Rumor Mill: What's on the Apple horizon

Rumor Mill: What's on the Apple horizon

Summary: Hey there, it's Jake, Jason's evil twin. It's Friday which means that it's my turn to take the wheel for trip down Apple rumor lane.


Hey there, it's Jake, Jason's evil twin. It's Friday which means that it's my turn to take the wheel for trip down Apple rumor lane. Fasten your seat belts because here we go:

Apple Developing Wiimote-Like Controller?AppleInsider reports that a new Apple patent application reveals Apple has done research on a 3D remote control device similar to the Nintendo Wii remote.

The present invention can include multi-dimensional (e.g., 2-D or 3-D) remote control systems that can detect an absolute location to which a remote control is pointing in first and second orthogonal axes (e.g., the x- and y-axes). Remote control systems of the present invention also can detect the absolute position of the remote control in a third orthogonal axis (e.g., the z-axis).

No vacations for AT&T retail staff during iPhone 3G launchBoy Genius Report published an AT&T memo that restricts vacation requests between 15 June and 12 July 2008. The reason given is

"to ensure adequate store staffing and to give everyone an equal opportunity to benefit from an exciting product launch." AT&T expects "heavier than normal customer traffic" in their stores due to an "exciting Summer Promotional Launch."

Hmmm... I wonder what that could be.

Speaking of the iPhone 3G. Rumors of the glossy black rear panel were quickly ruled fake by a jury of your Internet peers. Then there's these pics of a white iPhone rear panel. Personally, it looks like ColorWare PC paint job to me.

iLounge has posted what appears to be parts of an iPhone reference design. And if that wasn't enough, check out this World Map of iPhone availability.

TUAW brings us a couple of juicy rumor nuggets: Push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0 and .Mac relaunch to coincide with iPhone 2.0. According to TUAW's source, .Mac could undergo the following changes as soon as next month:

  • Full over-the-air syncing including calendars, contacts, and email (similar to Exchange)
  • .Mac syncing on Windows

What have you been hearing?

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  • A rumour we haven't heard recently...

    I'm disappointed there haven't been rumours of Apple
    automobile products since the talks between Jobs and Volkswagen allegedly fell through. I'd love an iPod-esque car
    stereo system which synced with my iTunes over Wifi and
    gave me access to all my songs/podcasts though an
    innovative interface while on the road. Heck, throw in a
    heads up display and get a GPS system with graphics that are
    actually aesthetically pleasing and I'm the first in line.
  • Another rumour that was going around is...

    iTunes 8.

    Rumoured to support the new iPhone/App Store,
    automatically download song lyrics, offer more video
    features, etc...
  • Some changes to the availability map

    It looks like the online Apple
    Store in both the US and the
    UK list the iPhone as
    "unavailable" - not the
    normal estimated delivery
    time in days or weeks.
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