T-Mobile answers the iPhone with WhiteBerry

T-Mobile answers the iPhone with WhiteBerry

Summary: In a feeble attempt to take the solar glare of the spotlight away from the iPhone T-Mobile and Research In Motion (RIM) have announced a new version of their popular BlackBerry Pearl, in you guess it, white. Don't they realize that white iPods (and phones) are so 2006?

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Blackberry Pearl in WhiteIn a feeble attempt to take the solar glare of the spotlight away from the iPhone T-Mobile and Research In Motion (RIM) have announced a new version of their popular BlackBerry Pearl, in you guess it, white. Don't they realize that white iPods (and phones) are so 2006?

They've also dropped the price from US$199 to US$149 with a 2-year contract and US$50 mail-in rebate.

Features of the BlackBerry Pearl include:

  • 240×260 screen
  • 64MB built-in memory
  • Quad-band GSM with EDGE
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Instant messaging
  • Push email

In its defense the BlackBerry addresses several of the iPhone's limitations (more on them soon), namely an expansion slot (microSD), tactile buttons for texting and corporate/enterprise level email. 

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Topic: BlackBerry

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  • Oh Paleeeasae....

    This is almost funny.
  • Corporate iPhone?

    The iPhone is not even aimed at people looking for Exchange integration. Why do 'critics' keep pointing out something the device isn't even targeted towards?
    • Apple is a consumer company!!!!!!!

      You are so right. Consumers, kids and young adults are the market for this thing.

      Who really wants to integrate with Exchange any way? Exchange is for the weak.

      I have compromised with a BlackJack and the iPhone makes it look like Iraq. The
      WinMobile Smartphone OS is a horrific user experience. From accessing apps,
      dealing with media - photos, music, video - changing user setting, installing
      apps. It's a joke. And the fact that this thing is marketed as this multimedia king -
      The battery life suxs so they give you 2 which is such a pain to keep charged and

      So screw integration with Exchange. This phone will at least kick the other handset
      manufactures in the butt and show them a thing or 20 about user experience!

      Apple is a consumer company!!!!!!!!!! but they do make some really compelling
      enterprise level solutions too...
      panic man
  • Is everything always about the iPhone?

    I don't see the connection? Your linked story states that

    "With all the talk about the Apple iPhone, you almost forget that many of other the smart phone companies and cell phone carriers are not gonna take it lying down."

    but also goes on to say

    "The Pearl has been T-Mobile's most popular smart phone since it launched in the fall"

    So how is the pre-existing and already selling popular T-Mobile phone iPhone related? Did they have precognition so that they fortunately released their much more affordable "smart phone" 10 months before the iPhone might be released?

    An accurate title to the story might be
    "T-Mobile to continue selling it's popular Pearl line of smartphones despite the pending existence of Apple's iphone"

    Maybe it could simply be that T-Mobile is dropping the price of a very popular phone to make it even more attractive to consumers and increase their subscriber base and not panic stricken about the iPhone which costs $300-$400 more?

    Do I see the iPhone having a large impact, once actually available, on the HIGH END smartphone market, absolutely, but everything in the known universe is not now circling the iPhone.

    How about a story "Journalistic iPhone Mania: The Epidemic has Begun"

  • Your poll isn't accurate

    The iPhone is not a smartphone and does not belong in the poll. In fact, once you look at all the features that Apple has crippled on it, the iPhone is quite a dumbphone.
    • Too expensive

      The competition has far more features.
      It'll never sell.

      Are we talking about the iPhone, or the comments about
      the iPod when the first generation was announced?

      The best indication of how good or bad the iPhone is
      will be when the first 12 months of sales are announced.
      Then we'll see how smart (or dumb) the design is.

      My bet is that Apple has a winner, regardless of the level
      of penetration the iPhone will have in business - which I
      estimate at about 100 units.
    • Not only that but...

      Throw in the fact that there ARE other smartphones on the market.
  • Love my BB Pearl!

    Best smartphone on the market. No Microsoft warez!
    • The only problem with the Pearl

      ... is that it does have one foot shackled to MS, that is its lack of a desktop app in favor of syncing to the abominable MS Outlook. <p>
      Yes I know they show other programs in the synchronization setup, but none of thet stuff really works as well as the sync to Outlook. So the user is stuck with Outlook because that's the only decent syncing experience that we can set up.<p>
      You know, just how hard would it be to licence a one-off of Palm Desktop and put it in there? Leave all the Outlook stuff there for the enterprise types. If RIM expects to have any significant success on the consumer side, they are gonna have to stop inflicting Outlook upon us.
  • A more interesting poll

    Instead of "Pick a smart phone" how about "Pick a smart phone thet actually is shipping and you actually have some experience with"... Wonder what the percentages would look like then.