The last thing Apple needs is a video iPod

The last thing Apple needs is a video iPod

Summary: There's speculation swirling that Apple's will use their October 12th event to announce a video-enabled iPod. After some thought I can't think of a worse product for Apple to announce next week.

There's speculation swirling that Apple will use their October 12th event to announce a video-enabled iPod. I can't think of a worse product for Apple to announce next week. The just released the killer iPod nano last week, flaws notwithstanding, and others areas of the product line are more in need of attention than the iPod.

Apple's PowerMac desktops are in desperate need of a refresh, their anemic 2.7GHz processors looks pretty pale compared to some PC offerings out there and PowerBooks. Where are the multi-core processors that we've been salivating over? Don't get me started on their PowerBooks...

Apple's almighty PowerBook has been the red-headed stepchild in the Apple lineup lately. It was passed over for a G5 processor because of technical issues and Apple tried to placate us with an Intel-based PowerBook in 2006? My two-generation old 1.5GHz PowerBook 15-inch slows to a crawl when I have a lot of applications running (frequently) and opens programs like molasses—and I have 2GB of RAM and a 120MB disk! I need a better PowerBook sooner than mid-2006 and I think that Apple should give the PowerBook the nano treatment.

The PowerBook has lost its reign as the fastest, thinnest and largest screen notebook on the planet—three distinctions Apple (and their users) love to crow about. It's time for Apple to refresh their bread and butter computer lines and deliver some much needed upgrades.

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  • There will be no video iPod!

    This is pure speculation.
    • So are Windows Vista features...

      Whats your point.
  • If we knew what the announcement was, would there be a point to it?

    Honestly, I believe that it might wind up being something like an entry into a new market.

    Barring video in an iPod (which they wouldn't put out this soon), they've done all that they can really do in the MP3 player market.

    And a G5 Powerbook, apart from having been infeasible up to this point, would be a dead-end product with the coming Intel change.
    Third of Five
    • Continuation (sorry)

      To continue my previous post, I think it might be some sort of new line of cellular phones, perhaps something on the level of some of the Japanese cell phones.
      Third of Five
  • ITMS Subscriptions Service...

    Is what I want to see. I have enough iPods :)
    • That would be a good guess.

      Some people (the gods know why) like the subscription model better. I guess it's kinda like satelite radio, but more choosy and not really mobile (unelss you're near a wifi hotspot.)

      Personally, I'd rather own something if I pay for it.

      I think a video iPod is silly. I can't imagine watching an entire movie on a 2" screen.
      • Until a subscription model proves a success....

        ...I don't see Apple bothering with it. It's not like anyone else is
        making any money from it yet. Why invest all that infrastructure
        for something that may never (and has not yet) catch on?
        tic swayback
      • iPr0n!! (n/t)

  • Latest rumors

    New iPod--but not video--on next week's itinerary
    By Ryan Katz, Senior Editor

    October 6, 2005 - Since coming forward with information
    concerning Apple's anticipated announcements next week,
    sources have clarified that while the October 12 event will not
    deliver a video iPod, a lesser update to the full-size iPod will
    arrive alongside the new Pro Macs.

    The new iPod will be available in capacities up to 80GB and will
    be slightly smaller than current color iPods, sources have said.
    It's unknown whether Apple will keep the white casing or go with
    a silver version Think Secret sources spied in January. Contrary
    to Apple's initial estimates, iPod nano sales have favored the
    black units suggesting that Apple may offer another color
    alongside the iconic white and chrome.

    Sources have been unable to clue into any other major
    improvements intended for the new iPod, although new software
    improvements introduced with the nano can be expected to be

    While a video-capable iPod remains in development, without the
    agreements nor infrastructure in place to deliver movies to
    customers through a store-like interface, Apple sees little value
    in releasing such an iPod at this time. Apple insiders have also
    said executives see consumers needing the capability to easily
    import the DVD movies they own to a usable format (similar to
    the encoding functionality provided for audio CDs with iTunes)
    in order for a video iPod to be truly successful. The complexity
    to date of accomplishing such a feat has meant only a minority
    of computer users have dabbled with watching full-length
    movies on their computer, with most of those having acquired
    the content through file sharing services.

    PowerBook, Power Mac details

    Updated PowerBooks expected next week will sport higher
    resolution displays, sources have said. Although specific
    resolutions are unknown, sources expect the number of pixels
    packed into the displays to increase by about 15 percent on the
    15- and 17-inch models. Much how Apple abandoned
    monochrome screens in its iPods this year, as Think Secret
    foretold in February, documents reveal the company plans to
    have widescreen displays in all of its systems in 2006. While it's
    possible that the 12-inch display currently featured in the
    PowerBook may be replaced with a widescreen model now, it's
    more likely to arrive next year.

    Both updated Power Mac and PowerBook systems are expected
    to use DDR2 memory, delivering performance improvements
    beyond the typical processor speed bumps. At least one Power
    Mac G5 configuration will feature IBM's PowerPC 970MP dual-
    core processor, while PowerBooks are expected to see their
    PowerPC 7447A processor replaced with a slightly faster 7448
    tic swayback
  • Grossly exaggurated.

    I have a 1 generation newer than his PowerBook (1.67GHz G4, 2GB RAM) and it runs perfectly fine. I routinely run Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver simultaneously, with iTunes in the background not skipping a beat. On my breaks I just pop open the webbrowser and it loads in a few seconds.

    It's not the fastest computer out there, but to say it's slow as molasses is rediculous.

    Slow is a 1.8GHz Centrino laptop trying to run XP. Molasses is that same laptop with the Vista beta.
    • I Agree

      I have a 15" Powerbook 1.25 GHz G4 with 2GB of RAM and it runs faster than some of my friends PC laptops in the 2.5 GHz range. I do video editing on it with Final Cut Pro and some 3d work with Maya and the only time I ever get slowdown is due to the graphics chip. The problem with the writer's powerboob is that he's not doing any routine maintenance on it. There are scripts that need to be run on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Also, the system and user caches and logs need to be cleaned out every so often.
      • Blog Comments

        Having read the powerpage for almost a year, I am now feeling that
        your comments and posts are useless. No reality based
        information, just bashing Apple. No product seems to meet your
        standards, whatever they are. Hey with 70%+ of the mpg market,
        and computer market share up almost 2%, I give lots of kudos to
        Apple. I love them, in part because I own lots of Apple stock.
  • rebuttle to blog on last thing needed is video ipod

    In the blog the writer mentions the need for an updated faster powerbook instead. Yes that would be great, but has the writer used a windows PC recently? I doubt it, cause the laste 5! windows patches have rendered the things so slow it now takes me 5 cups of coffee to get netscape or explorer to wake up, up from 3 cups last month. Yes my old 550 TI Powerbook could use an upgrade, but really, compared to the windows performance, the old Ti kicks butt. The dell at work is almost unuseable now. I come home to the old PB and hit the yahoo refresh and its so fast compared to the dell (which is rated at over 5 times the CPU speed of the PB) that I get a buzz. As far as which machine is a better tool, hands down on the old PB, wish I could use it at the office, but they won't let me, thumb up their butts, chose the dark side and live with it they tell me. So video pod me, more power to the video ipod and hopefully the movie download service to load it with :)
  • 120MB

    Maybe you need a bigger disk.
  • It's a Phone... Here are the clues

    ? Apple Add: ROKR "First phone with iTunes" what is the 2nd?
    ??Steve Jobs Keynote: (about Motorola partnership) "We learned alot
    about making cel phones"
    ? It wouldnt make sense to introduce the ROKR & the Mac Phone at
    the same press event.
    ? Motorola President "Apple is making a phone"
    ? Cel Phones have horrible interface designs, Apple could change
    Bob Borries
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