Watch my Twitter feed via my blog pages

Watch my Twitter feed via my blog pages

Summary: This week is one of those, "Okay, I guess I'll start using that social technology" weeks.  First, I broke down and started using FaceBook.


This week is one of those, "Okay, I guess I'll start using that social technology" weeks.  First, I broke down and started using FaceBook.  And now, I've decided to go a bit hog wild with Twitter.  A lot of people use Twitter to keep others informed of what they're up to and their whereabouts.  But I'm going to use it a bit differently.  As much as I'd like to, I simply can't blog about everything that shows up in my inbox.  So much of the time, some e-mail shows up in my inbox and I think "Oooh, I need to blog that." But if I'm busy with something else, I leave the e-mail in my inbox  thinking I'll come back to it later.  Most of the time, I never come back to it.  But our corprorate e-mail systems are never shy about telling me that I've exceeded my allowable storage limit.

Enter Twitter.  Instead of blogging those items (which takes more time), many of them are Twitterable. Sure, Twitter only allows for 140 characters of text.  But if I can Twitter the item (technically, my understanding is that the correct verbiage is "Tweet") right away, that means I can get the information out there, clear the item from my inbox, and clear my conscience about having to get back to that item (and steer clear of the inbox capacity police).  Yesterday, as you can see from my Twitter page, I experimented with a mixture of news items that crossed my inbox as well as some stream of consciousness stuff.  Today, you don't have to go to my Twitter Page (or tune into my Twitter Feed via RSS) . If you look down the right hand side of any of my blog pages, you'll see the last five items from my Twitter, compliments of Twitter's HTML/Javascript "badge."

It's my hope that as information comes my way that I think might be useful or informative to ZDNet's audience, that I'll be able to use this new functionality on these blog pages to get it out to you.  Let me know what you think.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Need channels in social software

    The problem with Facebook, Twitter, etc. is that they started out as "socializing"
    tools, and now are also being used by business/enterprise/organizations.
    So you have a mix, in many individuals' timelines and pages, of personal and
    technical/business information. Many readers and subscribers might just want one or
    the other. By having self-defined channels, say "Personal" and "Technology", one
    could subscribe or follow just the ones you want or need, or all of them.
    Right now it's one big mix of unrelated information. They have to take it to the next
    step. You could do it with filtering and keywords/tags, but I think channels are nicer.