Safari 3.1 adoption spikes for Windows

Safari 3.1 adoption spikes for Windows

Summary: Remember the whole kerfuffle on 18 March 2008 when Apple pushed out a Safari "update" to Windows iTunes users? (screenshot below) People had a problem with the fact that Apple also included Safari 3.


Remember the whole kerfuffle on 18 March 2008 when Apple pushed out a Safari "update" to Windows iTunes users? (screenshot below) People had a problem with the fact that Apple also included Safari 3.1 with their Software Update service on Windows and it was labeled as an update with the option to install pre-selected.

Safari adoption spikes for Windows

According to the latest stats from Net Applications, Apple's gamble may have worked. Witness the end of the graphic below:

Safari 3.1 adoption on Windows

Safari 3.0 on Windows never gained much market share, peaking at .07%.  However, Safari 3.1 on Windows is rapidly gaining market share, already tripling Safari 3.0's peak.

On 18 April 2008 Apple changed the behavior of Software Update on Windows and now lists Safari as "new" software if it's not already installed.

Apple Software Update on Windows

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  • Scaled growth...

    It's easy to "triple" your market share when your starting point is almost nil!

    So, according to this report, Apple's Safari 3.1 is now used by a whopping .21% of all Internet users? (Please note the "." in ".21%")

    I think this easily falls within the margin of error for those users who blindly click "OK" to their update screens, and then accidentally open Safari when they meant to open iTunes.
    • Of windows users...

      That graph doesnt include Mac's that are using Safari.

      But you are right, its easy to tripple when you start at zero. Percentages are funny that way :P
  • Suckers!

    A bunch of folks that aren't very savvy just added a really big new attack surface into their PCs.

    I solved the nagging by going the other way. I use iTunes for my iPod but simply uninstalled the Apple Update components. Apple isn't updating the firmware for my old iPod anyway.
    Uber Dweeb
    • Good idea...

      I hadn't noticed that the firmware hasn't been updated in a while for my 3+ years old iPod - and the existing one works fine anyway. Time for some cleanup.
    • Ditto...

      Even if you have a newer iPod (I have a third-generation Nano) you don't need the Apple Software Update application to install new firmware. You can do that right from iTunes.

      Sadly, the first thing I have to do after manually updating iTunes is uninstall the Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device support, and Bonjour software that Apple so conveniently includes with every download of iTunes.

      And I'm supposed to believe things would be better if I ran an operating system made by this company?
  • Increased adoption rates on forced software downloads? Go figure...

    First off, I really like Safari on both Windows and Mac because of one specific feature. Private Browsing. Other than that then I live my life within Firefox.

    But as for the forced downloads debacle. I had to do some remote maintenance on my brother and fathers computer's in the last few weeks and noticed that both of them had Safari on their system. They both didn't know what it was and never launched it so clearly Apple's trick worked and I'm a bit disgusted by it.
    • This survey is not..

      about who has Safari on their computers. It's about who
      [b]uses[/b] Safari. The users, like your father and brother,
      who never launch it would not be reflected in this survey.

      Having said that, I believe these surveys are not statistically
      valid, since they can only be a survey of a small, non-
      scientifically chosen sampling of web sites.
    • How

      How could Apple "trick" work if they've never opened it?
      Come on, get that paranoia thing under control.
  • RE: Safari 3.1 adoption spikes for Windows

    I think If Microsoft Started doing that with all of there applications.(putting a check mark in a box to get people to download new programs) people would have a big problem with it. I think Apple should be held accountable for their actions and stop making decisions for everyone. its only a matter of time before the apple gets a worm....
  • RE: Safari 3.1 adoption spikes for Windows

    AH! I downloaded the freakin thing just so the stupid popup would stop harassing me once a week (apparently "no doesn't mean no" for Apple.) I used it a little bit to see what all the fuss is about and didn't like it. At all. At least the popup hasn't shown up since.
  • It only goes to show how stupid users are

    Well, I noticed this a little while ago when Apple software update tried to install it and on my wife's laptop, she usually just accepts the updates thinking they are security updates for things I installed for her. I can't think of how many other computers I set up and the same thing is going to happen to them.

    Anyway, this type of activity is exactly why I despise when people say that Apple is a good company and Microsoft is a bad company. To shove an update down someone's throat is one thing -- THIS IS NOT AN UPDATE. They are adding a new application to unsuspecting user's computers, and to make matters worse, it is a web browser -- and an inferior one at that.

    Apple should have their hands slapped hard for this --- next in line kids, Sun Microsystems, I just noticed yesterday on the latest update, it checks the box for OpenOffice installer AUTOMATICALLY!!! It was on a Win2k Pro machine - but the machine already has MS Office on it, so it wasn't like they detected that I didn't have a product anyway (of course why would they be scanning for that anyway when I only use their software for Java)!!!!!!

    Anyway, my 2cents.
    • Well

      Your 2 cents aren't worth much. Apple stopped the adding a
      new application to unsuspecting user's computers thingie a
      while back - not long after people called them on it. Any
      moron that pays any attention to the update popup can tell
      it's different.

      And as for inferior, that's a matter of opinion, and yours is
      worth the same two cents that mine is...
  • RE: Safari 3.1 adoption spikes for Windows

    I actually decided to try safari 3.1, figured I would give it a shot at least. Well I like the interface, some of the toolbar abilities. That was okay, until I tried to access my live account. I now know that Safari does not play nice with any windows service. I could not access a lot of the features that I use all of the time. If you want to come out with a new browser, atleast make sure you will play nice with all sites online, even if you don't play nice in corporate world.
    • I use it

      I use Safari all the time at work on Windows and at home on
      my Mac. and I rarely run into anything that doesn't work with
      it. If I do, I just jump into firefox and problem solved. I also
      run into places that don't like Firefox - so is Firefox an
      inferior browser, too?
  • RE: Safari 3.1 adoption spikes for Windows

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