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Editor, journalist, analyst, presenter and blogger. As well as blogging and writing news & features here on ZDNet, I work as a cloud analyst with STL Partners, and write for a number of other news and feature sites. I also provide research and analysis services, video and audio production, white papers, event photography, voiceovers, event moderation, you name it... Back story An IT journalist for 25+ years, I worked for Ziff-Davis UK for almost 10 years on PC Magazine, reaching editor-in-chief. Before that, I worked for a number of other business & technology publications and was published in national and international titles.

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Are SSDs worth the extra cost?

Whether solid-state drives are worth considering over disks will come down to cost calculations involving performance and the nature of your datasets.

September 14, 2012 by Manek Dubash

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Cloud archives start to melt

Who would have thought it? Archiving to the cloud sounds like one of the dullest applications going but a fire has suddenly been lit underneath it.

August 31, 2012 by Manek Dubash

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