Screenshot: Apple to charge for re-downloading apps

Screenshot: Apple to charge for re-downloading apps

Summary: The iPhone Blog reports that the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware may close a loophole known as "account sharing.


The iPhone Blog reports that the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware may close a loophole known as "account sharing." The practice allows one App Store account holder to share their login information with another user so that the second user can freely re-download apps purchased by the original user to a second iPhone.

With the new 3.0 beta firmware installed, users get a new warning dialog (pictured, right) when they attempt to download an application over-the-air after the first time.

Apple does however allow you to re-download applications an unlimited number of times to a desktop computer - a definite inconvenience for account sharers. As can be seen in the warning dialog, your options are to re-download the app for free on your computer, or to buy it again.

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  • Thanks for the screenshot

    I'd forgotten how really lousy the resolution on
    the iPhone is! Ugh.
    • Sure looks better than these:


      Almost unreadable.

      Completely off-topic, though. As usual, substance-free.
      • Are you kidding?

        I could read everything in the HTC screenshot. Not so with the iPhone screenshot. And for the record, I own neither of those phones, so I'm not an advocate for either. (I own a Crackberry.)
    • Are you here to sabotage another....

      ... Apple thread with your bullying?
      • Oh look, a bully

        Hmm, I don't see legions of thoughtful Apple users descending on him.
    • And this post was reported too?

      Wow, I didn't realize that mentioning how lousy a device with 480*320 looks when you are used to using a device with 640*480 is now considered a violation of ZDNet's TOS! Oops, I forgot, my post wasn't 110% full of glowing praise for Apple. I looked in the TOS but I didn't see where I wasn't allowed to post unless my remark was 110% full of glowing praise for Apple.

      So ZDNet, are we allowed to write factually true statements if they aren't 110% full of glowing praise for Apple? I guess the answer to that will come if my post gets deleted! :)
      • I didn't report your post.... blame someone else. (nt)

    • Poor NonZealot doesn’t even know HTML downscaling when he sees it.

      The actual image size is 266×400. The article is displaying it at 205×307 (using “img src="…" height="307" width="205"…/>”), which is, of course, not an even factor. And even the original image isn’t the full resolution of the iPhone (360×480).

      The result is distortion, which is usually not so bad in photographs of scenery and people and the like, but in any image with sharp edges such as a screenshot with text and/or icons and/or patterned backgrounds (this one having all three), it’s quite hideous.

      You can see the full-sized 266×400 image (still scaled down and/or cropped, since it [i]should[/i] be 360×480) by simply right-clicking on it and selecting “View Image” (or some such, depending on browser).
      Joel R
  • Apple becomes more and more MS

    There is this trend...
    • but unlike M$...

      No Mac fanboy would commit heresy and question messiah.
      Linux Geek
  • Instead of adding compass, Apple should fix the iPhone freezing problem

    How about actually making the phone work properly before stealing features from Android and Windows Mobile?
    [i]I was looking at photos on somebodys Facebook, and the phone froze. [b]This isn't unusual[/b], so I restarted the phone.[/i]

    This isn't unusual!!! Classic!!!

    [i]Ever since, though, my phone has been stuck in the startup screen. Every time it should go to my phone, it just starts the startup screen again.[/i]

    This is your Apple product "Just Working". :)
    • strange that...

      The iPhone gets the highest approval rating of ANY phone. If something
      like this takes the phone down then there is more likely to be a specific
      hardware fault associated with that particular phone. Yes, you can go
      online and moan about it or you could, you know, actually get it looked

      I think the biggest gripe with WinMo phones has been their constant
      crashing and bizarre approach to "ease of use".
      • Strange that

        The IPhone is considered ancien technology in Japan....

        IMO: They should allow us to buy an IPhone without the contract(they wont do that and I wont buy anny since I refuse to be imprisoned in a 3 year contract).
        • Apple is all about the lock-in

          From their iPhones to their iPods (Apple constantly "updates" iPods so they won't sync with anything but iTunes) to their Macs (Apple uses a TPM DRM chip to try and lock OS X to their overpriced hardware), Apple's business success has been largely due to their lock-in practices. Once someone is locked in then they can charge your $4.99 for driver upgrades and $129 for OS patches! Good for Apple, not so good for the poor souls that are trapped under the rotten fruit.
          • $129 is not for OS patches, but for new OSes.

            Jobs did make a serious mistake in the naming of the OS. While “Mac OS X” is a cool name in and of itself, there’s nowhere for it to go. What would be next?

            If we treat the “X” as the [i]letter[/i] (“Mac Oh Ess Ecks”), then next would be “Mac OS Y.” Of course, people like you would immediately start calling it, “Mac OS: [i]Why!?[/i]” Next after that? “Mac OS Z” (which you would translate to: “Mac OS: Zzzzzz*snore*”). And [i]then[/i] what? Do like spreadsheet columns past “Z” do? “Mac OS AA”? “Mac OS: (drives you to drink, so you’ll join) AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)”?

            The cool part about the original name was that “X” is also the Roman numeral 10, and the last version of Mac OS Classic was Mac OS 9. Indeed, from the beginning Jobs was very clear that the correct pronunciation was [i]not[/i] “Mac Oh Ess [b]Ecks[/b],” but rather, “Mac Oh Ess [b]Ten[/b]”!

            But for [i]that[/i] to work, the major version number must [i]remain[/i] “10.x.x.” no matter [i]how[/i] advanced the OS gets over the original 10.0.0 “Cheetah.”

            If they were ever to go to 11.x.x, then the product name would have to be “Mac OS XI,” which doesn’t look [i]quite[/i] so cool. After a few more versions, it could get really unwieldy: “Mac OS XVIII”!?

            10.1.x ?Puma? really was a Service Pack (10.0.x ?Cheetah? was, like just about every Windows x.0 version ever released, effectively a public beta sold as an actual product), and Apple did [i]not[/i] charge for it.

            But all releases incrementing the second decimal since then have been actual major new functionality OS releases, at [i]least[/i] equal to the difference between, say, Windows 95 (B or C) and Windows 98, or 98 First Edition and 98 SE, or 98SE and ME, or NT 4 and Windows 2000, or 2000 and XP, or Windows Vista and Windows 7. 10.2.x “Jaguar,” 10.3.x “Panther,” 10.4.x “Tiger,” and currently 10.5.x “Leopard.” All have been worthy of their upgrade fees.

            Even the big cat names have a limited future. Apple has already used up the names of the fastest (“Cheetah&rdquol; &mdash they used [i]that[/i] one for the initial version!) and strongest / deadliest (“Tiger”) of the big cats. The King of Beasts (“Lion”) is slated for 10.6 (after “Snow Leopard” — too bad they didn’t do an intermediate version of 10.3 called “Black Panther”!). What would be next? It’s all downhill from there! “Ocelot”? “Cougar”? “Bobcat”? “Siamese”? “Tabby”? “Calico”? “Manx”? Sooner or later, they’re just plain gonna run out of cat names, even using housecat breeds!
            Joel R
        • Strange that....

          No one from Japan weighed in on this debate, but that the person extolling the virtues of the Japanese technology market can't get spelling and grammar correct.

          anny ?
          ancien ?
          contract(they ?

          Oh, and I've not heard of ANY iPhone (that's right, little i, big P) carrier trying for a 3 year contract. (AT&T is a two year)

          Get your facts straight, and argue your case with a little more intelligence and reasoning, other than just an "IMO" and you might gain an audience. Either that, or go to Japan, at least we will get a laugh when you butcher the English language.
          • ditto bro...

            you don't have to spell every word correctly to
            make a point or be intelligent. If you've got
            to nag on his spelling (and "correct"
            capitolization? really? common) then you
            couldn't have found his post that inaccurate (I
            think). Omg, someone who isn't an Apple fanatic
            was off on how long an "iPhone" (gotta get that
            capitolization right, its soooo important for
            some people to understand my point) contract is

            I understand spelling is a pet peeve for some
            people, but we're commenting on blogs, some of
            us are commenting on comments of blogs. We're
            not writing essays here!


            "No one from Japan weighed in on this debate"

            Frankly, you don't know that... at all... he
            could be from Japan, I could be from Japan, the
            author of the article could be from Japan (not
            all people from Japan are Japanese by decent)
            your first point was unfounded and borderline

            Just at least slow down with the hate.
      • I totally agree that it is strange!

        [i]The iPhone gets the highest approval rating of ANY phone.[/i]

        This suggests 1 of 2 things:
        1. Apple's support forums that are chalk full of people reporting problems with their Apple stuff are full of liars, as is Apple's enormous list of fixes for the endless stream of problems that are constantly reported.

        2. Approval ratings are tied to the respondant's emotional attachment to the company and don't actually have anything to do with the quality of the device. It is called RDF. Look it up.

        Even you have apologized for this blatant example of Apple's extremely poor quality control by suggesting this is an isolated incident. Yeah, it is [b]so[/b] isolated that Apple actually has instructions on how to wipe an iPhone and start again when, yet again, the damn thing keeps freezing on you. If this is "It Just Works" then I'll stick with my WM phone that never crashes, never freezes, and is easy to use and easy to read with its 640*480 resolution (480*320 is SO 2002!).

        Cue the rest of the Apple apologists to defend "the brotherhood"! :)
        • interesting

          Firstly, non zealot, if you want to use exotic phrases you should at
          least look up and check the words. It is chock full but I digress.

          1. It is a support forum you get that in support forums. Apple have
          sold around 30 million iPhones and 18 million iPod touches. I don't
          think that there were quite that many people "chock full" in the
          support forums so I think you may be muddling what occurs in a
          thriving support community with that of the Zune support forums.

          2. But if that were so then you should get constant approval ratings
          across the board.

          As I say if you were using a Mac as opposed to Windows you'd know
          how to spell.
          • You speak truth

            "Apple have sold around 30 million iPhones and 18 million iPod touches."

            And they have been having freezing problems even before that with the iPod classics (80/160GB versions). The main issue is that the focus is, as was said, A) on lock-in practices and B) cool factor and C) myriad of theoretically nice features. Performance and quality control aren't up there. This is why every iPod I have owned since 4th gen has lasted, at the longest, 14 months. Luckily, I realized this long ago and now purchase my iPods from BestBuy with an extended warranty. Under said warranty purchased 2 years ago, I am already on my 3rd replacement.

            Don't get me wrong - I love the features, and due to lock in strategy, I will never switch to another mp3 player. (I actually own no other apple product, however I DO have a rather pricy Alpine sound system in my auto that directly integrates with the iPod and in fact, allows for very iPod-like control of the iPod via the head-unit, complete with full digital-quality sound. This last part is important as the iPod is absolutely aweful an maintaining sound quality at digital-analog conversion, and even worse at amplifying it - again, lousy quality)

            Point is, the features rock, and they alone are enough for me to keep coming back, even with the full understanding that I will be replacing the hardware within a year, if not even less. It just too nice to have my entire music collection at my fingertips anywhere I go, whether on foot, bike, train, auto or even airplane. As long as you have a long warranty on it, its all good.

            "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."