A free Cardo Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset (value $65) goes to the ZDNet reader who...

A free Cardo Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset (value $65) goes to the ZDNet reader who...

Summary: It's week #6 of ZDNet's Deputy Tester of the Week program and so far, we’ve named 11 ZDNet audience members as deputy testers who get to keep whatever technology I send them.


It's week #6 of ZDNet's Deputy Tester of the Week program and so far, we’ve named 11 ZDNet audience members as deputy testers who get to keep whatever technology I send them. Here’s a list of what we’ve given away so far:

The program is still going strong and now that we've go our video camera back (the fuse blew, I wonder if that's customer serviceable), we're back in business in terms of using video to show our giveaways. So, what's this week's giveaway? It's Cardo's Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset. Me personally? I like the stereo Bluetooth headsets. Maybe it's me, but I have a tough time hearing in one ear when the other ear has unbridled "access" to other ambient noise. What would really be cool is a Bluetooth stereo headset with noise-canceling capability. Last Christmas, my wife got me Bose's Quiet Comfort 3 (where's the earcups on the QC2's completely enclose the ear, the headphone cushions sit on the ear with the 3s).

Enough with the digression. The 700LX appears to have a combination of features not found in many other Bluetooth headsets. According to Cardo's pitch, it sounds the Ginsu knife of Bluetooth headsets:

  • It can keep track of multiple pairings so you can switch to other phones or bluetooth devices without having to re-pair the device (and delete the other pairings); a cool feature that I wish some of my other Bluetooth gear could do.
  • If you can't find it (if you've misplaced it), you can page it and it will respond with an audible sound.
  • It supports hands-free call answering
  • It does one-button call-back of the last inbound number (in case you missed the call)... and it has a missed call indicator.
  • Has a battery-level indicator (something I wish more Bluetooth headsets had)
  • Includes hands-free auto-answer

It comes with some nice extras too. For example, it can be charged via included USB cable or with the included AC adapter and it comes with a nice little belt-attachable carrying case. I haven't even given this little guy a try yet which is why we need one of you folks out there in ZDNet's audience to help us give it a thorough workout.

Topic: Wi-Fi

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  • FIFO

    I'm the first to reply.
    And I didn't win last week, even though I put forth the effort of typing with the tiny hands.

    But here's my real reason for winning:
    Just TODAY, my boyfriend calls me and tells me that he just got a new bluetooth headset. Neither of us had one, before. And he's been rubbing it in my face for the past hour as we talked over lunch. So now I get on here, and what do I find? You're giving one away! I could totally show up my boyfriend, whose headset isn't this cool, by showing that women can handle the heavy technology and that we're alert enough to get our hands on it first!

    Please please please help me show up my boyfriend!

    /me smirks
    • me again

      Other compelling reasons I deserve the Bluetooth:
      * I'm a runner, and it's very inconvenient to try to hold my cellphone as I run.
      * I have no landline phone, so I'm always on my cell.
      * I have a tablet PC that I've never really used to its full capacity with voice recognition.
      * I'm a tech writer, so I could probably write you a decent review.
      * Two SUVs have hit me in the past year--the Suburban totalled my car and the Hummer destroyed my bumper. Neither accident was my fault, and I wasn't on my cell phone at either time, but I'm still a little nervous driving around and it'd help to have a headset for the times I do get a call and I'm driving.
      * Besides my hands, my ears are tiny. The earbuds in most headsets hurt me if I wear them for more than about 5 minutes.
      * This may end my bad habit of making fun of people who look like they're talking to themselves or their invisible friends in stores, on streetcorners, etc.
  • Road testing!

    Hey David! I am very interested in testing out your bluetooth headset. I've looked at a lot of headsets to use for business and personal use, but haven't found one I really liked enough to make an investment on. Since I just moved to Los Angeles and (as most people know) most of my time is spent on the freeway I really need a headset that can switch between cellphones and makes it easy to drive and talk.

    I can put this headset through a battery of tests both at home and "in the field" as I'm a busy, go-getter who is currently operating my own freelance business plus a couple part time jobs while I look for a full-time job here in LA.

    I also adored the cellphone cover (I'm an animal lover at heart) and would love to put it to use as well!

    I found out about your blog through Twitter and am enjoying reading all about tech stuff. Keep up the good work!

    • Twitter-rific

      Wow. Here I am.. not much of a twitterer.. yet these blogs are being discovered via twitter. What twitter feed were you tuned into. The ZDNet one?

  • Great Workout

    This looks really interesting. I currently have a Motorola HS850 which does an adequate job. It definitely does not have all of the features this one does.

    I can surely test the multiple pairings feature as I have not only a Bluetooth phone, XV6700, but also a Fujitsu slate tablet PC with Bluetooth. I have used my HS850 to "dictate" to the tablet, as well as issue commands, with pretty good results.

    I'll be certain to give it a thorough once over.
  • Cardo Scala 700LX

    I would like the opportunity to test this product. The current Bluetooth headset I have is junk. It's a low-end Jabra Verizon-branded hunk of plastic that feels like it weighs about ten pounds, but that's ok beacuse after talking for 10 minutes or so, your ear will go numb (if you're lucky. It will throb painfully if you're not). The buttons on the headset are difficult to manipulate, which causes you to jam the device into your ear, resulting in more agony. It only charges via power adapter, and doesn't last very long.

    As you can see, I love to disect the tech gadgets that I acquire, and tell the world exactly what is wrong with them. I'm also happy to discuss their virtues, if any. So please pick me to test this headset for you, but if you can't, cast my vote for [url=http://photos21.flickr.com/36176328_4797b98cb5_m.jpg]Pedro[/url].
    Real World
  • Busy family Needs to test blue tooth

    Sooo... my wife you see has a Treo.. the mic no longer works due to an accident and I still haven't been able to get a mic or damaged Treo cheap enough to fix the issue. She has little else to call and check on her 6 month old baby girl and her husband. So I ask this not for me but for my wife who is still learning how to use her Treo -not being the techno-geek her hubby is. The review would not only come from a woman but one who is not a technician. I believe that would prove very effective at testing the device.
    Rusty I
  • On the go

    The reason I believe I should be chosen is because I am always on the road. My job requires a good deal of travel, and a lot of times I spend 6 plus hours on the road a day. On top of that when I do travel I have a secondary work phone, and being able to use the multiple pairings function would be a big help.

    Being on the road that much can make for some very late nights and early mornings, which means talking on the phone is a must in order to keep in touch with my wife and daughter. I also have to take work calls while on the road and having a head set would be a huge advantage.

    I could put the head set to good use, and give it a pretty hefty real life testing as well.

  • Broke College Student Here...

    I live in New York where handheld cell phone usage is illegal. The wired hands free set my T-Mobile Dash came with, IMO, has gotten me closer to more accidents than the "two fingers on the phone, three on the wheel" approach I've become reasonably proficient at. I make my phone calls while driving to pass the 45-75 minute commute to school I do 2-3 times a week. Between my school schedule, work schedules, and volunteer work at my church, I rarely get home before 11 PM. I'm currently majoring in IT and LOVE playing with new gadgets. I would love to be considered as a tester for this product.

    voyager529 -at- yah00 dot com
  • I believe I could give this device a through workout

    I work for a major Cellular provider and am on at least one of my 6 phones most of the day. I use a Bluetooth headset both in the office and in my vehicle (50% of my time is spent drive testing the network). I believe I could give this device a through workout and provide you with some very good feedback on its performance as well as comfort and usability.
  • I think I could be the person...

    I currently use a Smartphone (PPC-6700) with Sprint PCS service. My bigest hang-up with the touch screen smartphones is the inability to answer the phone without having to look at the touch screen to find the answer button. Dialing is a little difficult too. A bluetooth headset with the voice dialing included in the phone could make use much easier and would test the headset for accuracy and possible latency.
  • Road whore!

    I can put this baby through all the tests.I am on the road quite a lot(approx. 85%).I install electrical and data systems in all types of environments and travel to all types of places(rural,city,congested areas).It would be of great use and interest to me,to see how it stacks up!-G
  • How about me?

    I've read the other entries and they all have worthy reasons. In fact, I have some of the same; so I might as well put my hat in the ring!

    I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Studies at Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY. I've been a PC Mag reader since 1984. I've taught programming, maintenance, and applications to both majors and non-majors. I could type a review that would be understandable by any audience.

    As i live in NY, I have the same driving issues, but this is further complicated by my having Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right hand (yes, I'm right-handed) last Thursday. (I've actually been typing this with my left hand only! Luckily I'm a touch typist, so it's going faster than I thought. I'm actually faster than using the stylus on my tablet PC!)

    I also like the phone cover! I still have my Tigger hone cover that I had for my first Nokia brick phones. Alas, it no longer fits my current Nokia, and I'm currently considering moving to a RAZR. I like the big screen! A new phone cover would be great!

    I tried the wired solutions and kept yanking out the ear piece. I have also yet to find an ear bud that is comfortable. I also have a small head and wear kids' hats and glasses!

    I think I could really use this and provide feedback that would be useful and fun!

  • Free Cardo Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset

    I would LOVE to have this headset. I have worked from home for 5 years now online doing B2B appointment setting, data entry, order processing, inbound/outbound calling, etc.
    I have always used little $9 headsets and would love to try this. It's great of you to give it away and even if I don't obtain it, I appreciate that you will do these things for people.
    There's not a lot of kindness in this tough old world, and I believe that anyone who shows generosity should be rewarded. All I can give is praise but you have my appreciation.
    Life is like a boomerang... whatever you give out, you get back in exact proportion. If you give love you get it back from the person, and if you give out meaness you inspire it in others.
    Since you are so generous I'm certain that it will come back to you.
    Anyway, I just wanted to respond and to thank-you. I'm very busy working but I wanted to take the time. In this world not many people "just take the time..."
    Thanks so much,
    Gloria Smith
    web site: www.premium--consulting.com
    • Bluetooth Headset

      I am interested in being a Deputy Tester. You are giving away such great gifts. I was a Beta tester for Microsoft Windows Vista64 and Avast AntiVirus. I am a tester for AUSLogics the best free antivirus program for computers, especially 64 bit ones. Thank you.
  • I am THE ONE

    I have been frustrated with headsets since the bluetooth ones came out. I threw the first one away within hours. So, if you want it tested I am very discerning. I live on my phone and laptop, and would be honored to help.
  • Perfect Testing Situation

    The only phones I use are my cell phone and Skype on my computer, both of which are bluetooth enabled. As a result, I will be in a position to use the Cardo Scala 700LX for all of my calls and with multiple pairings. I have used other bluetooth headsets so I will be able to make comparisons as well. I look forward to putting the 700LX through its paces and providing ZDNet with a review to help others shopping for a bluetooth headset. Keep up the great work. I really appreciate your many blogs. Rick
  • Quality of Sound

    The quality of sound is foremost for me, the extras are wonderful, but if the headset eats part of the conversation it is of no use to me. That is why I have stayed wired. I spend alot of money on those wired sets though. I actually buy them by the dozen... believe it... Anyway, I am not an uebergeek, I am the everyday professional who needs to stay connected to her clients and be able to hear what they are saying. Thanks for this opportunity.
  • Work with Voice over IPZ

    The chat interface we use at the company I work for has built in voice over IP, so I would like to try the headset with the bluetooth on my computer to see if it could be used for that application.
    Bull City Bob
  • Cardo Scala 700LX Tester


    I would be the best tester of this device for you because I have an electronics background (US Navy Radar), ISP support experience and my wife has a Motorola that I can compare it to. I also have a house where I can measure the sync distance, wall penetration ability and the drop-off distance. And I have two good ears. Comfort testing can be with and without glasses.