I've got a free G-Tech wireless 'smart fabric' keyboard for the ZDNet reader who...

I've got a free G-Tech wireless 'smart fabric' keyboard for the ZDNet reader who...

Summary: We're heading into the fifth week of our ZDNet Deputy Tester of the Week program and so far, we've named 10 ZDNet audience members as deputy testers who get to keep whatever technology I send them.

TOPICS: Wi-Fi, Networking

We're heading into the fifth week of our ZDNet Deputy Tester of the Week program and so far, we've named 10 ZDNet audience members as deputy testers who get to keep whatever technology I send them. Here's a list of what we've given away so far:

gtechkeyboard1.pngThat's close to $2500 in giveaways so far and we're still going strong (for all the giveaway coverage, click here). So, what's the giveaway this week? As you can see from the video above, it's a wireless keyboard that's made of fabric; one that can be rolled up and stuffed into a shirt pocket (see photo, right). The "Smart-Fabric Wireless Keyboard" is valued at approximately $165 and it comes with a small stand for holding your smartphone or PDA at a viewable angle while you're using the keyboard to type (instead of using your thumbs).

According to the Web site, a slew of PDAs and smartphones are supported -- everything from BlackBerries to Windows Mobile devices. However, I had a tough time getting the keyboard to work (and in fact, I never did). But maybe you can (the company seems very willing to get problems like these resolved... I just didn't have the time).

To participate in ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program, there are some rules and regulations that you should read (to keep our lawyers happy). Then, using the ZDNet TalkBack facility on this blog entry, make your best pitch as to why I should send this G-Tech Wireless Smart-Fabric Keyboard to you.

Keep in mind we’re looking for people who are can tell us why they’re the most qualified to test the product in their real world environments. And then, once you receive the product, I’d love to hear back from you regarding your findings. Even if I don’t, you get to keep the product. Finally, if you are “applying” to join ZDNet’s posse of deputy testers, be sure to check back this Friday to see whether you’ve been accepted into the program, or not. So, good luck and let the TalkBacks begin!

Topics: Wi-Fi, Networking

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  • Great Doings!

    I just love the way you are involving your readers in a project and getting real people results for your great stuff. Sometimes, I just feel like products are just offered without adequate testing in "the wild" which makes it problematic that the product will live up to its hype or if it is just a wannabe. For now it is just praise for you and when you have something I can fairly test, I will enter the running.
    • Thanks for the kudos

      Quite frankly, we're just giving it a try to see where things end up. But so far so good. We have no intentions of slowing down.

  • Would like to try touch type rather than thumb on my PDA.

    I have a Zaurus SL-c 3000 PDA that was converted to English. Linux based operating system. I would love the challenge to get the keyboard to work with it. Since starting this response I see Eleksen does not provide Linux drivers. Since they use custom blue tooth drivers may be a problem, oh well. He if you can not give these away I am sure I would find use for them.

    I do phone tech support during the day and enjoy getting hardware/operating systems to work with each other.(background info for product test - not social info)
  • Smart Fabric Keyboard

    I would be the perfect tester for G-Tech wireless smart fabric keyboard,cause I spend several hours a day on the internet doing sweepstakes and various games it would definitely get a workout with me.
  • G-Tech wireless Keyboard

    I would be a good choice to test this prodcut since I am chained to my blackberry 24X7 since I am a Security Manager for a financial institution. A keyboard would make replying while out of the office much faster and easier. The protability factor with this products looks like it would be right up my alley. I would provide you with feedback as well.
  • Why Me?

    Because I am also made of fabric and I feel it would be a good fit.

  • Free G-Tech wireless keyboard....

    I am currently doing a ton of testing with my BlackBerry for production video and training. Use the keypad on the device is a painful experience.

    I also like to browse the internet at home a lot, but using my laptop on the couch gets awkward when I need to move around and get comfortable....plus, that darn machine gets hot on sitting on your legs....

    Why not try something comfortable, portable, and just all-around neat?

    I like to be the "boy with the toys" around the office....this one would get the oohs and aahs...I know they'll want one too...
  • Cloth Keyboard?

    I would like the opportunity to try this keyboard. I must tell you,though,that I am technologically "dumb",but just dumb enough to try and fix my mistakes(usually).The help lines always tell me to quick-restore....but that is not a viable option for me,as I am not willing to lose all of my info. and I am either brain-challenged or just lazy,but I do not know how or where to back things up!
  • Because I already hate it.

    If I try it and I like it (even though I am not liking it by the looks of it) that would really prove something.


    *I'm a Mac user
    *I use a standard size keyboard drawer
    *I'm a web programmer who types a lot.
  • Why me?

    I spend a lot of time traveling in support of several facilities and I cannot stand to touch some of the keyboards at times (people with colds, etc.). A portable, rollup keyboard like this would be perfect to protect my health and would weigh a lot less than a can of disinfectant spray.
    • I sure could use one

      I am a senior citizen computer teacher and certainly could use one of these as part of my teaching tools. I am always using different keyboarsd at everyones home. I'm certain this would be a great help to me if I could just bring my own to those who have wireless computers. thanks
  • Is it washable?

    Wondering if washability is one of the selling points of this keyboard. It could get pretty nasty/dirty/germ laden otherwise. If it's washable and I can get it to work with a USB bluetooth adapter on my PC, I'd be interested in testing it. I was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and will be having my thyroid gland removed in a couple of weeks as a pre-emptive strike followed by radio-iodine treatment a couple of weeks after that to zap any remaining thyroid tissue and, thereby, any remaining cancer cells. I'll be in isolation in the hospital for a couple of days for that treatment, then have to severely limit my exposure to other people and items for several days afterwards when I return home. I have my home office downstairs where there is also an additional bedroom & bathroom, so I'll be 'living' downstairs during that time and was planning to move my main PC into the bedroom and hook up a cheap keyboard & mouse that could be disposed of as medical waste afterwards (I have to wash everything that I come in contact with while I'm 'hot' so that no one else comes into contact with the radioactive iodine that's purging out of my body). If this thing is washable, it would be perfect. I could just wash it and re-use it every year (I'll have to have the radio-iodine treatment once every year to make sure I'm cancer free).
  • Variety

    I work with staff, faculty and students at a community college. I use a Palm, an HP laptop, an iMac and a PC. We are always looking forward to see what will help our students to learn and make computing resources more available to them. This would be an interesting item to test in several different environments. I'd love to try it!
  • Faster than a speeding thumb

    I have wanted to be able to take advantage of the email, task list, and other features of my blackberry, but I learned to type on a manual remington in the dark ages. I don't have the patience to punch the small keys with my big thumbs to communicate, and I cannot learn a new language to "text" people.

    I would like to increase my communications without too much retraining, and this tool could do it.
  • Keep my marriage happy!

    My wife is a high falutin' lawyer for a major international company and uses her teeny weeny notebook constantly on planes, in restaurants, etc. When she comes home I'm stuck doing endless shoulder massages to make the pain go away - so much that I can't even do my own work. My PCs miss me!!! This product may be the only thing that saves my marriage!!! And for what it's worth, we would BOTH be testing it, so you get two of us for the price of one. Such a deal!!!
  • G-Tech Wireless Keyboard

    Ok, a few reasons.

    One, I can use it in multiple environments... Bus, office, home, train, etc

    Two I think this would be great for folks like me who suffer from having fat finger syndrome, which is even tougher on smartphoens (like my Verizon 6700)

    Three, I'd like to see if this would expand my use of some of the smart features (document creation / editing, web surfing, email, etc) I commonly think twice on all but writing the shortest emails and get frustrated as all heck when the email gets longer.

    That's about it.

  • Deputy Tester: a free wireless keyboard

    This product appears to be something I would actully use fairly often. I am constantly on the go working in the news business and as a photographer. because I am so often out of the office and away from a computer I use my Treo 650 to write proposals compose e-mails and work on documents having a keyboard that i can slip in a pocket would be a great benefit to me. I will check back friday and see if I qualify.
  • Deputy Tester

    I think a more appropriate question would be "Why wouldn't you give me a G-Tech wireless 'smart fabric' keyboard to test for ZDNet?"

    Deputy Rick
  • Me, Me, Pick Me!

    The first and foremost reason is because I have a severely autistic son who at nine years old is just learning to use a mouse and keyboard and he would love it.

    Secondly, I love technology and tend to like playing with new toys.

    Thirdly, all my PCs and Macs have bluetooth!

    Fourthly, I know Forth. Seriously, I've been working in IT for 20 some years and have seen and played with everything from Card/Tape readers and FORTRAN to Mainframe IBMs to Macs to dotNet.


  • G-Tech Wireless Keyboard

    I would like to see able to test this keyboard. It is interesting technology. It would certainly be a helpful addition to my laptop backpack, which by the way gets heavy and heavy as I add technology, so anything that might help lighten my load, provide me with a necessary technology (big fingers and laptop keys can be small), and an additional cool piece of technology that I can show off to all my equally geeky friends (sales - no doubt) would be of an extreme help to me in my travels.

    I can also let my 21 year beat it up as well, since she is relatively hard of technology and it is always a struggle for me to support constantly - hehehehehe :)

    So please pick me - and I am broken so at the moment can not afford any more cool technology or that is what my wife keeps beating into my head - help ....