Verizon Treo 700p EV-DO instructions

Verizon Treo 700p EV-DO instructions

Summary: A friend sent me these instructions on how to connect the new palmOne Treo 700p to Verizon's high-speed EV-DO network with a Mac.


A friend sent me these instructions on how to connect the new palmOne Treo 700p to Verizon's high-speed EV-DO network with a Mac.

Step 1 - Be sure that your Verizon account has Broadband Access and Dial Up Networking authorized.  The dial-up working (DUN) package costs an extra $15 per month.

Step 2 - Download and install the PC5220 driver from Verizon.

Step 3 - Pair the Treo with the MacBook Pro using Bluetooth in System Preferences and the Bluetooth Preference pane in Preferences on the Treo. The computer creates a passkey which you have to enter into the Treo. Nothing unique to the Treo here, this is standard Bluetooth pairing.  Be sure to check the box for browsing the internet via the phone.  In Bluetooth Setup Assistant, leave the username and password blank (this is a change from the Treo 650); phone number is #777.  Modem script:  "Verizon Support PC5220"

Step 4 - Open Internet Connect and hit the Connect button.  You can also access this in the pull down menu at the top of the screen under the Bluetooth icon (if you have enabled showing this icon while in Bluetooth access).

The Palm tech support person who got it to work said this was their very first tech support call on DUN for a Mac and that there is no USB driver (yet) for using Dial up networking on a Treo 700p with a Mac, it can only be done on bluetooth. Is anyone creating such a driver?

In two different speed tests EV-DO download speeds were 307 and 335 kilobits/second (which may be limited by Bluetooth), probably 10x the practical speed of a 56k modem. Battery life on the 700p while using Bluetooth is materially worse than on the Treo 650.

Screen shots:

Image 1: PPP Settings
Image 2: Internet Connect Settings
Image 3: Bluetooth Settings
Image 4: Connected!

Topic: Wi-Fi

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  • Thanks!

    This worked great for me and I'm up and running. Two points. As I was already
    paired for wireless syncing with my computer, no additional set-up was required.
    Second, I didn't have to download the Verizon file as I found it was already included
    in the options for my modem selections
  • This works great!

    This works quite well. I talked to 2 different support staff at Verizon and both did
    not know that this solution was possible. I was told, however, that the USB software
    to allow the Mac to connect using the cable would be available in April. That should
    allow for faster through-put but I must say that this speed is acceptable when
    compared with no access at all.
    • 700 p ev-do modem

      I use this solution too and I agree better than no connection. My connection seems
      tenuous at best. I always am getting kicked off and had to re-connect. Does not
      seem to be dependent on cell reception. Do you have this problem too.
  • RE: Verizon Treo 700p EV-DO instructions

    Works with Sprint PCS. Pulling hair out for a
    solution and it worked. MacBook Pro and Sprint
    using 10.5 THANKS
  • gnzdsum 01 yva

    daphkk,ebtmvioh69, msoif.