Snow Leopard bug deletes all user data (Updated)

Snow Leopard bug deletes all user data (Updated)

Summary: "I haz eat yur data!"Several posts on the Apple Support forums (1, 2) dating back to 12 September indicate that some users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, a.


"I haz eat yur data!"

Several posts on the Apple Support forums (1, 2) dating back to 12 September indicate that some users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, a.k.a. Mac OS 10.6.

On Saturday iTWire reported on the bug which rears its head when a user logs into their Mac's Guest account and then tries to log back into their regular account.

In some cases, users have reported finding their regular account empty of data, as though it were a brand new account... The home directory still exists under "/Users/username" but is completely empty.

Affected users report that data is unrecoverable and cannot be found on the hard drive. The only way to recover is from a backup on external media. You do make regular backups, right?

Apple acknowledged the problem on Monday stating:

We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix," an Apple representative said in a prepared statement Monday.

CNet has posted a technique for restoring a lost home folder from a backup if you've been afflicted. A work around – until Apple releases a fix – is to disable the Guest account, or disable it and re-enable it as a native Snow Leopard account. It's highly recommended that you perform and maintain a complete and bootable backup.

Tip: Neowin

Update: User "WalterDweller" on the Apple support forums claims that the bug may not be limited to Snow Leopard, saying "I had the same thing happen to me with Leopard 10.5... when I called Apple they said they had never heard of it happening before..."

Gratuitous Snow Leopard pic from Apple Scoop.

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  • Proves Apple is not perfect

    I know many ABMers that bashed Microsoft when a bug that only affected a very small user base came on in Windows 7 Release Candidate and said that Microsoft should pay and how can they release software with bugs. All software has bugs I don't care who makes it. Hopefully apple is right and it only happens in rare cases.
    • Those ABMers...

      Never trust people who <b style="font-size:110%">A</b>lways <b style="font-size:110%">B</b>uy <b style="font-size:110%">M</b>icrosoft, they tend to be unaware of their lack of skills.
      The Mentalist
      • So funny

        Now my post was not insulting in any way and all I did was point out that All software has bugs.
        • No one said it was insulting, as a matter of fact I agree with you...

          and posted something supporting your view. So why are you complaining?
          The Mentalist
          • Because ABMers

            stands for [b]A[/b]nything [b]B[/b]ut [b]M[/b]icrosoft
          • I beg to disagree!

            It stands for <b style="font-size:110%">A</b>lways <b style="font-size:110%">B</b>uy <b style="font-size:110%">M</b>icrosoft
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            Sleeper Service
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            Do you have anything useful to contribute or will just just present us with more of your usual drivel?
            The Mentalist
          • Disingenuous much?

            Why pretend like you actually were trying to say something useful?

            Yesterday someone called you a troll with nothing useful to say, ever. I almost agreed, and then disagreed, because you do occasionally say some sensible, reasonable things.

            But in cases like these, it's not hard to see why antagonism without provocation would lead people to see you as a troll.

            Oh, and this is for you.

            <b>5 phrases that diminish the credibility of Linux, Mac, and Windows users</b>
          • re: Banning Trolls

            Funny, they haven't banned NonZealot, yet.
          • And I imagine that an NBMer

            would mean [b]N[/b]ever [b]B[/b]uy [b]M[/b]icrosoft?
          • NBM stands for...

            <b>N</b>othing <b>B</b>ut <b>M</b>icrosoft, I just googled it.
            The Mentalist
      • You're an idiot.

        • Oh he knows that

          And I suspect he is probably only like 12 years old because he likes to call people names like Fartgoblin and somehow figured out how to get internet on his Leap Frog My First Computer.
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        Indeed, only true computer geniuses buy Macs.
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          only people that want everything done for them instead of doing it themselves buy macs.
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          • Whoa there

            I buy Macs. I also run windows. Clever people want the things they shouldn't have to care about done for them so they can concentrate on what really matters. In my case that means OS X , or windows, depending on the particular project.

            I always trash anything smelling of guest access first thing.

            I like my apple products. But this is really bad. Will Snow Leopard become Apple's Vista in terms of brand impact? Perhaps so. I'm about to drop everyone in my household but me back to Leopard.