Rumor Mill: What you'll be buying from Apple next

Rumor Mill: What you'll be buying from Apple next

Summary: Hey there, this is Jason's twin brother Jake.Jason asked me to pen a quick column on Apple rumors, so here goes...

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple, Mobility

Hey there, this is Jason's twin brother Jake.

Jason asked me to pen a quick column on Apple rumors, so here goes... Released products are fine, but what about what's coming out next week, next month or next quarter? Here's a fun Friday peek into Apple's labs, skunkworks and dumpsters.

Unlimited music. This rumor has been around since I was walking my pet dinosaur. This go around is courtesy of the Financial Time (via Mac Rumors). Word is that Apple is considering an unlimited music option for iPod and iPhones in which the cost of music is embedded into the cost of the device itself. The all-you-can eat model allegedly being mulled by Apple is different than the music subscription services offered by AOL, Napster, Rhapsody, Virgin and Yahoo where you pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads and the music expires if you stop paying courtesy of Microsoft’s PlayForSure DRM

3-D display hardware. Imagine Leopard. In 3D. Apple's patent filing on autostereoscopy display technology could put three-dimensional images visible by multiple users without the need for special headgear or glasses on a Cinema Display near you. Alioscopy is nothing new, NEC already makes a 3D panel. Perhaps this is what's holding up the new Apple monitors? Shhh, don't tell my brother, he just bought a Dell 22-inch panel.

Double-sided panels. I'm not much of a flip phone guy, I prefer the candy bar format but according to more Apple patent filings, Apple could be heading in that direction. This latest filing discusses several uses for a "capacitive array element [that] may be a dual-sided panel that is capable of sensing touch from either side." Suitably vague as usual but either way, a two-sided touch panel sounds pretty sweet to me.

I'm also tracking rumblings of the mythical Apple DVR, iPhone 3G upgrades via firmware, and of course, The Beatles on iTunes so stay tuned for them in another installment.

What's your favorite Apple rumor? 

Topics: Hardware, Apple, Mobility

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  • Everything I've heard...

    ...suggests that 3G isn't possible with the current model
    iPhone, at least with a firmware upgrade. 3G uses a totally
    separate radio chipset from EDGE, and if that chipset
    doesn't exist, no amount of software will make it happen.

    I [i]have[/i] heard that the EDGE radio is on a daughtercard,
    which Apple will upgrade for a fee when 3G comes out. If
    that's true, it seems more plausible than a firmware

    In any case, I'm not buying one until it has 3G, SDK or no
    • 3G

      I'm with you. The ONLY reason I haven't bought the iPhone yet is
      3G. Please Apple release this phone.
  • Just bought a new MacBook battery! (nt)

  • RE: Rumor Mill: What you'll be buying from Apple next

    I think that iPhone 2.0 means more than software. One year after the introduction of iPhone 1.0, here comes new software AND hardware. Great marketing, not only is here is the software but "oh by the way" here is iPhone 2.0 hardware as well.
  • A true, no glasses 3-d monitor?

    We've been using the same GUI for 20+ years, so I've always hoped that Apple will bring out something revolutionary. Autostereoscopy display technology would be a fantastic idea. I'm hoping it leads to a revolution in the GUI, but this would be an amazing step. I support Apple for this, <I>if it's true.</I>

    What's next? Plen air holographic displays? A fully plastic laptop? The next 20 years will be interesting.

    - KC
    • 3D is overrated

      What they should put more focus on (as they almost always
      do) is usability. I don't think 3D will make things easier, just
      more complicated.

      I agree though that the current tech, though much refined in
      Leopard, needs something new and better, to make evolution
      take a big leap forward.
  • Two things come to mind

    The current iPhone design might be
    upgraded to 3G, but there is no reason
    for Apple to stick with just one design.
    Don't be surprised if another design
    arrives this year to stir the market up a

    The other thought deals with WWDC. Is
    this the year that Apple starts talking
    about OS X 10.6? Another new cat to get
    us thinking about where Apple's going in the future?
  • I am still waiting for a mid-range Mac

    A desktop that isn't the workstation like the Mac Pro or the all in one like the iMac.

    Here's to hoping.
  • A Tablet Mac!

    I can't be the only person drooling over the thought of a tablet Mac -- and it's only a question of when, not if, it comes out, given that the multi-touch technology that came out on the iphone was apparently taken from just such a beast in the labs...
  • RE: Rumor Mill: What you'll be buying from Apple next

    An external USB multi-touch trackpad. Why spend $2,000+ for this functionality in a new MacBook Air or Pro? Apple could sell a ton of these to iPhoto and PhotoShop users who already have MacBook Pros.

    My guess is that the price point would be something like where the Mighty Mouse is at around $60.