Sync files to your iPhone with FileMagnet

Sync files to your iPhone with FileMagnet

Summary: I recently booked a trip and saved my confirmation page as a PDF.  I usually print the PDF and take it with me to so that I have all of the important information at hand.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility

Great iPhone App: FileMagnetI recently booked a trip and saved my confirmation page as a PDF.  I usually print the PDF and take it with me to so that I have all of the important information at hand.  With my new iPhone, I wanted to be able to bring the PDF to the phone and not have to print any papers.  After surfing the App Store, FileMagnet (US$5) appears to be the only iPhone app that allows you to synchronize files from your desktop to your iPhone.

FileMagnet requires that you download a small desktop client that pairs with the iPhone app. Also, the current version has some issues with Excel, but they are working on it.  The program has been working great so far and I would rank it as a Top 5 application for my iPhone.

(Contributed by: Ryan Kaplan)

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • Free alternative!?

    Looks great, but for the grand total of ?nocash, you can use
    Filemark Maker, which uses (abuses?) your safari to store
    your files as bookmarks! Works great for me!!
  • RE: Sync files to your iPhone with FileMagnet

    A new updated was just added to the AppStore yesterday. It
    includes improved support for Excel and larger attachments.
    Make sure you've updated both FileMagnet on your iPhone and
    the Mac FileMagnet Uploader to v1.0.1. Requires an iPhone or
    iPod touch running the 2.0 firmware and a Mac running MacOS X
    10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard. The iPhone must be connected to the
    same network as the Mac via Wi-Fi!!!!
  • It really is a great little app,

    and the developer is quick to respond to questions!

    Positively one of my favorites.
    • Unbelievable what you guys have to pay for with the iPhone!!

      No file management software.
      No ability to synchronize files.

      Unbelievable. These are built into all Windows Mobile phones. All these little utilities to bring the iPhone up to the base install level of a WM sure do add up! :)
      • yeah but...

        then you'd have to use WM. gross.
        • Funny!

          [i]then you'd have to use WM. gross.[/i]

          Me and 18 million others in the last 12 months feel the same way about the iPhone. How many iPhone has Apple sold in the last 12 months? 7 million? How quaint. :)
          • 7 million and a large backorder

            Poor, little old Apple with single digit market share
            has done a fairly good job in their first year in the
            mobile phone business. Especially when you
            consider the vigorous competition that is out

            But it's like the iPod - it will take time to build its
            market share, even though the iPhone market
            share will not approach the levels of the iPod.

            The good thing about the iPhone for users of other
            platforms is that the iPhone is going to drive improvements in other platforms and products.
            We're already seeing "iPhone Killers" heading our
            way, which is a product improvement based on a
            reaction to the consumer's response to the iPhone.
  • Free alternative

    Maybe I'm missing something here but can't you just email the PDF to yourself and read it in the Mail app on the iPhone? I just tried it and it works fine! I can view the PDF perfectly, even rotates for wider viewing. It's free too.
    • some benefits

      the reason file magnet is a usefull app for me personally is because it allows you to save to your phone. The email method is great but if you trying to pull up a document without data reception or on airplane mode for instance, it may not work. Also if you are trying to view large documents this is a good way to store/view something too big for your average email. I use it for a PDF of 855 pages. Now my only problem is the iphone PDF viewer doesn't allow me to go directly to a page or search text. 855 page is a lot to have to scroll one by one.
  • RE: Sync files to your iPhone with FileSYNC

    I noticed you were discussing a number of products on your website regarding syncing files with the iPhone. Please check out our latest product for this, and it works by FTP, so it works anytime, anywhere.

    Jeff in Texas