional wisdom that's been floating around the last few months.

(While we're at it: Apple, please don't make it glossy. Pretty please?)

Sound off in the TalkBack: Do you think that Apple will include a Retina Display in the 2G iPad?

Topics: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Thanks for the link Jason

    It was a very informative read.
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

      Very good read... and I agree that it's not likely Apple will include a retina display on the iPad. Sure, they may increase the resolution of the display but it will not be the same kind of 4X resolution increase the retina display did to the iPhone.
      • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

        @Masari.Jones sure they might increase the resolution? sure lets give the developers another resolution to create apps for. While apple is at lets make 3rd generation of the ipad even higher for the developers to create a slightly higher resolution. honestly do you think there going to raise unless its a big improvement such as the retina display? it took the iphone about 4 generation to get to the retina display imagine the ipad. We wont see a new resolution for a while buddy.
  • Large retina displays

    The only way I could see it working is if the full resolution was only used for 'static' displays, like books, maps, photo's etc, and for action displays (read 'games') the resolution would be halved, or more, as it wouldn't be noticed (in all the action), well no where as much as a sluggish display as the CPU/GPU runs out of grunt.
    I would be happy with that kind of compromise.
  • Agreed: no retina display

    The sheer number of pixels is ridiculous. Cost of the panel, battery drain and CPU performance would all be prohibitive. And what do you gain? People don't hold the iPad right up to their face like an iPhone.

    I think Apple will leave the display alone (though less glossy and more smudge resistant would be nice!) and concentrate on a camera for Facetime with bluetooth headset in the box. It seems to me they have to put a front facing camera on or it will seem like a serious omission. I don't expect a rear facing camera: the iPad is not suitable for taking holiday snaps.

    Also, camera connectivity might be built in giving the iPad two ports. HDMI maybe not as Apple can point to Airtime as an alternative?
    The Star King
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

      @The Star King
      Airtime only works with apple tv. why should I have to buy another piece of apple crap ?
      • They do it already, why would they stop?

        Apple loves pressuring people to use their stuff, with their other stuff. Even if it's only at opening, having time of exclusivity will drive some to buy into it.

        The iPod first came out as Mac-only, before iTunes came to the PC, after all.
      • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

        Right on! Buy the crap you usually buy.
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

      @The Star King No, it wouldn't be

      @shryko loves !-> their
  • Maybe 1080?

    I would agree that a true retina display would be crazy - crazy good, if it worked smoothly - but likely hardware prohibitive. Perhaps a 1920x1080 display would be a happy medium -- and allow for full HD. Now how about my dreams of HDMI out (no chance, with AirPlay), USB (unlikely, but still hoping), and SD (miracles happen every day, right)?
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

      @killsport@... yes i agree retina will be unlikely and wont happen. but i dont think they will even change the resolution just yet. First because it will give developers another resolution to develop and thats just too early for the 2nd gen ipad. Also because it took 4 years fr the iphone to increase its resolution. Maybe your right though. I personally would be upset if they do considering i bought a ipad at launch and there already increasing the resolution in just the second generation. 3rd i wouldn't mind but 2nd?! Yes i know technology is moving but thats how i feel. I dont mind buying a new ipad but spent over 500 dollars worth of apps and sometimes the developers wont increase there app resolution for the new ipad especially when its the 2nd gen ipad.
  • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

    It will be glossy. And you will like it.

    Book of Job - 11:42
    • Because, of course, the iPad display right now

      isn't glossy. Oh. Wait. It is.
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display



      Hey, maybe they give it a flat gorilla glass back.
      Schoolboy Bob
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

      Sorry, but there is no Job 11:42. What chapter and verse did you have in mind?
      • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

        @brucegil@... <br><br>I think he was trying to be funny and forgot to put an "s" on the end of Job.
      • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display

        @brucegil@... How about Job 11:12, "For a vain man would be wise, though man be born like a wild a$$'s colt." Hehehe
  • Progress, Not Perfection

    I expect the iPad 2 display to be somewhat better, just like I expect the 2 in general to be somewhat lighter, thinner, stronger, and faster. But a retina display in the strictest sense is too much of a reach technically and in terms of cost.
    • RE: Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display


      I was thinking the same thing. The cost would be huge to produce a display that large. Especially since a few dead pixels means the whole thing is tossed. Robin Harris's article on Moore's law applies here. It will be better but not a lot more powerful.;content