PowerPage Podcast Episode 156 - Say Hello to the new iPad

PowerPage Podcast Episode 156 - Say Hello to the new iPad

Summary: In this episode we discuss the new retina iPad, 1080p Apple TV, how iPhoto may be the best iOS app to date and we play "What's on your Mac."


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Episode 155 of the PowerPage Podcast is now available. In this episode Rob and I discuss the new retina iPad, 1080p Apple TV and iPhoto for iOS.

Here's what's on our Macs (and iOS devices):


  • CloudFTP ($99) - A small, battery-powered appliance that acts as a surrogate USB port for your iDevices (my video review).
  • iPhoto for iOS ($5, App Store) - Powerful and beautiful photo editor for the iPhone and iPad.


  • Tweetbot ($2.99 each, App Store) - Incredibly full featured, intuitive, beautiful Twitter client for iPhone and iPad

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Topics: Apple, Hardware, iPad, Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Your friend can now install iMovie and iPhoto on his iPad 1 model

    AppleInsider has published a blog that demonstrates how Apple's new iPhone Configuration Utility can assist an iPad 1 owner in installing iPhoto and iMovie.

    Please inform Rob about this article.