PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

Summary: PadTab is a great solution for wall mounting the iPad. At $20 it's a tool-less, screw-less alternative to mechanical fasteners, but you're going to need more wall mounts..

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

One of the best ways to use an iPad is wall mounted. You probably never considered wall mounting your iPhone but the iPad is different, and its large, 9.7-inch screen begs to be wall mounted.  It's time to stop thinking of the iPad as a larger iPhone because it's a completely different beast, it just happens to run the same OS.

There are endless reasons to wall mount an iPad, but my favorite locations are in the kitchen (cooking apps and Pandora), den, (djay, Pulse, iPod) and bathroom (Pulse, Flipboard, weather and news headlines while your brush). This weekend I was able to catch more of The Masters than usual thanks the wonderful iPad app. Once you get out of small-screen thinking, you'll find numerous, creative applications for wall mounting your iPad. And there's enough titles on the App Store to indulge just about every hobby or interest imaginable.

A great solution for wall-mounting the iPad I've found is PadTab ($19.95) a two-piece mounting system that attaches to your iPad (and the receiving surface) with a high-strength adhesive. It's a tool-less alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners used in industrial applications. For $20 you get one mounting plate and two wall mounts.

The adhesive is very strong and if you don't follow the directions for removal it can damage your walls. PadTab reports that the adhesive is easily removed using a hair dryer for about 60 seconds, but I haven't wanted to remove any of my mounts yet.

PadTab also allows you to mount your iPad comfortably, at eye level, in most kitchens. Most other mounting solutions force you to choose a wall which isn't always convenient or to look down at some sort of under cabinet mount -- which steals valuable space. The PadTab adhesive allows it to be installed on cabinets, refridgerators and other surfaces that you don't want to drill into (like your expensive kitchen cabinets).
Extra wall mounts will set you back $9.99 each and you might as well order a pair of extras right out of the gate, because your going to need them. I plan on installing Wall Tabs in my garage over my workbench -- and maybe even one in my shed. A man cave it's not, but hanging my iPad in there allows me to check the Phillies score, weather, tides and surf forecasts -- between laps with the lawnmower.

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Maybe you should just leave the iPad alone for a while

    and interact with your friends or family? Is there really a need to move it from wall to wall to be fixated to it?
    Will Farrell
    • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

      @Will Farrell DOn't worry. The tablet is just a fad. Soon Jason will be back to playing with his kids & consuming content on traditional laptops and/or printware.

      Just ask Loverock
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

    Just use some Velcro.
    Heck you could even Velcro it to the inside of your jacket to carry it around.
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

    Hmmm... I don't care if it's as thin as a nickel, I'm not affixing a bracket to the back of my svelte tablet. It's an acceptable tradeoff for being able to wall mount it.

    Give me something like this that clasps the edges of the tablet so I don't have to permanently attach the mount onto the casework and I'm in.
    • No chance in hell ...


      ... that I'm going to glue a piece of plastic (let alone velcro?!?) to the back of my iPad.
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

    I second the use of Velcro. My wife and I did this the day we purchased ours. Its a simple low profile solution that costs under $5. Oh and you have extra Velcro left if you want to make other "mounts elsewhere.
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

    Next time I think of nailing my netbook to a wall, I'll give it a try.

    Seriously, wall mounting a 10" screen (with a 4:3 ratio) and it's touch so you need to go over to the wall to use it. This is just crazy.

    Can I suggest a combination boat anchor and fish lure?
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

    So you go to Verizon, pick up a bushel of left over gen1 64gb models, and drop them wherever you might have wall space at $500 a pop. Just use 'em as picture frames. The iPad may just be God's way of telling us we have too much money, but probably less harmfully than nose candy.
  • Does it mount on a dashboard?

    I can see good reasons for various mounting points. Would be nice to have a way to stick it to the wall in the kids room, on my dashboard, on my desk, and maybe the arm of my couch. When a universal mount can do all that without adding bulk I'll buy. After a year options are getting better but designers still aren't really thinking about how people use their iPad.
  • Huh

    The various videos on their site will not run under Safari. And the Apple case I have for my iPad 1 would have to be removed each time, IF it will fit over that plastic piece. I dunno, can't we do better?
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

    Just wait for the iPad 3, it will have an "anti-gravity" option, so you can "float" it anywhere...
  • RE: PadTab: The best (cheap) way to wall mount an iPad

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