Richard Solo iPhone battery updated

Richard Solo iPhone battery updated

Summary: One of the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone 3G, even after firmware 2.1, is its poor battery life.


Richard Solo iPhone battery updatedOne of the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone 3G, even after firmware 2.1, is its poor battery life. For people that tax its battery with extended use of the 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth radios an external battery is practically a requirement. On a recent trip when I was using my iPhone 3G a lot I would get the 20% battery warning before noon every day.

An indispensable accessory has been the Richard Solo external backup battery which I reviewed on 22 July 2008. Richard Solo has released an updated version of their US$50 backup battery.

The new v2 release has newer software built into the battery which allows for tandem charging with the 3G iPhone and the RichardSolo battery when connected to the AC wall charger. The previous release also had this feature, but in some instances was not charging the 3g iPhone when both were connected together, and to the wall. According to the manufacturer the v2 battery version has better manufacturing techniques and is less likely to experience problems.

The external battery works with all models of iPhone and iPod, including the 3G, except for iPod shuffle and the kit comes with the 1200mAh battery, retractable USB charging cable and a 110-240V wall adapter.

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  • Epic iFail

    Of the two people I know who bought the 3g iPhone, one switched back to windows mobile and the other carries a second phone for when his iPhone dies at noon. I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on yet another poorly implemented apple product.
    • Apple's iPhone battery...

      is like an electric car that goes 2 miles and runs out of charge.

      When will they learn that electronic items NEED power.

      The best hardware in the world is USELESS when the power goes.

      Sack the design engineer responsible.....
    • Now I get it!

      I have wondered why this guy spends so much time reading
      about Apple products when he professes to hate them.
      The only answer is that he is an undercover agent for Mr.
      Jobs. By posting a ridiculous, inflammatory jeremiad in each
      topic he deters actual Apple users from reading further,
      where they might encounter (or post) reasoned and
      thoughtful comments and suggestions, some likely critical of
      Mr. Zealot's employer's products.
      Also, I seriously doubt that "Non" is his actual first name.
  • RE: Richard Solo iPhone battery updated

    This is exactly why I don't have an Iphone. I don't want to waste my talk time on battery saping features like cameras, MP3 players, games, email, texting, or the internet.
    When I stop a conversaion on my cell phone it's my choice and not because the battery died.
  • i'm surprised

    that people get such poor battery life. my 1st gen
    iphone has never run out of juice on the 1st day.