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Andrew J. Brust has worked in the software industry for 25 years as a developer, consultant, entrepreneur and CTO, specializing in application development, databases and business intelligence technology.

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MapReduce and MPP: Two sides of the Big Data coin?

To many, Big Data goes hand-in-hand with Hadoop + MapReduce. But MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) and data warehouse appliances are Big Data technologies too. The MapReduce and MPP worlds have been pretty separate, but are now starting to collide. And that’s a good thing.

March 1, 2012 by Andrew Brust

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Big Data: Defining its definition

Big Data is all the rage these days, as are its constituent technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL, and the mystical discipline of data science. But it turns out that understanding of, and a consensus definition for, Big Data are rather elusive. This blog is here to address that.

February 29, 2012 by Andrew Brust