Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award

Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award

Summary: Steve Jobs won a posthumous GRAMMY tonight for the iPod and iTunes, both of which have had an undeniable effect on the music industry. It's the second GRAMMY for Apple.


Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award - Jason O'Grady

Steve Jobs was awarded a GRAMMY Trustees Award tonight at the 54th annual music awards gala.

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences awards its GRAMMY Trustees Award every year to "individuals who, during their careers in music, have made significant contributions, other than performance, to the field of recording." Past recipients include Robert Moog (1970), Les Paul (1983), Walt Disney (1989) and Clive Davis (2000).

Apple senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, accepted the award on Jobs' behalf.

The post about the Trustees Award for Jobs on the GRAMMYs site was penned by Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, himself a 16-time GRAMMY winner. Ma also played at the private memorial service for Steve Jobs on October 16, 2011 with U2’s Bono and Joan Baez.

Before I met Steve, I first had to say no to him. In the early '90s, I was touring like a madman, trying to juggle professional commitments and a home life with a young family, when a call came in. Steve Jobs was getting married at Yosemite and he wanted me to play. I declined with great regret. When we met, years later, I was also introduced to his wife and children. The simplicity, directness and openness of his family really struck me. Steve showed me the things he cared about, and I shared the music I would have played at their wedding. From there, the friendship grew.

It's a touching read and well-deserved award for Jobs.

Apple previously won a technical GRAMMY award in 2002.

Updated: Video of Apple VP Eddy Cue accepting the award for Steve Jobs:

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  • Well "IF" there is an afterlife Steve just got another

    "Atta Boy". I wonder who is going to be upset about this?

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • RE: Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award

      @James Quinn
      Look at Just True's post below to see just how the anti-Apple fanboys are going to react.
  • It would be better to give the award to the best MP3 player

    The only thing Steve Jobs designed on his own is the unprotected antenna for iPhone - which was proven as a stupid idea (Steve Jobs did not understand school physics).<br><br>As a generator of conscious innovative ideas, Steve Jobs was ZERO (worthless).<br><br>The only area where he was the best is brainwashing. Only Steve Jobs could sell as the best MP3 player a piece of garbage - the iPod Mini - the first one had the worst in the industry sound, battery life, earbuds, screen and had a too scratchy case = any other company, which did not turn their business into religion, would go out of business immediately.<br><br>Apparently, Apple fanatics love Apple's products not because they are the best overall, but because their minds are under mind control, which force them to spend money on what they do not need.<br><br>Mind control techniques are good for the corporation and government of/for/by wolves (the world shadow government), but any Mind control makes people stupid and ready to accept any dictator/dictatorship with no questions asked.<br><br>Thus, Steve Jobs won posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award not because he designed the best ... for the industry, but because he brainwashed masses that this is the best.<br><br><b>Search youtube:</b><br><br>Mind Control part 1 of 6<br><br>OPERATION TROJAN HORSE<br><br>Want your mind BLOWN? Watch this video! Illuminati going down! WHY? THIS VIDEO!
    Just True
    • Are you this stupid in real life?

      If you are, you are truly to be pitied or scorned. Either would be appropriate.
      • RE: Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award


        If Steve Jobs was on one end of the "Bell Shaped Curve", Just True resides on the other end.
      • You have the right to believe in whatever you want, even Evil, but..

        @ego.sum.stig@... "Are you this stupid in real life?"<br><br>Because you have no VALID prof against me, it means that you indirectly agreed with me. Thanks.<br><br>It also means that you believe in things for no conscious logical reasons and by doing this, you are deleting the difference between you and people with mental disorders.
        Just True
      • I guess you just confirmed it

        You are that stupid in real life.
    • RE: Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award

      @Just True
      And here we see a simple demonstration of behaviorism, almost as if it were directly from Pavlov or Skinner's labs. Say something nice about Apple or Steve Jobs, watch the anti-Apple fanboys come out of the woodwork to exclaim that it's some nefarious plot.
      • Even Evil has something good, but its bad always overweights..

        @ssaha: "Say something nice about Apple or Steve Jobs<br><br>Even Hitler committed some good things.. - should I also praise him for it or what?
        Just True
      • Thank you Godwin

        @Just True
        Godwin's Law strikes again. From the Wikipedia entry on Godwin's Law:
        "There are many corollaries to Godwin's law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin himself) than others. For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress."
        "Godwin's law applies especially to inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one's opponent) with Nazis."

        I would posit that although ego.sum.stig did not post "valid proof against (me)" there was no reasonably validated point to argue in the beginning. Your post was an unabashed hate-piece full of unsubstantiated product claims and tinfoil-hat paranoia. I humbly suggest that if you want to be taken seriously you start out with data to back up your 'facts' and don't immediately run to the Third Reich for your defense.

        Have a nice (and evidently paranoid) day.
      • The Law of/for/by Jewish fascists - Godwin's Law...

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        Just True
    • RE: Steve Jobs wins posthumous GRAMMY Trustees Award

      @Just True Steve Jobs is the/ was the face of APPlE. He was their head and part of a team. We all have great ideas but we need a team to create products such as the iPod and iPad, and iPhones. Nothing is perfect but Apple (Steve) strive for it. He did help create these products and he sold them to the massas like any sales man. He did his job as an icon, leader, inventor, inspiration and salesman. So we were not brained washed, we use the products and realize how cool they are. when there is a screw up Apple took responsibility. Like any consumer product we try it and determine if it fits our lives. What do you use and why did you get it? how did you learn of it? and is it perfect for you? Perhaps we are all brained washed. Thomas Edison didn't invent everything but had a team under him that worked under his name and when these products were revealed where credited to Edison. Do not be ignorant.
  • Appropriate

    Steve was no musician, neither was he a producer. he was, however, a man with an abiding love of music, and an uncanny way of seizing opportunity. His opportunity resulted in bringing increased access to music from anywhere, and in helping to bring the music industry back from the brink of disaster.

    Indeed, he was a Trustee, and arguably a very successful one.