Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

Summary: What's the most you've ever walked out of an Apple retail store with? How about 23 MacBook Pros and 14 iPod touches -- for free. Watch how five masked bandits did just that in this exclusive surveillance video of a recent smash-and-grab at a NJ Apple emporium.


Thieves struck the Sagemore Apple retail store in Marlton, New Jersey, shattering a plate glass door after the store was closed and the security guard had completed making his rounds.

TUAW posted video from the local news report. All-in-all five masked thieves absconded with 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and nine iPod touches -- in 31 seconds. Sounds like they may have summered on an Indy pit crew.

The Philadelphia ABC affiliate is asking anyone with information to call police at 856-983-1118 or the confidential tip line at 856-988-4699.

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  • Wow

    Something tells me they had this planned out in advance...

    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • I bet they wish they had "Find my MacBook"

      I know IP addressing isn't quite as definitive as GPS addressing, but I bet they
      wish they had a Find my MacBook service.

      I've never understood why, in such a closed environment, Apple haven't had a
      more comprehensive Serial # tracking service. Imagine if iTunes could disable
      your stolen iPod, asking that it be returned fir "servicing"
  • Who is this reporter?

    He makes it sound like these guys were criminal masterminds.

    "Throwing a blunt object through the plate glass window like pros."

    How is that a pro move? "Me pick up brick and throw it through window."

    • Do you know how thick those doors are?

      There's a reason they're thick--it's to make shattering them like
      that more difficult. Of course, steel bars over the doors wouldn't
      do any good unless you protected the windows the same way. My
      bet is that those doors will be replaced eventually with something
      much less brittle than glass.
  • you know what

    I think these thieves learnt from the ones plaguing London, smashing into jewellery stores and withing a 18secs or so stealing jewelleries worth more than ?2 million...
  • I'm willing to bet it's the police

    I'm willing to bet it's the police who are asking anyone with information to call them, rather than the ABC affiliate. Why would the ABC affiliate have an interest? They're the ones just passing on the news.
    • They want to tip before the police so they can the scoop.

      "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"
      Apple need to watch out for copycats.
      Being in a "exclusive" area doesn't mean that your area will be robbed. Like the bank robber on why he robbed banks and his reply is "It is where the money is". Smarter thieves target "affluent" areas since this where the better merchandise are and the money is at.
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    Well, at least they removed some flawed systems from ever ending up in the hands of innocents...
  • If they can't hack 'em, they go old school

    Hackers and crackers have an old saying, "There's no security without
    physical security".

    There aren't many groups in America bold enough to try something
    like this. They won't last long. Each iPhone has GPS. If they weren't
    actively tracking them this time, Apple certainly could next time.

    Even w/o GPS tracking, unloading that many macs is going to get
    noticed. It's only a matter of time before they're doing time.

    These guys seem to have some raw talent. They could do some good
    if they changed their goals in life. Give everyone the benefit of the
    doubt, and encourage good behavior all the time, or we'll be seeing
    more an more of this. Crime is a symptom of a bigger problem. A
    lack of peace is often a symptom of a lack of love. Don't be too busy
    to help your fellow man. Encourage each other. Love is an action that
    becomes a feeling when you've done it long enough.

  • Maybe they'll go on eBay and sell to buyers from Nigeria!! LOL

    They will probably get jacked in an ironic justice sort of way.
  • An excellent How To video

    When is the next copy cat?
  • Stealing computerized equipment is just

    dumb, especially the iPhones. I am certain that the stores have an inventory of what was stolen, which means the second they try to have it activated somewhere it will be flagged. And if they sell it on e-bay they will eventually be traced.

    Not a well thought out plan.

    Also noticed they left the power supplies behind for the mac book pros. A lot of good a computer is without a PSU.
  • OK who is monitoring e-bay

    I'm sure we can find them there
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    I think the police should consider the security guard. It looked like an inside job. The guard couldn't have been more than 30-40 feet away when the thieves broke the glass door but, he seemingly, casually walked into the display area a couple minutes after the thieves fled the store, which tells me the guard (from the tape) didn't hear the glass breaking, which is unlikely.
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    On the bright side... that's longer than it took to own a Mac here:

    Sorry... someone had to say it.
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    Yea, and did you hear that the Apple commercial put those ideas into their head, so if they get caught they will plead insanity due to brainwashing! Maybe Apple should do a cash for clunkers program and give us all $4500 trade-ins so regular people could afford a MAC too!
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    Didn't anyone tell them about the new embedded GPS chips in
    these that when you turn them on they send a location out to
    Apple to let them know where the computers are? They're
    tracking statistics of users in various populations, so these guys
    are basically screwed. Oh well. It does happen.


    Big Brother
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    It's all about the SERIAL NUMBERS, boys!
    Rotsa ruck. LongJnSilver
  • RE: Thieves ransack NJ Apple Store in 31 seconds

    Of course the media puts out "how to" videos, they need
    to gin up news some way!
  • Mac book pros.....

    sitting out in plain sight. Yet police will tell you, not to leave expensive items, in your car. Out in plain sight. Unless you want your car window smashed out. Most stores have a display laptop out, and the rest locked up. I hope the manager of this apple store has insurance.