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Within days of Taser International going on defensive due to one death, another 3 men die

In case you missed my coverage of the consumer-oriented Tasers that were on display at CES earlier this year, you can see our video showing how a hot pink-colored consumer-oriented taser (pictured left) was used to immobilize a CES-showgoer. The consumer-oriented model isn't as robust as the model used by law enforcement agencies (for example, the consumer version can't work at the same distances).

November 19, 2007 by David Berlind


Buh-bye hard drive:'s online storage now directly accessible by multiple Web apps

When I think of the online storage market, I primarily think of 2 1/2 models. The first is the one that's for developers: services like Amazon's S3 or AOL's X-Drive where, through APIs that are programmatically accessed by their applications, software developers hardwire their software to the storage found in Amazon's datacenter instead of wiring their software to a server in their own datacenter.

November 16, 2007 by David Berlind


OpenDocument Foundation's 'woes' have little to do with OpenDoc Format's future

I've been so busy with other stuff that I've only peripherally been paying attention to an ongoing meme on the Internet about how the World Wide Web Consortium's Common Document Format (CDF) had been identified by the OpenDocument Foundation as a superior document format to the OpenDocument Format that it had been backing for so long. On the heels of the controversy, the OpenDocument Foundation was shuttered yesterday.

November 16, 2007 by Dan Farber


Is Apple getting dragged (kicking, screaming, or suing?) into licensing OS X?

Are humans just naturally driven to want what they cannot have?Apple may be resisting the OS licensing model that has traditionally worked so well for Microsoft and perhaps that resistance is finally paying off as Macs nibble away (albeit very very slowly and from a distant blip in Microsoft's rear view mirror) at the market share of Windows-based PCs.

November 15, 2007 by David Berlind


Are mashups the lightweight cousin of ETL?

Of IBM's various mashup building tools, Exeed Technologies Jacob Ukelson who attended Mashup Camp Dublin and blogged about it (one of his most trafficked blogs according to him) is like the mashups are the lightweight cousin of ETL - for display rather than bulk load purposes.

November 15, 2007 by David Berlind


Ireland: Where the soul of the developer can be found

After a blur of a long weekend in Dublin, Ireland, I'm replaying in my mind the course of events that took place at Mashup Camp Dublin and the great many new and old friendships that I and the rest of the Mashup Camp team either started fresh or nurtured.When Mashup Camp founder Doug Gold and I first started talking about taking Mashup Camp to Europe, I honestly think both of us were privately thinking that the other one was crazy.

November 14, 2007 by David Berlind