Podcaster done for now

Podcaster done for now

Summary: Apple has revoked Podcaster developer Alex Sokirynsky's ability to issue ad hoc licenses for his killer iPhone app. Niall Kennedy claims over 1,300 people received provisioned licenses before Apple clipped his wings.

TOPICS: Apps, Apple, Browser

Banned App Podcaster forced undergroundApple has revoked Podcaster developer Alex Sokirynsky's ability to issue ad hoc licenses for his killer iPhone app. Niall Kennedy claims over 1,300 people received provisioned licenses before Apple clipped his wings. That amounts to about $13,000 in revenue if each person donated the requested $10.

Two weeks ago Podcaster was denied access to the App Store because "it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes." Sokirynsky mentioned in my interview with him that Apple encouraged him to explore Ad Hoc distribution after Podcaster was denied. Ad Hoc distribution is capped at 100 users, but Sokirynsky got around the limitation by re-compiling Podcaster after he had given out 100 provisions.

Will Apple invoked the infamous kill switch to shut off the app?  I kind of doubt it. Are you one of the lucky 1,300 people that got it? Share your thoughts on Podcaster in the TalkBack.

Topics: Apps, Apple, Browser

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  • Please Alex, release Podcaster on Cydia

    Just like Snapture and iPhone Video Recorder, and all other tethering apps that Apple too afraid to release.

    I just can't wait for the "duplicated function" that future version of iTunes probably has. If you release it on Cydia, I'll buy it for $15 even.

    Also, more reason for average people to jailbreak their iphone too.
  • This is why we need Android, and other competition. Let the CUSTOMERS

    decide which they like best.
    • The WinMobile ecosystem is a perfect example

      ... of what Apple fears. Tens of thousands of third party software titles developed with and without Microsoft's SDKs, sold for a profit, with all off the money going to the developers.

      Apple can't survive open competition.
      Confused by religion
  • I got it and use it daily

    Podcaster is on my 2.1 iphone front screen and I use it daily. I used to listen with mobilecast under 1.4 and it also did a great job.
    I have no idea why Apple lets it's customers and developers down with silly games like this.
    I really don't know what they are worried about, especially, since these deveolopers really try to work with Apple to solve any issues they have.
    But Apple is just stonewalling them and behaving like a bully.
    Here is another case where Apple actually drives developers into jailbraking etc.
    If they are worried about bandwith, I actually download every podcast over wifi, which is a lot faster (I have a 2G phone), then I have news for them: all of their radio applications (Pandora etc.) use a LOT more bandwidth, since they encourage usage wherever you are...

    I think, Apple is worried about their 'precious' file system; than for haven sake give these developers a 'save' area where they can place the downloaded files and let the rest of us enjoy listening and doanload whatever we want to.
    • I hope they don't "kill switch" it.

      So how does it compare to the native app. Is there any logical reason why they won't allow this?

      • No kill switching on my iphone

        On the jailbroken phone I have, the 'kill switching' is disabled. On top of it, I installed the app directly into the app system, so there is no problem with that. The podcaster works just fine as advertised and I am happily using it daily...
        From what I here, the author of pdcaster will release it now on Cydia for jailbroken phones.
  • Is Apple out of control?

    That's the question. It isn't about security, it isn't about reliability, it isn't even about competition since his podcast product is useful compared to the, well, lacking (some call it a joke) application. It is all about control and image. Imagine, someone offering a better podcast function than Apple, can't have that, so nobody gets any.

    The above is why I think Android will be the platform of choice for developers. It isn't locked to T-Mobile, you can buy an unlocked phone and use it on AT&T, you can use it overseas (any GSM network), and Android will be on other phones, mids, some UMPCs, some ARM devices, etc.

    Apple, you just gotta get a grip here. Your app store is great, but the draconian restrictions and app removals is leaving a VERY sour taste in the development community.

    • Yes, but the users put them there

      The consumers have the power here. If we don't like what they're doing, don't buy their stuff. Developers, don't develop for them.

      Android could be the platform that makes Apple take notice. This could get interesting.
  • THE reason I'm not interested in iPhone

    The first one was when Apple decided to charge me $20.00 for a software update to my iPod Touch because I bought it 48 days too early. As opposed to protecting my investment and rewarding me customer loyalty (this was my 3rd iPod) they instead chose to maximize their revenue stream by charging me for something that almost every other iPod user got for free (or even less, since the price of the Touch models have decreased since I bought mine).

    Apple is a brand on the way out for me. As other companies have started innovating again (after long absence) I no longer need to put up with Apple's obnoxious mentality.
    terry flores
    • Apple is the new Microsoft.

      Microsoft, once upon a time, was the rebel that polaxed IBM and force it to learn how to play in the then new world of PCs. Then it became "the new IBM" -- just another giant monolith with a perceived bad attitude toward it's user/customers.

      Now Apple is incapable of actually being a "new Microsoft". All of their successes are accidental events where they create something swell but don't recognize what it is or what it is really worth until after the fact. iPod/iTunes is one. Worth magnitudes more than they estimated. iPhone: ditto. A world changing technology and Apple doesn't even know what they've done.

      Instead they act like they -think- that they are the new Microsoft: arrogant, close-minded, paranoid jerks. Eyes closed to the marvels they have created but paranoically grasping at every loose corner of their property lest the users do something with it that Apple might not like.
      • Amen to that. You get what Apple wants...

        Not necessarily what you want and if it isn't waht Apple wants then they squelch, censor, or just kill it. All remotely to your Apple device after you have paid for it.

        To me that is one step over the bounds of control, that is just plain arrogance.
  • RE: Podcaster done for now

    Your correct. However this is no worst in the rest of the world. The disenchanted and other "low" people rises up to fight against the leaders and other "high" people which are making the lives of the disenchanted and other "low" people miserable so the disenchanted and other "low" people start a revolution to remove the leaders and other "top" people. Now the disenchanted and other "low" are leaders and they start to rule tyrannically and the disenchanted and other "low" people are miserable so this cycle starts again.
    Apple is new "leader" of the consumer gadget world but Microsoft still has the bigger part of the computing world which Apple is showing its tyrannical streak like Microsoft.
    Apple needs to lighten up about it "anti-competitive" stance so developers have more freedom to develop better products. The only application that I believe that Apple did remove was a violent comic that I thought was offensive.
  • It would be a blessing if they Killed it.

    By using the kill switch, Apple would be subjected to further
    scrutiny when it comes down to their anti competitive
    behaviour regarding the i-phone it would be a good thing.
    Nevertheless, this developer should simply go for jailbroken
    iphones. After all we all have MMS, Copy and paste, sms
    forwarding and tethering already.
  • And now they're slapping NDAs w/rejection notices


    Now they'll sue you if you dare say why [b]they[/b] don't like [b]your[/b] app after you've put so much time and effort developing it? I wouldn't be surprised if they change the App Store submission terms to the effect of "upon submission of the Application, you automatically transfer all Intellectual Property Rights to Apple, Inc.".

    To those people whose apps got rejected for anti-competitive reasons, please consider [url=http://code.google.com/android/]a better alternative[/url].
    Tony Agudo
  • RE: Podcaster done for now

  • RE: Podcaster done for now

    im so tired