Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

Summary: Now that Apple has re-branded Mac.com to MobileMe (Me.

TOPICS: Collaboration, Apple

Now that Apple has re-branded Mac.com to MobileMe (Me.com) would you prefer your email address to remain as @mac.com or become @me.com or even @mobileme.com? Apple mostly like horded a bunch of ".me" domains too, but they're outside the scope of this post. Here's hoping that Apple doesn't change everyone's Mac.com email addresses!

Reader Eric Nix loves the MobileMe features, but would prefer keeping his Mac.com email address. He likes advertising that he's a Mac user. Personally, I think that Apple should give existing customers first dibs at getting a Me.com email address. But hey, that's me.

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Topics: Collaboration, Apple

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  • In the time you took..

    to write this, you could have checked Apple's website.


    That way you could have answered Eric's question (yes, you
    can keep the mac.com address).
  • Purpose of this post?

    To show you are lazy?

    "Here?s hoping that Apple doesn?t change everyone?s
    Mac.com email addresses!"

    Do you actually ever go to apple.com?
    Brian Tdot
  • And will they be "For Life" ?

    Of all the things Apple has done wrong over the years, the mac.com "Email For Life" fiasco is one I'll never forgive them for.
  • RE: Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

    This is posted on Mac.com for current users: As a current
    .Mac member, your @mac.com email will continue to work as
    it always has. But your account will also be given a new email
    address @me.com. Even if you do nothing, email sent to
    either address will still arrive in your inbox and you can send
    email from either address in MobileMe Mail on the web.
    Paul Finley
  • RE: Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

    "me" is fine with me because I belong to the "Me" generation.

  • RE: Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

    I have a me.com account. I would prefer to go back to
    mac.com. I like to show that I am a mac user. I like the sound
    me mac.com rather than me.com. I wish that apple would
    give you the choice of me.com or mac.com domains.
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