Where to find the apps featured in Apple's ads (updated)

Where to find the apps featured in Apple's ads (updated)

Summary: Ever wanted to see all the iPhone apps featured in Apple's television commercials? There's a page for that!


You know when you (used to) go down to the video rental store and they had a section of the wall dedicated to the store's "staff picks?" Apple has a similar section of Staff Picks for the App Store that's a good place to start looking for high-quality apps for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Have you ever caught yourself pausing and rewinding the DVR during Apple's "there's an app for that" commercials just so you could catch the name of a cool app that was demoed? No? Ok, I need to get out of the house more. Anyway, Apple maintains a list of all the apps that it has featured on one of its iPhone television commercials.

I noticed it in a tiny link at the bottom of the TV commercials page:

Clicking on the link takes you to this page, which takes you to an iTunes pages chock full of every app that Apple has featured in a television commercial, including TripCase, New York Subway 09 and Epicurious.

Great! There goes the budget!

Update: Apple also maintains a page of all the games in its television commercials.

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  • Car Remote...?

    Still waiting on the car remote starter app they show...
  • RE: Where to find the apps featured in Apple's ads (updated)

    I wuld be interested in a page taht shows how one accomplishes the same tasks on other platforms. Is there a "mapping" page that shows similar apps on Blackberry, Android, Win Mobile, WebOS or Symbian?
  • On the iPhone...

    Isn't this same list under the "Featured" section and "what's hot" in the App Store on the iPhone itself? So why bother?
  • RE: Where to find the apps featured in Apple's ads (updated)

    Am looking for the app that when you scan the street, it pops up with comments left by others. Any ideas?