WWDC 2007 eve predictions

WWDC 2007 eve predictions

Summary: Tomorrow is the kickoff of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco and it looks to be a doozie. As with the lead up to any major Apple conference it's time to make a few predictions as to what will be announced and uncovered at the Steve Jobs keynote that starts at 10 a.


crystal_ball.jpgTomorrow is the kickoff of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco and it looks to be a doozie. As with the lead up to any major Apple conference it's time to make a few predictions as to what will be announced and uncovered at the Steve Jobs keynote that starts at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. EDT).

On 25 May I posted Apple Gazette's WWDC predictions which included:

1. Multi-Touch in Leopard 2. New GUI for OS X 3. New iLife w/iTunes HD 4. Blu-Ray Support 5. Leopard/iPhone integration 6. New Mac Minis and MacBook Pros 7. Ultra Portable iMac w/Multi touch screen

Since new MacBook Pros were announced on 05 June 2007 we can safely remove them from the list. And although I'd love nothing more than to see any ultra-portable from Apple (especially a notebook), it's probably a pipe dream.

With that out of the way, let's start with what we know Apple will announce. Apple has publicly stated that Steve will demo a "feature complete" version of Mac OS 10.5/Leopard, so that's a given. But if you remember back to the Stevenote at Macworld Expo in January Jobs mentioned that many of the features in Leopard were "top secret." Presumably WWDC is where SJ will produce the proverbial rabbit from the hat.

Apple told us in April 2006 that Boot Camp would be integrated within Leopard, so that much we know. I have a theory that Boot Camp could become fully virtualized in Leopard (Virtual Mac anyone?). Take a look, for example, at Parallels announcement of Desktop 3.0 on Thursday. The timing strikes me as suspicious. Why wouldn't they wait for the glow of WWDC to make that announcement? Isn't there a halo effect of announcing your product around a major Apple event? Does Parallels know something that we don't? Also, I'd bet that Boot Camp 1.3 features a kill switch that disables it when Leopard ships.

Apple has already told us that Mac OS 10.5 Leopard will feature:

  • Xcode 3.0
  • Interface Builder 3.0
  • Xray
  • Dashcode
  • Core Animation
  • Objective-C 2.0
  • iChat Integration
  • Resolution Independence
  • Calendar Store
  • Image Kit
  • OpenGL Improvements
  • QuickTime Improvements
  • Picture Taker Panel
  • 64-bit
  • Open Directory 4
  • Calendaring Server
  • Ruby on Rails

But what about some of Leopard's "secret features?" Last week Sun Microsystems chief executive Jonathan Schwartz slipped and told us that ZFS (typo corrected) will be file system is OS X. There's also a pretty good shot that Apple and Google will announce a closer partnership at WWDC. Google Apps need to be more Safari friendly to better compete against Microsoft Office 2008 and an updated .Mac with integrated Google Apps could breathe some life into Apple's biggest dog.

You can also expect a ton of iPhone integration in Leopard. Synchronization with Address Book, iCal, Mail and iPhoto are a given but Apple is probably going to surprise us with a few extra integrations here. Maybe the iPhone could be universal remote for your Mac and your iTV? The possibilities are endless

Also Apple may release an iPhone SDK. There's no telling what type of certification process they'll require for iPhone applications (most likely just Widgets) but, at minimum, Apple needs to expose the iPhone API to developers to quell the criticism.

iWork hasn't been updated in 18 months, so that's a possibility.

Mac OS X 10.4.10 is also due, look for that soon.

On the hardware front, iMacs were last updated in September 2006 so new models are possible. iMacs are built on the MacBook Pro platform, which means that new models are likely to inherit Intel's new Santa Rosa architecture (with a 20 percent faster front-side bus) and processor speeds up to 2.4GHz. With Apple's latest commitment to the environment he new iMacs will probably have LED backlights (like the 15-inch MBP) and come wrapped in a sleek aluminum frame to match the Apple Cinema Displays. Also look for Apple to drop the 17-inch model and possibly replace it with a high end 30-inch configuration.

New Apple Cinema Displays have been rumored for a while although WWDC doesn't seem like the right venue. If they do, look for new 20, 24 and 30-inch models with LED backlights and built-in iSight cameras.

One last possibility is a refreshed Mac mini. It hasn't been updated since February 2006 and 16 months is a lifetime for Apple updates. Not to mention that it's still stuck two generations back with an Intel Core Duo processor. It needs everything.

What's your take on WWDC? Chime in in the TalkBack section below.

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  • My predictions

    I predict that no matter what is announced, the Mac zealots will believe that Apple products are all innovative and MS products all suck and are all copies of Apple products. FACTS BE DAMNED!!! That is my prediction.

    Remember sheep, Jobs has commanded you to DEFEND, DEFLECT, DETRACT!!! Don't disappoint your leader. Baaaaaaaaaaaa.
    • Microsoft Zealots would support you, but...

      Microsoft Zealots would support you, but they are too busy rebooting, reloading, and reformatting.

      Atleast I seem to be. I deleted a couple icons from my start menu and now I have lost rights to most of my control panel options. OS X doesn't seem to do this. Not saying that Apple has a superior OS, just that their OS doesn't appear to have this problem.
      • Why do I always miss out on everything!!!

        I'm really upset. One of these days I want one of those windows machines that requires rebooting, reloading and reformatting (although if I HAD to do it, I'd probably reformat the drive before I reloaded the system). <br>
        But why me? I've owned many windows machines both personally and company owned machines that were exclusive to my use and the only time I've had to reboot is when I've shut the machine down and have to bring it back up the next day. I do all installations that require reboots toward the end of the day and hold off rebooting until I'm done w/ the machine. <br>
        But I'd like the practice of reloading Windows but the pesky versions I always seem to get run great with never a problem. I've never had malware of anykind on any windows machine I've owned...tell me...WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!
        • Hmmm, funny...You should sit in my seat a while..

          I sit right next to our Dept's IT guy, all he gets to do is reformat and recover windows boxes ALL DAY LONG!!!

          Yeah, you must be OH SO LUCKY, or your full of it...
          Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
        • Well, many things

          First, you need to customize a system to your needs and not the needs determined by Microsoft. I know this might be a hard thing to do, but work with the system and find out what works for you. For instance, delete anything with the internet explorer icon or the outlook express icon. Also move the task bar from the bottom of the screen, to the top of the screen. Pin a few extra things to the start menu. Set the menu to "Autohide." Configure your start menu to smaller icons and to have the most common icons set to 10 or so. Load Lotus Notes as your alternate mail application. Load Opera as your alternate web browser and set it as the default. Load Microsoft Office 2003 Professional with Microsoft Viso 2003. Initiate all updates from the Microsoft Windows Update Website. All of them, not just the critial ones. Set your Group policy to include your Windows Update Server at the default time of 3am. Don't forget, you also have to load the latest Novell Netware Client. As for Lotus Notes, I would use version 7.0.2. Any other software, use the latest and greatest that is released and not in beta. Although the antivirus is eTrust version 7.

          Let me know how you fare and if you have better luck than me, good for you. If you don't, I am sorry, I guess I know what I am doing and still running into problems.
          • Okay, once I've done all that...

            ... what should I be on the lookout for? A long time ago, I changed my system so that Thunderbird was the default mail app, Firefox was the default web browsing app (there are [b]no[/b] IE or OE icons on my desktop). I set the start menu to autohide and to use smaller icons. I use MS Office Pro 2003 and Visio 2003. All my updates come from Windows Update site.

            So it seems like the only thing I'm missing is Lotus stuff and Opera. Perhaps your problems lie there?
          • Negative

            I actually had this issue before I installed Lotus and Opera. I just mentioned them to see if that was the first thing you blame.

            I noticed this issue after messing with the start menu. I have reproduced this "bug" once. I will try again, but not on my machine. I would change the start menu around to maximize the view of icons and reboot my system for some reason or another and then lose the ability to access some of my control panel options.
          • More Info

            The Exact error is that "Windows Can not access the specified, device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"

            I also changed all of the performance options to "Best Performance"

            I can't think of anything else, but I will offer you what I can.
        • Maybe you can help me out on this one.

          I recently had to bring back in a terminal that logs out immediately after I log into the system. Even in safe mode and even as Administrator.

          Not for sure why. The only thing that makes sense is that it rebooted automatically after a Windows Update, but I am not for sure. I can't log in to find out.
          • Surely

            you've logged in locally?
          • I have in the past

            But now I seem to be logged out as soon as I log in.
          • Just to be certain......

            I'm sure question is unnecessary, but just reiterate....you get the same result when you try to log into the domain or to the local machine?
    • Innovation != invention...

      Innovation != invention, you don't seem to grasp that concept. Apple has proven itself over and over again when it comes to innovation. They don't necissarily invent a lot of the products they deliver, but they improve on them and make them better so more people will use them.

      The Personal Computer, GUIs, Local Area Networks, 3.5" floppy drives, CD-ROMs, USB, FireWire, MP3 players, etc. They didn't invent any of these products save for FireWire (which in turn is based off SCSI), but they were the first company to bring them successfully into a market for everyone and popularize them. No one will argue (except maybe you) that Apple wasn't a pioneer in those fields.
  • Don't bet the farm

    There's going to be "BIG Parallels announcement" during WWDC SF. I didn't think of
    it, but someone else thought Parallels would be shipped as part of the Leopard
    poackage. Not necessarily as part of the OS, but included with it. Since 3.0 is
    already out, and all the nifty features are known, this is about the only BIG
    announcement that makes sense. Or maybe the news will be Apple bought out
    Parallels? :-0

  • ZFS not XFS

    Leopard will be using ZFS, I know that is a minor typo, but one that could damage the rep of the upcoming OS. That is like misplacing a decimal when administering a drug to a patient.
    • It's ZFS not XFS, my bad...

      Sorry about the typo, it's been corrected.
      - Jason
      Jason D. O'Grady
      • 1 Karma point for me

  • Just give me

    ZFS and Resolution Independence. That'd be the meat, all the rest would be sweat
    sounding sizzle.
    Len Rooney
  • And a prediction they seemed to have overlooked

    Steve Jobs will sneeze, and the faithfull will point out how inovative he was in performing said sneeze.
    • And I predict...

      That GuidingLight will say "Wow!" at least a dozen times while using Vista.
      Len Rooney