Report: The Beatles coming to iTunes

Report: The Beatles coming to iTunes

Summary: Abbyrd, a popular Beatles fan site is reporting that the Fab Four and Apple, Inc. have reached a deal to sell some of their music on the iTunes store.


The Beatles Love iPodAbbyrd, a popular Beatles fan site is reporting that the Fab Four and Apple, Inc. have reached a deal to sell some of their music on the iTunes store.

Exactly how much of the catalog will be sold on iTunes is unknown, but "unnamed sources" suggested that it may begin with The Beatles new album "Love."

Macworld UK reports:

The rumour began last year, when Beatles drummer Ringo Starr hinted that tracks from the band — the last major act to refuse to release music online — would be made available "at some point".

Then during a November web conference, EMI's former vice chairman David Munns again told the audience that music from the Fab Four would be made available online "soon".

Speclaution grew even more intense on 9 January 2007 when, during his keynote address at Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs played 'Lovely Rita' during the iPhone announcement. Jobs also featured the album covers of Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in his legendary iPhone demo.

Did he steal the music from P2P networks? Rip them from his personal CD collection? Or was the iPhone demo at MWSF a prelude of The Beatles announcement to come?

Could a Special Edition iPod also be in the works? Maybe Apple will announce a really slick 6G iPod like the iPhone, minus the phone?


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  • lovely

    Lovely Rita, meter maid ... looking forward to the possibility.
  • My theory

    The deal is already in place, and it's an exclusive one. Apple is sitting on it until the monopoly lawsuit goes away, as it would just add more fuel to the fire.

    Would I buy them though? No way, iTunes is for suckers. Why pay more for inferior quality crippled versions of songs you can buy elsewhere?
    tic swayback
    • Yeah, I agree

      with tic about the deal already being in place. I think Steve foreshadowed the
      eventuality with the demo on the iPhone.

      I think tic, though, i dead wrong about iTunes being for suckers . . . especially in this
      case. Personally, I have most of these Beatle albums on CD, and have ripped them to
      my iPod ages ago. But new remixes and new albums, etc will ony be released on CD
      with DRM, so the only way you will get them is through iTunes. I will agree, though,
      one does pay more for inferior quality compared to CD versions, but not with the
      crippled (oh c'mon now) versions you can by elsewhere.
      • Crippled CD's are a thing of the past

        Well, at least they're becoming a relic of the past. The market has rejected them. One example:
        tic swayback
        • Well, I most

          certainly hope you are right and EMI sticks to their word. That 'Let It Be' original
          album I bought I binned due to the copyright protection cr@p that messed up on
          computers, home systems and Sony Discmans. What a frickin' waste of money.
          • That seems to be the usual reaction

            Customers hate it. Bands hate it. Hard to believe something so hated will see any traction in the market.
            tic swayback
      • iTunes Beatles music will obsolete your CD collection

        Watch. The Beatles music on iTunes will be available in improved quality. That's one
        of the things the Beatles wanted to assure before they went online with digital music
        and the reason they've taken so long getting there.

        Your Beatles CDs will be obsolete and iTunes will be the only place to get the
        improved versions.
        • That would be nice

          I'm still not buying due to DRM, but I'd love to see Apple start offering higher quality recordings on their site. Would be the start of a good trend.
          tic swayback
        • Rather presumptuous and bold statement

          given there is nothing to indicate anywhere that CDs are going away anytime soon.

          I will concede that the newly digitized versions of these albums will be made
          available on iTunes first -- yet the 'quality' reamins to be seen -- but it is a bit
          presumptuous to assume that they will NEVER be made available on CD. FYI -- my
          Beatles CDs will be no more obsolete than my vinyl versions are, as long as I have the
          hardware to play them (which I do).
    • Someone who thinks he is very wise once said...

      that he wished a certain company would compete on merit instead of trying to hurt the competition.

      [i]The deal is already in place, and it's an exclusive one.[/i]

      Maybe that person was wiser than I originally gave him credit for! ;)
  • Only a matter of time

    I heard this rumor last fall, and the only reason for delay
    seemed to be that they were remastering the Beatles
    music and wouldn't release them in digital form before
    then. I would expect a "special event" from Apple with a
    Beatles iPod, etc., this spring. The biggest question is: Will
    the iPod be Apple Corps green or Yellow Submarine