BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

Summary: Pinstack BlackBerry forum member marian_h writes that he (she, perhaps?) has been a BlackBerry user for the last two years.


Pinstack BlackBerry forum member marian_h writes that he (she, perhaps?) has been a BlackBerry user for the last two years.

After two years of BB ownership and use, marian_h makes a post listing nine suggestions for future BlackBerry feature development:

  1. Don't shut off the red led light for new alerts after a while, let the user shut it off to acknowledge the alert
  2. Alarm Utility - More then one alarm, more snooze options, unlimited ringing option
  3. Postponed Events and Task by a number of minutes you select when they come on, preset snooze times are lame
  4. Add birthdays and Anniversaries to contact, synchronize with outlook
  5. Phone numbers with extension are not showing in the caller ID with the name associate with that number
  6. When you dismiss or postponed something on the Blackberry it should impose it to Outlook and vice versa
  7. Have the same Outlook fields for contacts
  8. Led ("lead?"-RS)behavior determined by profile
  9. Have the ability to change the timezone on the device without affecting the Calendar records

Do any of these feature requests strike you as must-have's? If not, do you have any of your own? Let us know via a Comment!

Topics: BlackBerry, Hardware, Mobility

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    Dear Smartphone makers...(Including Blackberry): In order to destroy the iPhone please include 80GB of storage in a smartphone now! A 80 and 160 GB model for around $150 w contract.


  • native windows remote access client

    I would like a native windows remote access client to Windows PC. This would greatly help remote users who needed to user windows apps while on the move

    I know we can use 3rd party apps such TSMobile but a native bundled app would be nice
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    Those are some good ones. Here's a quick three off the top of my head:

    1. Don't make me hold Desktop Manager's hand when syncing between Outlook and the BlackBerry. My previous phone used Windows Mobile and while I have no interest in going back to that monstrosity, syncing was a much less tedious task. With the BlackBerry, I have to check to make sure the software isn't screwing something up and I frequently catch strange behavior. Plus, it's not automatic. With ActiveSync, whenever I was connected and made a change in Outlook, it was automatically added to the smartphone. With the BlackBerry, I have to remind myself to sync before I walk out the door. Yuck!

    2. Hire a designer. I mean, really. Is this the best you can come up with? The interface is u-g-l-y. I was thankfully able to unlock the Vodafone theme and use that. (The Home screen on that theme is pretty great -- I can see upcoming appointments, missed calls, recent emails in one screen!) The default fonts alone are reason to cringe. Some fundamentals of design are being ignored here -- white space, alignment points, type hierarchy. Yuck!

    3. Better media tools. I never thought I'd use my phone as a MP3 player, but I've come around. Unfortunately, mixing photos, music, and camera together into one application makes none of them work very well. Not to mention that closing the music portion requires THREE selections of "Close". I'd like to see a simple-looking, easy-to-use music application. Take your cues from Apple and the iPod: pick easy and simple (and kind of beautiful in its simplicity), over "highly designed" with all kinds of gradients, and complicated.

    By the way, I disagree with the #6 up above. I do not want the state of my reminders synced between desktop and BlackBerry. There's plenty of times when I want a reminder gone from my phone but still active on my desktop. I can definitely see how others would like that, however, and would support the functionality as long as I can turn it OFF.
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    How about call forwarding caller ID to show the originating phone number PLEASE!!!!!
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    How about change the message envelope status icon to show if the message was forwarded or replied too. Seems like it's been missing this feature for a long time. Good Mobile Messaging has had this one since day one.

    Also how about the ability to fetch other messages in Inbox and subfolders that is in your Outlook Mailbox.

    The ability to sync or lookup wirelessly Exchange public folder contacts and calendars for team information.
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    Work with Yahoo! Messenger
    • work with yahoo messenger

      I have a blackberry and I downloaded the Yahoo Messenger client and it is just like the messenger on my computer. It has the nicknames, pix etc. I love it. What version are you using?
  • Led (lead-RS)

    For crying out loud, Russell! Led: LED: Light Emitting Diode! Where is your brain?
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    #1!!! Be a good phone - sound quality and reception. The rese is icing.
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    A "Dismiss the next alarm" feature
    Example - I have an alarm set at 6 AM - But I wake up at 5:50 (for whatever reasons) - I want to be able to "pre dismiss" the 6 AM alarm without turning off the alarm in general.

    RIM - Please do not do away with the trackwheel - I had an 8800 but gave it to a coworker since I can't effectively use a Blackberry without a trackwheel. For some, the Trackball is cumbersome. Have BOTH if need be, but don't remove the trackwheel from the devices.
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    How about having a client with contacts, calendar, memos, etc. for the Blackberry, just like PALM does? I do not use Outlook or Lotus, so the day I got my Blackberry and found out it had no client software it went onto eBay immediately!
  • Parentheses and a hyphen would be nice

    Gee, pictures and music on a phone is nifty, but how about regular number display?
    Instead of (704) 555-1234, I get 7045551234. Call me old-fashioned but the two or three extra seconds I spend squinting...I want them back! Is this beyond their tech in the 21st century?
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    your list plus most of the above (as long as there is true Outlook integration).

    the main thing I want is 2 fold - 1st GPS; 2nd open phone that I can use on my T-Mobile account (I'm grandfathered into an unbeatable rate plan).
  • Office related Programs

    1. Documents To Go, especially for Word
    2. Printer hookup capabilities
    3. Camera (I've got the 8300)

    And ditto to the nine requests mentioned in the article itself.

  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    Ability to read HTML emails as the sender intended.
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    How about a touch screen with ability to dial from the screen (a la Palm or iPhone)? Also faster processor , more memory & html E-mail. Native Mac syncing too!
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    These items would be usefull. However it would be REALLY GREAT if a BB would sync more than one address book.
  • I would love it.....

    If there was a separate message section just for text messages. The only way to read text messages it to read them lumped in with all the email in the "messages" folder. I wanted to clear out the emails that were old in the messages folder and deleted the text as well. It is really annoying that they haven't done that. I missed quite a few text messages because of that.
  • RE: BlackBerry user's nine requests for 2008-what's yours?

    I only have 4 things I want added to my Blackberry to make it so I don't have to carry a laptop or pocket pc around in addition to my Blackberry.

    1. Native microsoft office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) document editing, viewing and syncing that maintains document formatting needs to be added! I still carry a pocket pc for this because there isn't an alternative out there that is acceptable. The one alternative that does exist does not maintain formatting and is too pricey.

    2. An feature for connecting to SVGA video projectors to project and present Powerpoint presentations. Even if it has to be done through bluetooth. (If there aren't bluetooth projectors, there should be!)

    3. Better voice recorder alternatives. Record in mp3 instead of some other weird format that has to be converted through a web page.

    4. More memory!!!

    If a pocket pc smartphone can do all of this, there is no reason a Blackberry should not be able to as well. That way you will have the great security the Blackberry offers, with all the features/tools you enjoy in a laptop or pocket pc.