Why you need a SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus

Why you need a SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus

Summary: While I was covering Macworld Expo one piece of tech that proved invaluable was the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus, a combination SD memory card and portable USB drive that's a must-have.

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SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus(Warning: No iPhone content in this article).

While I was covering Macworld Expo one piece of tech that proved invaluable was the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus, a combination SD memory card and portable USB drive that's a must-have. 

The Ultra II SD Plus is worth a look for anyone that carries a Treo smartphone or SD-equipped digital camera.

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone asks if you have a USB drive? The tiny flash drives are so darned handy for quick file transfers but the problem is that I never seem to have one when I need it. I also have a habit of losing them pretty fast. (Isn't it kind of ironic that we're returning to sneakernet in this day of wireless everything?)

The Ultra II SD Plus is super convenient if you have a Treo because you can keep it in the SD card slot and bust it out on a moment's notice.  They also work great in cameras too because you don't have to remember to bring a cable. Simply pop put the card, fold it down and plug it into an available USB port.

The only downside that I can see is the potential for breaking the little hinged flap, but so far mine have been rock solid. An added bonus: they only cost a little more than a regular SD card, I purchased a 2GB version for around US$70 plus shipping via Froogle. I replaced two of my normal "blue" SD cards with the Ultra II's and haven't looked back. 

Too bad the iPhone won't have an SD card slot.

Damn! I knew I couldn't write a blog post without bringing up the iPhone ...

Topic: Web development

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  • Agreed, these are really handy

    I got a 1GB one from Circuit City in November for $10 + tax after rebate. It's very
    useful not having to deal with cables and/or memory card readers to get my photos
    off the camera. Hopefully they are durable, time will tell.
  • What is even more usefull is the built in ....

    ... card readers that come on most PCs making this device less relevent except for the Apple faithfull.
    • USB is universal...card readers aren't

      Apparently you live in a rarified world where people only have computers of relatively recent vintage. In the real world, especially in business, I see plenty of computers running Windows with nary a card reader in site; but they do have USB ports (albeit sometimes only USB 1.1).
      • It is really hard to accept that modern PCs ...

        ... have a device that the Apples do not, isn't it? Just can't except that Apple might have missed that one, huh?
        • A lot of PCs have

          different 'things' that Apple doesn't have. Like useless keys that insta-connect to the
          internet, and redundant hardware buttons to control CD/DVD playback, often lined
          along the front edge. Big fickin' deal -- uselss marketing crap intended to suck in
          neophytes. And from what I have seen of the PC laptop market, that is the beginning
          and end of any R&D. What a pathetic effort. At least my ThinkPad doesn't have all
          that crap built in at the expense of a solid hardware design.
    • They're not exactly everywhere, but USB is.

      How did this become an Apple-centric post? Sheesh. Quit trolling.
  • I swear by them

    I dont know why people use usb drives vs this kind of configuration. You can only use the USB drive in a computer and not in an mp3 player, PDA/smartphone, camera, etc. It;s like getting married to a woman that just does housework...limits your options. This is a superb device and I would never buy an audio device without an SD slot.

    Drag and drop files, baby! WMA? what's that?
  • I've had a few of

    these since I got my Nikon D50 DSLR at Christmas 2005. Absolutely super-handy
    and I use mine all the time on both my PowerBooks and ThinkPads.