White iPad 2 coming?

White iPad 2 coming?

Summary: 9to5Mac has posted an image of what it believes to a photo of a white bezel for the iPad 2

TOPICS: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

9to5Mac has posted an image of what it believes to a photo of a white bezel for the iPad 2. The photo above comes directly out of Shenzhen City (via iFixYouri iPhone repair) and is believed to be the digitizer (sometimes referred to as the "thick bezel") from the iPad 2.

What can we deduce from this new photo? Other than the white color, the most important detail outed by this latest spy shot is the hole in the top of the bezel, which is probably to accommodate a forward-facing "FaceTime HD" camera. The iPad 2's front camera is most likely to be the same camera as the one in the 2011 MacBook Pro that was just released.

Will it be white only? Doubtful. I expect that if Apple indeed releases a white model, that it would be in addition to a standard black model.

Topics: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

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  • I'll get both if they do

    If they release both a black and white model, I'm getting them both!
    How cool would that be?!?
    Will Farrell
    • RE: White iPad 2 coming?

      @Will Farrell

      Not as cool as me buying TWO of each! :D
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: White iPad 2 coming?

        @Cylon Centurion 0005
        You made it.
        Ram U
  • If Apple can't do a white iPhone to please Steve

    I have serious trouble believing they can do a white iPad that would. While it may be that they've finally solved the production problems that prevented a white iPhone from seeing the light of day, something tells me that if they [i]did[/i] they'd be protecting the results a bit better.

    So I call fake. There might be a white iPad, but I doubt [i]this[/i] is it.
    • I was wrong!

      @matthew_maurice Wow, this one shocked me. After the failure of the white iPhone to surface, I'd have figured Apple wouldn't even try a white iPad just to avoid bringing up the whole white iWhatever. But they did, so I'm betting that we'll see a white iPhone 5 in Steve's hand in June.
  • RE: White iPad 2 coming?

    Why not a brushed aluminum-look bezel instead?
  • RE: White iPad 2 coming?

    I'm sorry but I don't really get the obsession with the white iPhone/iPad. I'm just going to put a case on it so what the difference?
    And while I personally don't care if there is a camera in my iPad (I don't want to have to brush my hair or do makeup before having a phone conversation), I'm not sure if that little dot on the screen is indeed a camera. If you look at the current model iPad you will see that same small dot in the screen.
  • Errrr

    That picture looks more like a gray bezel than white. Once again. Out of China - do you believe it?

    Apple has had problems in the past with white iPhones because the micro cracks are visible on them [and not on black].
    Gis Bun
  • RE: White iPad 2 coming?

    Excellent !Why not a brushed aluminum-look bezel instead?
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