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Editor, journalist, analyst, presenter and blogger. As well as blogging and writing news & features here on ZDNet, I work as a cloud analyst with STL Partners, and write for a number of other news and feature sites. I also provide research and analysis services, video and audio production, white papers, event photography, voiceovers, event moderation, you name it... Back story An IT journalist for 25+ years, I worked for Ziff-Davis UK for almost 10 years on PC Magazine, reaching editor-in-chief. Before that, I worked for a number of other business & technology publications and was published in national and international titles.

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New backup platform mixes local and cloud

When you think of Quantum, you usually think of tape drives. But the company's been morphing into a software developer -- and now has something to show for it in the area of backup, cloud and data reduction.

April 5, 2012 by Manek Dubash


Cloud management platforms paper over the gaps

Cloud management platforms -- they're a little bit like those desktop search and indexing applications that gained brief popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s, and which had to be updated each time a new application or file format appeared.Why might you want one?

March 28, 2012 by Manek Dubash


Could Xsigo help cut your cable count?

Amid the explosion of activity on the hypervisor technology market sits a company that could save you money and hassle -- and it's just launched a new management console and 40Gbps server fabric.Xsigo sells datacentre fabrics: these consist of boxes designed to reduce the cabling load by connecting any server to any network or storage system.

March 9, 2012 by Manek Dubash


Cloud provider offers DIY water-cooled servers

What would you say if you were offered hosting or cloud services by a company which not only built its own datacentres but whose datacentres are water-cooled using its own proprietary cooling systems, and its own servers and storage systems? In other words, a much more vertically integrated provider than the ones you're used to.

March 2, 2012 by Manek Dubash


Software-defined networks hit the road

There's a new way of datacentre networking coming down the road: software-defined networking (SDN). Powered by the Open Flow protocol, the idea is that the control plane -- the intelligence that routes packets -- is separated from the data plane -- the mechanism that actually shunts packets from one port to another.

February 23, 2012 by Manek Dubash

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Cloud computing security: no more oxymoron?

It would seem that cloud computing has crossed the Rubicon. Until quite recently, the main objection to cloud computing cited by surveys and anecdotal evidence alike has been the issue of security.

February 6, 2012 by Manek Dubash

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Parallel computing takes a step forward

Is there a shift towards parallelism going on? You could fairly argue that, obviously, with multi-core CPUs and GPUs now standard fare on desktops and in servers, the answer is yes.

February 2, 2012 by Manek Dubash


Apps and architectures are set to change

Yet another PCIe-connected flash vendor has joined what will, I suspect, become a fairly crowded market over the next year or so. And with this straw in the wind, it may be worth having a quick look at what this means for the future of applications and computer architectures.

January 25, 2012 by Manek Dubash