Time to name Apple's new tablet

Time to name Apple's new tablet

Summary: Now that Apple's tablet has been blessed by the media and is all but confirmed (better hurry up Apple, we're all waiting!) it's time to turn our attention to the name.


Now that Apple's tablet has been blessed by the media and is all but confirmed (better hurry up Apple, we're all waiting!) it's time to turn our attention to the name.

The popular consensus appears to be "iTablet" -- as horrible as that sounds -- but Snippits begs to differ.

When you consider the history of Apple's major "i" family of products, it is clear that a trend has been established. The table on the left is a list of all major Apple products with the "i" prefix. You can see that all of the names following the "i" have a single syllable. Some exceptions include iMovie and iPhoto but these are, of course, not major products.

Some of the other names believed to be in the running like iPad and iTab are equally horrible. And don't even get me started on some of the other names on Snippits' list (spoiler: "iReam," anyone?)

Isn't it time to dispense with the childish iEverything and start with a new naming convention? Anyone else with me that Apple's silly iNames sound more akin to "My First Computer" than anything a self-respecting professional would use?

Chime in with your suggested Apple tablet names in the TalkBack below (knowing full well that Apple may borrow your good idea).

My money's on "MacBook touch."

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  • Applet!

    Apple + tablet = Applet. No?

    Jokes aside, I think the new product will be named in the tradition of iSomething.

    Why not iTouch?
    • applet's on your Applet?

      Applet is generally for small scripts such as programs that run in the
      menu, right? so i can run applet's on my Applet?

      although, Macbook Touch would be smart.
      To quote this other article:


      "it?s got to be ?Apple?s most affordable computer ever? rather than
      ?Apple?s most expensive iPod ever.?"

      So something with the "i" in front would just make people think of the
      iPod, and compare them. If it's called something like the "MacBook
      Touch" it connotes the Touch features while still making the
      comparison to the MacBook.
    • I'm for iTouch too.

      Its one syllable (after the ' i '). The name tells you exactly how it works.
      • better not or I'm filing suit! nt

  • iGimmiemoremoney

    I know that's more than one syllable, but its got to maintain
    some thematic consistency with the rest of their modern
    • Har! (nt)

  • RE: Time to name Apple's new tablet

    First thought was iPill, leading to iDose and iBalm ... but that's not really in the right area.

    Next was iRich.

    Then iJot ... but that's uncomfortably close to iDiot, though not lacking accuracy if you are a PC ;-)

    For the international market ...
    iMonolith (gr)
    iTabula (it)
    iPlaque (fr)
    iKnowNothing (Sp) [UK TV joke]

    How about just "iTab" or "iPad"?

    I've settled on "iPad". None too soon did I hear you say?
  • iNote

    iPad is too close to iPod. The iNote would answer the
    Netbook/Notebook critics. Mind you, what was a Pod before the
    • I think...

      Peas come in pods.

      So a Pod was the envelop peas come in. I ate some for lunch.
      • That is true but...

        short of being a new name for earbud headphones, pods had nothing to do
        with music...
  • Apple TouchPad

    They could call it the Apple TouchPad.
    • Apple iTP

      Apple Touch Pad could be shortened to iTP...wait, something's not right
      about that
  • The iDoomedProduct.

    Sleeper Service
    • Imnotsure

      How about the Imnotsure. As in I'm not sure some of the MS fans can cope with Apple coming up with decent ideas.

      If Apple get the tablet right it could have a great chance of being an excellent product. MS were too early with origami. Media centre just does not work so there is a huge gap there somewhere.

      • I'm quite happy with Apple...

        ...coming up with decent ideas as my Macbook will attest. This just isn't one of them.

        For every Mac a Newton. For every iPod Touch a Shuffle. For every iPhone...

        You get the picture.
        Sleeper Service
  • iNewton

    they can call it iRecycle naming
    • maybe they will just bring back "newton", no "i". (n/t)

    • or iFlop, iFail, iForgotThatTabletsHaveNoMarketShare, etc. nt

      • Right....

        Because all products released need to be in categories with marketshare. Innovation never grows a market... one must wait for someone else to make a market first... THEN MAKE A PRODUCT!

        How very MS.
    • Newtonson!

      That at least takes out the "i." Will the new device have voice recognition? Will it be featured on Doonesbury? Am I the only one old enough to remember all that? ;-)