Hundreds line up for Apple 'Lucky Bags'

Hundreds line up for Apple 'Lucky Bags'

Summary: Thousands of customers have been flood Apple stores in Japan to buy 'Lucky Bags', sealed bags containing a selection of goodies, in hopes of getting a bargain.


Customers have been lining up and pouring into Apple Stores around Japan over the last two days hoping to buy 'Lucky Bags' to start off their New Year's.

Japan has a few New Year's shopping traditions, but 'Fukubukuro' or 'Lucky Bags' are by far the most exciting.

The bags are pre-sealed and contain an assortment of exciting goodies, usually with a considerable discount for the collection but with one big catch. You have no idea what you're getting before you buy -- a sort of lucky dip.

Lucky customers could find themselves with some rare or expensive products worth up to three times the asking price.

Apple started selling 'Lucky Bag's in 2004, and they've been a huge hit ever since.

With bags going on sale for 33,000 Yen (around $430), customers were queuing up around the block with dreams of hitting the jackpot of an iPhone 4S or iPod. Thousands of people waiting in miserable weather in hopes that their 'Lucky Bag' might contain a bargain.

'Lucky Bags' originated as a good way for businesses to unload old stock for the New Year -- following a Japanese superstition that it is bad luck to start the New Year with unwanted items from last year, although that superstition is not so prevalent today.

This year the demand for 'Lucky Bags' was so big that customers were camping overnight waiting for stores to open, just to get their chance at a special buy.

Japanese blogs App Bank and Ringo-Sanco covered the sales this year -- taking pictures of the crowd and recording some of the lucky rewards.

Last year some customers managed to get iPad's in their bags last year, and the next few days will no doubt reveal stories about some great Apple bargains.


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  • RE: Hundreds line up for Apple 'Lucky Bags'

    $430 dollars and you don't even know what you're getting seems crazy. With my luck, I'd end up with a 1 button mouse, a copy of leisure-suit-larry and a bunch of printer cables.
    • For a lucky few

      @Tigertank <br><br>I hear they also throw in one of those "hey, look at what we have here!" audio cables that go from your sound card to CD-Rom player, but only on limited "gold edition" packages.
    • RE: Hundreds line up for Apple 'Lucky Bags'

      The trandition of Fukubukuro (??????) is whatever inside the bag usually is about the same or higher than the cost of the buyer paid for...

      So you shouldn't get only "a" 1 button mouse... you maybe getting a lot of a load of 1 button mice, but definitely not only "one".
  • RE: Hundreds line up for Apple 'Lucky Bags'

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