The Simpsons lampoon Apple

The Simpsons lampoon Apple

Summary: No one is safe from satire on The Simpsons.The animated series, which just began its 20th season, has lampooned just about every large company, celebrity and pretty much every aspect of pop culture.


The Simpsons lampoon AppleNo one is safe from satire on The Simpsons.

The animated series, which just began its 20th season, has lampooned just about every large company, celebrity and pretty much every aspect of pop culture. Last night's episode featured a six minute segment that parodied Apple Inc. at the start of the show.

In Episode 7 the Simpsons travel to the Springfield Mall to discover that a giant "Mapple" Store has been erected inside. The massive glass cube structure looks like a spitting image of the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York. Lisa Simpson walks inside and notes that "it's so sterile!" and the one-liners go from there.

The mock store is loaded with MyPods, MyPhones, a Brainiac Bar and the MyCube, a machine "fueled by dreams and powered by imagination." The cube glows to confirm that it's off.

Its a very good natured jab at Cupertino and there's something funny in it for just about everyone.

Update: You can watch the complete episode at Fox on Demand (with commercials) it starts at about 02:00 Optionally the video is also on YouTube (parts 1, 2) but it's getting slow and probably won't be up for long.

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  • Hilarious and true!

    Some just have their tongues lodged so far up Steve
    Jobs' emaciating rearend that they just can't see how
    sadly ironic their self perceptions are.
    • The exact same could be said of ,,,

      Windows user. Here is the big difference, Gates & Ballmer have had the biggest following of butt sniffers since forever. No offense dude, but we Mac users do not wish to emulate Windows users. You live in such a sad state,,,
      • We saw this coming. Microsoft was not mentioned

        in the article, yet the faithfull are upset that someone had the audacity to dare mock Apple, and to have someone agree with the parody

        And to then attempt to spin this into the mindset of a "windows user".

        [i]That[/i] is the sad state in which some Apple users live...
        • It WAS funny....

          [i]That is the sad state in which some Apple users live...[/i]
          I'm glad you said "some Apple users", because I found this funny too! Not all Apple users have blind faith. :)
          An Apple a Day
      • Aesop's Fox.

        Sleeper Service
      • I would not make too much of it, it is just the Windows users mad because

        the Mac users are not offended - they just think it is hilarious. Did anybody think a redneck family would like Apple products. The Simpsons ARE a real family are they not?
      • Dream on tin foil hat boy.

        Comparing the zealotry expressed by some Apple users compared to the zealotry expressed by some Windows users is ludicrous for several reasons.

        First off, there is a vast number more of Windows users then Apple users, if Windows users rose up as zealots in the same proportions as Apple users do, you would never hear a word from Apple users because the din from the shouting Windows zealots would make it an inherently noisy world. Apple users are by far disproportionately zealots compared to Windows users.

        Secondly, when are we supposed to believe the Apple zealots who from moment to moment express mutually exclusive claims about Windows users and Windows machines? Such as to hear many Apple users they would have you believe that Windows machines are generally so god awful that most of the time its hard to keep them running and when they are running they are nothing but trouble. This seems significantly at odds with the claim that "Gates & Ballmer have had the biggest following of butt sniffers since forever". So whats the deal? Do Windows operating systems inspire millions of users to sniff butts or pull their hair out? Seriously, you just cant have it both ways in a real world.

        One thing is for sure, Apple has made it plain that they recognize the smugness found in a significant proportion of their users to the point of recognizing the benefits of playing to that smugness in their ads. Further, Apple users are known, particularly around Zdnet, for using every opportunity to continue the insulting pattern against Windows users seen in the Apple ads. They have no problem alluding to, if not outright saying that they think Windows users are stupid and boring.

        Meanwhile, reality persists and the majority of the world continues to use Windows and work gets done and the world moves on.
        • *sigh*

          The fanboi war is getting a little old now.

          Apple users pay for overhyped, overpriced products, but do so knowing that they will be elegant and functional tools.

          Microsoft users pay for overhyped, overpriced (though arguably, not as overpriced as Apple) products, but do so knowing that they will be functional tools (and maybe even elegant...)

          As Bart's excellent voice-over pointed out, any perceived rivalry between Jobs and Gates is absurd - they're both rich beyond our wildest dreams, and they'd have to be [i]incredibly[/i] greedy people to begrudge one another their success. So why do the consumers buy into this [u]retarded[/u] bickering?

          No one - least of all someone who spends a lot of time on their computer - likes to think they've been tricked into buying something for more than it's worth, hence all the petty brand-loyalty. But the sad truth is, we all have. Even if you build your own from the ground up and use open source software, the components you bought are still vastly marked-up from their design and production costs. It's capitalism, deal with it.

          Like a lot of people, I own a Mac AND a PC, and using both for a long time I've realised that neither is perfect. Or even close to perfect.

          They both have their strengths, and weaknesses, not to mention a wealth of software which will run on one platform but not the other (can I really be bothered to Boot Camp into Windows when I can just have a Windows PC next to my Mac? Of course not). The Mac is excellent for ease of use, and it's shiny interface, whereas there's tons of software for the PC which allows me to do things which would take an awful lot of messing around in several different apps to achieve on the Mac.

          Anyone who thinks an OS says [b]ANYTHING[/b] about its user is a moron. It's as simple as that. While the world strives to eradicate prejudices based on race, sex, religion, age, disability, etc, a handful of idiots with nothing better to do with their time sit around online spouting this sort of OS-related garbage (and another handful of idiots like myself make futile attempts to reason with them).

          OSism is what it is, and people need to start recognising that while it's not nearly as harmful or damaging as racism, sexism et al, it's just as stupid.
        • Obvious Marketing Scam

          First off, zealots is a word for a marketing
          department, not this. Second, you must be on
          commission from Microsoft to even think that anything
          made by them is better quality than anything made by
          Apple. Remember the iPod? How it has 80% market share?
          and how the zune has about, oh, 7%? Yeah. It's
          freaking twice as much. No one says mp3 player
          anymore, it's just iPod. The iPhone is the best
          selling handset ever, finally surpassing the razr in
          unit sales. And I can see why, as I have one. And OSX
          is the second most stable operating system ever built
          (sorry Apple, Linux has you beat there). Windows XP,
          Moron Edition, a.k.a Mistake Edition, a.k.a ME, and 98
          were and are all duds. 2000 and Vista are the only
          good things out of Redmond since Windows 95. Face the
          facts, Microsoft loses. Everyone loves Apple. It's
          just a fact of life. Microsoft is the evil empire, and
          all evil empires fall. Go watch Star Wars. Third, you
          are most definitely a pc. Go get de-bloated.
          • So

            if iPod's 80% market share is an indicator of it's unquestionable superiority and Zune's 7% shows it's horrible, what does OS X's 7% say about it? What about Windows 80%?

            Can't have it both ways, either market share is an indicator of quality, or it isn't.

            If it is, the market has spoken on OS X.
          • It isn't always the best that wins the day (or the market) ...

            or we'd have been playing our videos on Beta instead of VHS.
            Other examples are:
            The world's best-selling children's author is definitely not the
            best writer for children
            The same goes for all those best-selling writers of books for
            adults. The likes of Dan Brown (for instance) couldn't write if
            their lives depended on it, yet they make a fortune from their
            shoddy work
            The best-selling CDs are just a horrible din; hard-working
            musicians and singers with real talent barely make a living (with
            a few exceptions, such as my country-woman Kiri Te Kanawa)
            One of the world's best-selling tenors (Russell Watson) can't
            even sing properly
            I guess it was mostly luck that got young people wanting to
            listen to the noise that passes for music with them on the iPod.
            If the computer users I know are any indication, most are
            extremely reluctant to spend anything like a decent amount on a
            computer. Then they wonder why they have so many problems
            (both software and hardware).
            Laraine Anne Barker
    • Guys, I think that Steve Jobs is probably still rolling on the floor

      laughing. This is great publicity for Apple. Of course rednecks with no taste would not understand the value of a great design!!!
      • I agree he is rolling on the floor

        but he is [i]definately [b]not[/b] laughing[/i], that much is for sure.

        This is publicity for Apple, but I doubt Jobs weold label it as "great".

        My guess is that Steve Jobs was on his iPhone last night trying to contact his lawyers....
        • What?? This spot is great for Apple. Rednecks use Windows and actually LIKE

          IT. That is enough to make anybody laugh!!
          • I thought it was great, but my guess is

            that the ever controlling Steve Jobs does not want his "likeness" used in an 'unflattering' way as it was done last night.

            The ever so present references to money, the 'mini' being nothing more then a clock-radio, and my favorite: The part where Bart add-libs "Buying Microsoft stock" probally came close to giving Steve Jobs an aneurysm! :)
          • Rednecks would not know cool technology if it hit them in the face!!! This

            is a great advertisement for Apple, this is all about making fun of rednecks and their aversion to high tech cool.

            Let me guess, you buy everything that Bart likes? That would explain a lot about your posts!!!!
          • What are talking about? Where are these

            'Rednecks' you keep talking about?

            The Simpons are NOT "rednecks" by any stretch of the imagination, they are a parody of a typical middle class family, just like yours.

            They own an average house (not a trailer), an average car (not a pick-up truck), Homer works at a Nuclear power plant, not a "gee-rage", and they live in the average town of Sprinfield, not some town in the rural South.

            [i]Everything[/i] about the show is a parody of [i]your[/i] life, not some "redneck" as you keep refering.

            But that explains why you do not understand at all what the paradoy was intended, as you do not understand what segment of American life the Simpsons represent.
          • Ok, you are just like Homer Simpson, that explains a lot!!

          • Way off course.

            Wow. Unreal. Rednecks? The Simpson's? Sorry, you either never watch the show or qualify the average family in the United States as "redneck". And if thats the case its clear why you do not get it.

            Again, sorry but the segment was making fun of Apple. Clearly produced to make the public think a little more about the "Apple lifestyle" and ideology that Apple is slowly weaving into the fabric of North American society, and even the world generally to a lesser extent. There is nothing wrong with Apple and their products generally, its just that it never hurts to keep your eyes wide open so you don't misapprehend the totality of what a company is really trying to get you to "buy" into.
        • Man, I just can not stop laughing, you guys thinking that Mac users would

          be upset about the Simpsons not liking Apple products. This is just too funny.