Sales of Microsoft's Zune on Amazon bested by USB iPod charger

Sales of Microsoft's Zune on Amazon bested by USB iPod charger

Summary: Where's Jeff Foxworthy when you need him?  I can hear him saying now, "You know it's a bad sign when your iPod killer doesn't sell as well as a charger for the iPod.


Where's Jeff Foxworthy when you need him?  I can hear him saying now, "You know it's a bad sign when your iPod killer doesn't sell as well as a charger for the iPod." According to CBS MarketWatch:

Microsoft's new Zune media player, despite heavy marketing, came in only at No. 75 on Amazon's list of 100 best-selling electronics, trailing items such as Apple's $29.99 iPod USB power adapter, at No. 65.

On the bright side (if you're Microsoft), Zune is in the top 100. But that's little consolation for the would-be iPod killer given the product selling in Amazon's #1, #2, and #3 spots (according to MarketWatch):

Apple's 2-gigabyte silver iPod Nano was the retailer's top-selling electronics device Monday, followed by the black 30-gigabyte video iPod and the newly released 1-gigabyte iPod Shuffle in the third spot.

When I last checked Amazon's list, Apple no longer held the top 3 spots. But it held four out of the top 10 and even worse for Microsoft, two of Sandisk's MP3 players were in the top 10. Perhaps Microsoft should acquire Sandisk and rename its MP3 players to "Zune."

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  • Zune is doing as expected

    From what I've read over at Gizmodo, it looks like the Zune is cannibalizing up all the sales that previously went to Plays-For-Sure devices, but not touching iPod sales at all. Not surprising, really.
    tic swayback
    • If The Sansa's are . . .

      in the Top Ten, Then It's fair to say that the Zune isn't even cannibalizing all of the PFS market, Either . . .
  • Comparing apple's to oranges...

    When talking about what market share the Zune is or is not taking, you can't really look at how many SanDisk devices are being sold or even how well Apple Nanos or Shuffles are doing. The Zune doesn't compete with those devices. Those devices are all flash memory based devices with capacities up to 8GB.

    The Zune is a hard drive based device, which competes with the HD iPod, Creative Zen Vision:M, etc.

    And comparing the sales of iPod chargers (at $30 a pop) to the sales of Zune is absolutely absurd.
    • No, but . . .

      the 30 Gig black iPod is a direct competitor, and it was in the top three as well . . .

      As for the comparison to the Charger, it IS a fair comparison. If the Zune can't even sell as many units as an ACCESSORY for the iPod that has a LOT of competition, then, well . . .
  • It is dangerous to dismiss MS in this space...

    This is truly eerie. Reading the responses to this article is like time-traveling back to the original XBOX release.

    "It sucks."
    "It's another MS failure."
    "It's 'great start' will fall and eventually it will fail."

    It is now obvious with the release of PS3 that "the next generation of gaming" may not at all start "until Sony says it does". It now, in fact, appears that Sony will be fighting Microsoft on turf much more level than Sony anticipated. (With that said, Nintendo is smelling like a big bunch of flowers with the release of Wii...they deserve EVERY positive review for Wii.)

    If MS stays with the Zune as they did with XBOX, many of these comments will be comical in two or three years. Bookmark 'em...

    (And, of course, you'll always have this one if I'm wrong. ;) )
    • Huge difference with the Xbox

      Remember though, that the Xbox can set itself apart from its competitors by offering games that you can't play elsewhere. Much of the Xbox's success (if you can call losing hundreds of millions of dollars a "success") comes from the existence of Halo.

      There's no such advantage available for the Zune. It plays the same music, the same movies as every other player. Since it doesn't add any better functionality than any other player, nor is it cheaper, can't see any compelling reason to choose it over an iPod, an Archos, etc.
      tic swayback
  • Here's the Whole Story on Zune, Vista and Everything

    Redmond will sell nearly 50 Zunes (40 of them in Brown, mostly by collectors of macabre grotesqueries), not counting the ones Microsoft will send to Steve Jobs as a lousy joke. MS CEO Steve Ballmer will be arrested for biting a mother on her face in a department store while her son and daughter inspect the offerings at the iPod display during the 2007 Christmas shopping rush. Ballmer will claim the report of the attack was a "gross exaggeration, spread by Microsoft's infinite enemies; I just brushed by her, looking for the Zune display" before settling out of court.

    Defects and hairbrained design issues will plague the players and Microsoft will end up in a law suit with all its media vendors who will charge that Microsoft was refusing to pay royalties after placing a 1/800th of a second of silence at the end of the songs they were selling through Zune and claiming they were all "new, original and innovative works copyrighted Microsoft. Duh."

    After 8 months of litigation, the suit will be settled out of court after CEO Ballmer bites through one of the tires on the Sony attorney's Lexus in the court parking lot and is shot with a tranquilizer round by the Washington State Department of Animal Control. Zune will be pulled off the shelves in June 2007 after MS issues a press release describing "its brilliant *pilot* of a massive, galaxy-stretching, mind-expanding portable media program yet to come" as a "total and unquestioned success."

    Analysts will point out, however, that after the law suits, media companies were so shocked to find nastier lawyers working for MS than they ever employed, MS was unable to contract any content for the Zune service at all. MS will be forced to start its own recording label and will only be able to sign William Shatner scatting and singing obscene lyrics to television theme songs and, in a desperate play, offer downloadable monster movies of CEO Ballmer stalking and eating his neighbors' pets and, of course, fighting with Washington State animal control officers.

    Analysts, newspaper columnists, national security consultants and religious leaders will accurately predict the devastating Vistapocalypse that will attend the release of Vista. Microsoft, sure of its success, will make an unprecedented media move buying all of the available commercial air time on the SuperBowl 2008 broadcast to demonstrate Vista's "advanced features" during commercial breaks starring William Shatner and CEO Ballmer as 'Spock' aboard the new "Starship Vista."

    Breaking with tradition, the spots will air live and will have to be improvised largely by Shatner when Ballmer's bright red Federation officer's jersey becomes hopelessly tangled around his head. "The new Aero screen saver is guaranteed to neutralize erectile dysfunction, hair loss and flatulence, right Science Officer Ballmer?" Shatner will announce, beaming from his familiar captain's chair, while muffled shrieks emanate from the crimson-shrouded head of the shirtless Ballmer, thrashing senselessly, struggling to pull the jersey down over his head.

    By the third quarter, newscasters will announce during breaks in the action that Vista had been cracked by Eastern European and Central Asian terrorist groups, had already taken over all the Vista desktops in the western world and were using them to drain corporate bank accounts and send wire transfers to Al Qaeda. Ballmer, interviewed by sportcasters on the scene, will be by then hopelessly entangled in the red jersey with his hands caught in the sleeves and his arms suspended over his shoulders.

    Unable to answer their questions with anything more than a strangled scream, Ballmer runs from the TV cameras and head-butts the Astrodome until he is unconscious whereupon he will be captured by Washington State animal control officers.

    The next day, President Bush will declare, "Now I know what the 'blue screens of death' thing-things were all about. These people are fellow travelleres to Al Qaeda and their collaborators in the Democratic Party," and orders the Justice Department to bring racketeering and terrorism charges against the company.

    MS attemtps to deflect the charges by changing its address to a vacant lot in Spokane and ordering its employees to hide their eyes behind their hands while at work on the Redmond campus. CEO Ballmer flees justice and is caught in a dragnet some months later by British Columbia animal control officers, answering a call about an insane pet-eating bear running amock Fort Nelson in northern British Columbia.

    There, CEO Ballmer will be shot dead after fatally chewing through the neck of one Animal Control officer and nearly severing his head from his shoulders. MS finally will collapse as thousands of employees leave, disgusted by the ethics of company convicted of abusive business practices and accused of shoddy engineering, racketeering, terrorism and finally, in the last straw, cannibalism.

    The company loses most of its board and finally a court appoints a board of receivers to maintain the company until the Windows operating system can be sold to investors. Microsoft XBOX survives as Shatner buys the division, keeping the tradename 'Microsoft' as the receivers could find no one else to buy the name of a company associated with crime, terrorism, insanity and cannibalism.

    Shatner will market a successful range of pornographic outer-space adventure games under the brand for the XBOX.