Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

Summary: A very funny article on The Onion says that Apple's newly crowned CEO Tim Cook is "thinking printers." For those of us long-time in the Apple market, this is a very delicious joke.

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple, Printers

A very funny article on The Onion says that Apple's newly crowned CEO Tim Cook is "thinking printers." For those of us long-time in the Apple market, this is a very delicious joke.

Following the resignation of Apple founder Steve Jobs, incoming CEO Tim Cook called a meeting of shareholders and members of the press Thursday morning to announce that he envisioned printers as the company’s future. “Laser, ink-jet, double-sided, color, black-and-white—the future of technology is in printers. I am absolutely convinced of that,” Cook explained to a packed auditorium as a montage of printers and people using printers played on a screen behind him.

Perhaps current Apple customers don't recall the company's ancient imaging history. I know it's never wise to explain a joke but here's some context:

Apple created what was called desktop publishing and what is now is called printing. It combined typography, images and photographs. The release of the Macintosh Plus in 1986 combined with the Apple Laserwriter, one of the first laser printers on the market (1985), was the technology enabler.

Apple had a successful imaging division that made dot-matrix, inkjet and laser printers for the Mac and PCs. It was a big business.

When Steve Jobs introduced the NeXT computer in 1988, he also introduced the 400-dpi NeXT Laser Printer. Instead of a hardware rendering engine in the printer, the NeXT printer used the Display PostScript on the computer.

In addition to printers, Apple Imaging made digital cameras and scanners. However, after Jobs became CEO, he killed the Imaging division (among others).

So, here Tim Cook goes retro with an emphasis on hardcopy. Gotta love it.

Topics: Hardware, Apple, Printers

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  • MikeGrace

    haha! Awesome! Thanks for the explanation for us younger folks.
  • RE: Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

    I'd love this. Back in the heyday of Apple Imaging, they were the guys to beat. I get this is just The Onion being, well, The Onion, but wouldn't it be great if Apple re-opened their Imaging division? I still have my old Laserwriter hanging around somewhere, best printer I ever had. It mercilessly thumps every HP printer I've had since.
  • camera!

    I almost forgot about that nifty little Apple QuickTake of mine!!! it is buried in a box someplace. ahhh 8 photos stored at a time (or 32 at a lower resolution).

    Maybe Tim can reintroduce the camera line... with a built in phone! THAT would be revolutionary!!!
  • RE: Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

    Yes, the ironies are rich; you left out the unstated reference to HP (essentially a printer company now) that is currently having to reinvent itself, and the way the whole printer industry has gone low-cost and low-quality, away from the "Jobs' Vision" of things. Hmm. Maybe the Onion has the right idea after all! Steve used to ask "Does anyone love their computer?" For sure, the last printer I had that I admired for function and design was my old Laserwriter -- with chips the size of dominoes -- and had a hard time recycling it.
  • RE: Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

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  • RE: Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

    I sold all my Apple stock today after reading this. The new CEO is clueless. Very few customers pay retail for OEM ink. Almost all use 3rd party refills. The printer manufacturer landscape is littered with corpses and those on lifesupport. Witness Dell, Kodak, Memjet, HP (just laid off thousands from the printer division). Razor-thin profit margins in a crowded market. A CEO doesn't need to be a genius to avoid the black hole of printer manufacturing.
  • RE: Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

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  • RE: Onion: New Apple CEO Cook is 'thinking printers'

    Where is the joke on Cook's statement? But after reading the explanation, Cook is joking indeed........ hahaha
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