Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP (updated)

Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP (updated)

Summary: According to what I hear the picture that surfaced briefly on French blog Nowhere Else (above, Tip: ValleyWag) isn't the new MacBook Pro.What's with the weird OS X dock that's Photoshopped onto the trackpad and the pixelized tapered edge?


Some juice on the new MBP

According to what I hear the picture that surfaced briefly on French blog Nowhere Else (above, Tip: ValleyWag) isn't the new MacBook Pro.

What's with the weird OS X dock that's Photoshopped onto the trackpad and the pixelized tapered edge? Is it supposed to be a dual-screen, like the Nintendo DS? Also, why are "spy shots" always shot on blurry cameraphones? Don't people carry their point-and-shoots any more? I'm sure that you'll agree that it's a fake.

I hear that the new MacBook Pro will forgo the drastically tapered edges from the popular MacBook Air design (as seen in the purported "leak" above) and instead stick with a more traditional, pro-like, boxy design. Sources tell me that the new MBP will be thinner and as much as a half-inch narrower than the current model with less bezel around the screen.

My fear: all glossy screens. It would be a major mistake for the MBP design if Apple only ships glossy screens without offering a matte option. Glossy screens will prevent me from buying or recommending them. I can't stand them, especially on notebook computers that are capable to be used outdoors.

No word on whether the display bezel will be black, as in the photo, but you can say goodbye to the last Apple keyboard with silver concave keys. The new MBP will sport the same black "flat top" keyboard that's in the MacBook Air as the company continues to standardize parts.

Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP

The new MBP's rumored "glass" trackpad will inherit full Multi-Touch capability from the iPhone and iPod touch. Multi-Touch allows you to pinch and stretch with two fingers on the trackpad to zoom in and out. When I dug a little deeper no one could confirm that the "glass" trackpad is actually manufactured with glass which presumably would pose a breakage problem. People that have seen it say that the new trackpad is "shiny," rather than the flat, matte finish found on current trackpads.

Some advance-stage MBP prototypes include a slightly smaller trackpad than the one on the current MBP. While this would seem to conflict with Apple's trend toward using larger trackpad surfaces (as we saw in the MacBook Air) the change in size could be necessary to accommodate the new MultiTouch trackpad ("MultiPad?") hardware. It remains to be seen if the smaller format trackpad pans out as Apple has been known to build dozens of concept machines.

The biggest boon will come for virtualization software (like Parallels, VMWare) users if a feature spotted on some prototypes comes true. Some MBP development mules have been seen with a split trackpad, which would be a first for the company. The addition of a second trackpad button would be a huge for contextual menus in OS X but even moreso in Windows. The multi-button trackpad has been a long time coming and it's about time.

While most of the above features we're spotted in the MacBook Pro is stands to reason that they'll eventually trickle down to the consumer MacBook too.

Update: AppleInsider is reporting that the new MB and MBP will replace the traditional Firewire 400 port in favor of a backwards-compatible Firewire 800 port and that Apple will replace the traditional 28-pin DVI port with the mini-DVI port from the 13-inch MacBook.

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  • As long as I can still choose a matte screen, I'll be happy. [nt]

  • "Thin" is Not the Answer

    It definitely is time to move forward with the MBP design, but the problem is that Apple has this obsession with "Thin" and it's really not that important.

    Going super thin is exactly why the Air is so underpowered and I really don't want to see things like heat problems or tough upgrades because they shaved a millimeter somewhere.

    Easy to Upgrade, Low Heat and Power. That's all I need in a Macbook Pro. (Oh, and make it under $2000. It's almost 2009 and computers shouldn't cost that much anymore.)
  • I'm still waiting for the benefit of multi-touch

    I've yet to see anything about multi-touch that interests me in the least and multi-touch on a trackpad is even more useless than multi-touch on a display screen. So far, the best the Apple fans can says is that it makes resizing and rotating pictures easier. Wow. The instant I get hired as a company's sole picture resizer and rotater, I'm buying an MBP. Until then, multi-touch is a gimmick, one of those "features" that isn't really a feature. You know, the kind of feature that all the Apple fans accuse Windows of having, like copy and paste. Oh, no, wait, copy and paste is actually useful. :)
    • i don't get it either...

      i love OSX, but this just seems like a useless bauble to me.
      • SJ will know how to hype it. (nt)

        Mac Hosehead
    • re:I'm still waiting for the benefit of multi-touch

      That is why you paid 800 bucks to buy the HTC diamond
      with a touch-screen probably!!!
    • actually, the biggest benefit of multitouch on a trackpad

      is that it lets you do things with the pad that otherwise might require you to hold down a key on the keyboard. It DOES make one-handed operation easier, which is nice when you're in cramped quarters.

      It IS a feature, just not a very important one.

      "You know, the kind of feature that all the Apple fans accuse Windows of having, like copy and paste. Oh, no, wait, copy and paste is actually useful. :)"

      Of course it is, and of course, as you know full well, Macs have had copy and paste forever, so not really sure what the point of that was.
  • RE: Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP

    Why all this waiting? Why doesn't apple just integrate the
    itouch, iphone as the multi-touch input device?
    Winston F
    • RE: Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP

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  • why wait if..

    you dont like it? after all only 5% of us who use them
    (macusers). I have Windows PCs and Macs and happy to live
    in both world. and as an apple hater, I believe you don't use
    Mac, and far from having any of them, so why wait for an
    answer, or explaination, for something that you won't use
  • RE: Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP

    I really really hope they don't take off the full size DVI, or
    how will we use it with our 30" displays?

    Our designers need new laptops, and all of them need to
    be able to take the laptop out to clients, take it home and
    ome into the studio and plug into the 30" Apple displays.

    It will be a complete f**k up for our business plans if
    Apple take away the full size DVI.

    This is supposed to be a PRO laptop. And we might not
    even be able to use it with a PRO display.

    I really hope this isn't true. Otherwise it's another stab at
    the pro users who spent ??1000's before the ipod and still
    spend ??1000's rather than ??100's on products today.
  • Firewire 400 and mini-DVI ports

    I don't know much about Firewire and so I don't understand what they mean by backwards compatible Firewire 800 as long as there is a way to hook-up Firewire 400 cord to the Firewire 800 port then I think this will be a good move. You shouldn't downgrade Firewire as it seems to be more secure than USB (though the 800 is even more so than the 400) and no one else seems to be using Firewire which Apple made famous though it's not too famous today still. As for the DVI port, as long as they make some sort of an adaptor so you can plug a DVI cord into a mini-DVI port then there is no problem but if not then this will cause some complaints. I hear though that they are in the process of making new cinema display monitors though that's just rumours on the street. I hear that the current cinema display monitors aren't the greatest, many who have Mac Pros or other Macs that they prefer a standard PC monitor any day. I'm not sure why that's the case and if so why Apple didn't do anything to fix them before now but it seems stupid on their behalf. Some people do like their displays but I've heard more complaints than compliments.
  • DVI?

    I still do not get it, why replacing one rubbish solution with
    another. An HDMI port would do the trick, people do not
    only want HD on their 50 or 60 inch tv but also the great
  • RE: Rumor Mill: Some juice on the new MBP

    I do not like the idea of a black keyboard. I hope at least it
    stays back lit.
  • Keyboard

    I hate to see the silver keyboard go. Every PC has black; I
    hope it stays backlit at least.