TGIF: Apple Rumor Roundup

TGIF: Apple Rumor Roundup

Summary: In the wake of Macworld Expo come a veritable plethora of Apple rumors. Some interesting fodder for a Friday.


hipod.jpgIn the wake of Macworld Expo come a veritable plethora of Apple rumors. Some interesting fodder for a Friday.

1) Disney buys Pixar. They need Pixar more than Pixar need them. Steve should be able to exact a King's ransom for Pixar and use the money to hire more lawyers. Yawn.

2) Second Generation Video iPod. Needham and Co. analyst Charles Wolf also said that the "actual" video iPod will make its debut in the the first half of 2006. Many believed that the first iPod video model, which debuted in November, was a "holdover" to grab attention and marketshare, while the company was feverishly working on an improved version for release at a later date.

3) Wireless iPod. "Apple is also understood to be working on the next generation of iPods, which would have the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet."

4) Bluetooth iPod. Presumably to wirelessly connect to headphones and speakers. I am really worried about the sound quality of this setup, and if you've ever used a Bluetooth headset, you should be to.

5) Apple phone/iPod phone. Apple filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the term "Mobile Me" covering a litany of technologies ranging from telecommunications and satellite networks to computer services and portable devices. iPod Boombox. The term "iPod Boombox" as well as "iPod Hi-Fi" were recently trademarked by Apple.


6) iPod Boombox. The term "iPod Boombox" as well as "iPod Hi-Fi" were recently trademarked by Apple. While interesting, these are already available from third parties. One of the best the model from DLO Direct.

I hope that Apple comes out with a kick-ass battery for the MacBook line. Battery life is the single most important feature to a true mobile technologist and it's time that Apple devote some resources to beefing up its anemic run time. 

What new Apple product would you slap down the plastic today to pre-order? Drop a note in the TalkBack below.

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  • One more to throw in

    Posted this elsewhere on ZDNet, but thought it was of interest:

    Scoop: The Inside Dope on Steve Jobs' Weird Keynote
    Topic: Apple
    There was something strange about Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote on Tuesday. The pacing was off.

    It started off high energy with reports of unbelievable iPod sales and record revenues, which got the crowd whooping. Then it went into a doldrums with an interminable demo of new features in iLife, which had everyone dying for the One More Thing... "Come on Steve," we're all thinking. "Cut the crap and get to the good stuff."

    So tonight I'm sitting in a bar when I run into an old friend, who is very highly placed in the Apple world. I hate to cite an anonymous source, but trust me, he knows.

    And he tells me the keynote that Jobs gave was not the keynote he had planned. Some of the speech had been cut out. Key products were missing.

    My source said there was some stuff, "some very, very cool stuff," that Jobs couldn't unveil because of "supply issues."

    "They can't get enough Core Duo (chips)," said my source.

    He also said that if he were me, he probably wouldn't order one of the new MacBook Pros.

    I asked if there would be MacBook replacements for the 17-inch and 12-inch PowerBooks, but he said, "Oh, it's much cooler than that. Much cooler."
    tic swayback
    • Dang it Tic!

      Just when I am thinking about replacing my dying iBook, you dangle this tantalizing news in front of me - making me wait, salivating (well, drooling is more my speed this early in the morning) and itchy fingers reaching for my debit card.

      Not nice to tease on a Friday, but thanks for the heads up.
      Confused by religion
      • I get the feeling these are interim machines

        Take a look at the new Mactels, they're essentially a new chip in an
        old box. I have a feeling Apple has bigger and better things up
        their sleeve.

        Besides, personally, I can't see switching now and running the
        majority of my software in emulation. I'll wait until the bugs are
        worked out, and until I can get the software I use most in native
        form, so I won't have to take that performance hit.
        tic swayback
    • I knew something didn't feel right...

      ...because Steve always brings out new products all the time and it just didn't seem that there were too many new products. He didn't seem too excited either. Well whatever it is, that he didn't share, I'm sure it will be coming out this year as a surprise. I love surprises!
  • Apple sells computers, you know.

    Many rumors around about their computers as well, not just the iPod.

    The biggest rumor was that Apple was going to switch the Mac mini to an Intel before any other computer. The one rumor that was spot on was the PowerBook upgrade. It severely needed a pick-me-up and Apple delivered with the MacBook Pro.

    The surprise was, of course, the iMac, which had already just been updated with a faster G5 and iSight camera.

    Another Mac rumor was a new "media center" type of Mac mini.

    There were even talks of a resurrected Newton.
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