What's on Obama's iPod?

What's on Obama's iPod?

Summary: On 15 August I posted a piece about what's on Michael Phelps' iPod (spoiler: lots of hip hop). Over the weekend I came across a piece in thew September issue of Macworld magazine about What's on Obama's iPod.

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple, Mobility

WhatÂ’s on ObamaÂ’s iPodOn 15 August I posted a piece about what's on Michael Phelps' iPod (spoiler: lots of hip hop). Over the weekend I came across a piece in thew September issue of Macworld magazine about What's on Obama's iPod.

The story which quotes The Examiner (article offline) says that Obama’s iPod contains an ecclectic assortment of music including classic folk (Bob Dylan), classic classical (Yo-Yo Ma), contemporary female singer songwriter (Sheryl Crow, who performed live at the DNC), and some hip-hop (Jay-Z).

Obama's iPod also includes dedicated playlists for jazz legends Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker.

“Actually, one of my favorites during the political season is ‘Maggie’s Farm,’” Obama said of one of Dylan’s tracks. “It speaks to me as I listen to some of the political rhetoric.”

Note: The Examiner article is offline but the UK's Telegraph also has a story about Obama's iPod.

Photo: MacUser.

Topics: Hardware, Apple, Mobility

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  • Stupidity at its best

    If you don?t think every song on his ipod, if he really even owns one, isn?t a political calculation then you are a fool. At this stage of the game, I am sure their staffers are a picking every aspect of their lives.
    • And Some Opinions Are Stupid Too

      "The Truth Giver?" Your hubris is showing, sir.

      What you think, no matter how consistent with your internal logic, is not necessarily "truth."

      It is opinion and not very impressive opinion at that.

      Perhaps you should leaven your opinion with a dollop of humility.
  • RE: What's on Obama's iPod?

    I think your post is stupid.
  • RE: What's on Obama's iPod?

    Agreed. This was a waste of time.
    • Then why read it?

      It's not like the title was cryptic. You knew what it was before you read and replied, yet felt the need to do so anyway. There's logic for you.
  • RE: What's on Obama's iPod?

    I'm more interested in Spike Milligan???s Tape Recorder
  • RE: What's on Obama's iPod?

    My genre range on my iPod 30GB is very large because I listen to different type of music depending on my mood. Relax and I listen to classical, at work some Hawaiian, working on my car rock and roll, and so on. I don't know if the genre of music describes the person or personality... unless your a SKA fan;)
  • RE: iPod isn't the only player

    You can't assume he or everyone else has an iPod because it's not the only player on the market. What about the Creative Zen, the better player?
    • iPod vs others

      Problem is that the dummies think all mp3 players are called iPods and are made by Apple. Soon they will think that all cellphones are called iPhone and are also made by Apple. I'm afraid we will suffer this for a few years more
  • RE: What's on Obama's iPod?

    What's on a Presidential candidate's listening device is curious/interesting. What he/she is thinking, while listening, is probably far more important. As much as I enjoy Joe Walsh, for instance, he might not be the best leader for our country.
  • This is interesting, I think.

    I think what Obama listens to is VERY interesting. It would also be interesting to note if he meditates or believes in Feng Shui. I would imagine that he listens to books on tape or classical music or jazz. Maybe it's just because I majored in psychology, but I find this subject very interesting.

    I wonder what John McCain listens to, if anything. Probably just pink noise because his "war hero" and "intellectually challenged" brain cannot comprehend any thing more complex.
    • Well...

      Do you think that the man who claims to be "aware of" the internet and is only just now starting to learn how to use a computer would even know what an iPod was? He's probably "aware of" them.

      So...what does McCain listen to? Bach, Mozart, Beethoven...you know, things that remind him of his childhood. HA!

      ^Just a friendly joke.
  • RE: What's on Obama's iPod?

    Hello, Oboma, This is your handler speaking. Get out there and dazzle those rubes with more "We Can Do It" and "Change Is Needed" crap. They're almost tranced out now. You can do it!