Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

Summary: iPhone dSLR mount from PhotoJoJo allows you to connect any Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lens to your iPhone 4. There's even loopholes so you can hang it around your neck, you know, like a real camera.,c,c,

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility

This iPhone dSLR mount from PhotoJoJo allows you to connect any Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lense to your iPhone 4. The pitch is that you don't have to pay for an expensive dSLR camera body, instead, just connect your iPhone 4 to this $250 kit and attach just about any modern SLR lens on the market. Boom, real depth of field and manual focus. There's even loopholes so you can hang it around your neck, you know, like a real camera.

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Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    So I've got expensive Canon lenses for my SLR.

    So why do I need an iPhone?

    The idea you would purchase a Canon lens and a $250 adapter to take degraded images rather than use a proper camera body is laughable.
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    If you have a buddy you can borrow lenses from, and he has a LOT of lenses, this is kind of cool. Otherwise it's kind of idiotic.
  • Sorry, but this product is POINTLESS

    If you have to carry around SLR lenses, just to get a crappy image, might as well get the REAL THING. No matter how you look at it, anybody buying this is a complete ignorant about basic imaging (and I confess to be a novice). <br><br>And please don't start the BS about this being better on another camera phone ..... because there is no way any camera phone will give you a good picture. Some are better than others, but none are good ... just acceptable.
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    I'd rather invest that into an actual SLR camera. I know a lense can make a camera but I am not sure this can enhance the pictures taken from the iPhone enough to make it worth it.

    Maybe I am wrong and would be interested to see the results compared to an actual SLR camera.
  • Agree with the others...

    I agree with the others here. Why?<br><br>The iPhone 4 has a small camera, it has a cheap and nasty "lens" (okay by 'phone standards, but not good), you then put on an adapter, reducing light, then add on the mount convertor, robbing even more light (and setting you back $250), then you plug in a $400 to $10,000 lens onto this... :-S Why?<br><br>The results aren't going to be anywhere near as good as a DSLR - you have the small sensor on the iPhone and you have the iPhone lens (if it is anything like mine, dusty and scratched) and you expect to get decent images from your $1000 lens? I don't see it.<br><br>For $250, you could get a half decent second hand DSLR, and if you can afford the price of a decent lens, you might as well spash an extra couple of hundred for a decent DSLR body and get your money's worth out of the lens...<br><br>I have an iPhone, a Canon Ixsus and an EOS550D.<br><br>The iPhone is okay, if I am out and about and don't have any other photo-enabled device with me. If I know I am going to take some quick shots, or space is tight, I'll take the Ixsus with me. If I really want to capture the event, i'll take the EOS.<br><br>There is no way I'd take the adapter and lens with me, that is most of the bulk and inconvenience of the DSLR, combined with inferior image quality.

    It would be fun to try, but I wouldn't pay for one. This is a product for sad knobs who want to show off, that they have the latest and greatest iPhone accessory.
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    Do you put a flag on a wagon or ship carrying manure? Frankly this is absurd and if it isn't it looks absurd. Buy a proper camera if you need proper lenses.
  • This is just what I need!

    Now I can take crappy pictures from really far away! Awesome!
  • This is novel at best

    This is akin to putting a megaphone next to your ear buds in an effort to use them as room speakers.
    It's like putting nitrous and racing slicks on your Prius.
    Do you wear scuba gear when you take a bath, too?
    We could open a restaurant that serves microwave breakfast... oh, wait Starbucks did that. Shoot! Too slow.
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    The whole point of the iPhone camera is that it is usually with you when your other cameras aren't.
    I've done a lot of photo enhancement over the years & have owned a lot of different cameras, & worked on images from them going back to the 1950's.
    My iPhone 4 takes really good images - within the range of the lense and with proper lighting. You don't want to take shots of your grandkids on a stage from the back of a darkened auditorium! Digital zoom will not make up for physical. Are you going to carry all this extra equipment and not your camera body all the time? No, the iPhone is always there, always ready, never out of film - it makes a really great close-up snap shot (or video) camera, compared to what we used to have, and it is great for providing lots of metadata with the picture, such as location, and camera setting info., etc., but I can't imagine the adapter and lens (s) without the rest.
    Those lens setups are for pros. The iPhone excells at taking close ups and short videos and being able to share them with family and friends wherever they might be, not taking long range shots or doing proffessional work.
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    Okay, not sure whose bright idea this was to use an SLR lens with an iPhone, but not only is it STUPID, but it's awkward and pointless. Why would you want to do that? Just get an SLR camera for goodness sakes and stop all of this the "iPhone can do anything" nonsense. I have an iPhone and an SLR camera and I will never use them like that. It just doesn't make sense and it's not they way those products were intended to be used.
    Gadget Girl
    • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

      @Gadget Girl it does seem kind of silly, but it could be useful for shooting proofs or locations for photogs...real estate. Being able to send them back to whoever needs to see them immediately could be quite useful. I suppose...
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    I don't know but this "smells" like a hoax.
  • RE: Use SLR lenses with the iPhone 4

    Speaking of crazy ideas: how about something to make the phone work better?
  • But...

    Does your DSLR upload your pictures to Facebook? I thought it was a hoax too, and I agree that it looks ridiculous but the ridiculous has a habit of becoming the normal.