Vista fans, circle January 30 on your calendar

Vista fans, circle January 30 on your calendar

Summary: Forget that leaked Canadian price list. Two weeks ago, Amazon loaded preliminary prices for Windows Vista on their website, along with a ship date of January 30, 2007. Glad that's out of the way.

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Joe Wilcox at Microsoft Monitor stumbled across Amazon's Windows Vista pre-order prices today. They've been up for nearly two weeks and no one has noticed. But he missed this detail:


For months, Microsoft has been saying Windows Vista will be ready in January. More recently, a Microsoft product planner let slip that it would be "late January." And January 30 fits that bill.

Here's the price list, as charged by Amazon (full/upgrade):

  • Windows Vista Home Basic, $199/$99.95
  • Windows Vista Home Premium, $239/$159
  • Windows Vista Business, $299/$199
  • Windows Vista Ultimate, $399/$259
All in all, close to what I guessed at yesterday. The Ultimate prices are $50-60 more than I predicted, and the Business edition is $20 higher than I thought - exactly the same price as XP Professional. And for some reason the Home Premium version will set you back $20 more than I thought.

Joe also notes that Amazon has dozens of separate SKUs for Vista "additional licenses." At prices that are ridiculously high, I might add. Microsoft has always had an additional license program, but it's been practically invisible to consumers. I've defended Microsoft's decision to slice and dice Vista into multiple editions, but this is ridiculous. Go ahead, look at Amazon's list and tell me the average person won't be hopelessly confused. Hell, even people like me who study this stuff every day are confused.

Cheaper, simpler. That's what Microsoft should be doing with Windows. Instead, we get 16 different Vista SKUs at Amazon. Sigh.

Robert McLaws noticed too, and thinks the additional license program is, shall we say, ill conceived. Actually, he called it "pure and total crap," and says, "Microsoft has completely screwed the pooch on an outstanding opportunity to get everyone to upgrade to Vista legally and inexpensively." Uh-huh.

Topic: Windows

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  • I may not bite..

    Downloading RC1 right now, got the notification from MS at 6 am. The first release to the CPP took several tries to install and when it finally did, I used it for 1/2 hour, rebooted and could never access it again. The Vista newsgroup msg I posted went unanswered. I ordered 2 DVD's from MS and have never installed them. I will give this download one more chance and if the install is as problematic as the 1st, I'll only buy it when I start to get customers (friends) who are running it.
    • Part of your problem might be that ...

      ... RC1 will not be released until the end of September.
      • huh?

        My problem with installing and running the 1st CPP release of Vista (which I downloaded and installed in June) is because of a Sept. release of RC1? That makes no sense even in light of the fact that I wrote my post too quickly and should have said I am now downloading a PRE RELEASE of RC1. Sorry, my bad. I still am not very willing to tie up my main computer with Vista's 'problems'. And I have a computer which meets the hardware requirements and enough knowledge to do it.
        • We load vista on about 200 systems a day.

          We have been doing so ever since the first beta release. Although there have been several issues there haven't been any as severe as those you mention. I reccomend you boot to your Vista disk and press F8 during the process. There is an advanced memory test that might indicate what the issue is.
          • Hello friend...

            My download is just about finished, if I can get it loaded I will try to post back. If I can't, I'll contact you for help :)

            My problem was posted repeatedly by others on the Vista help group and I hunted msgs for a week but found no solutions. See

            (Yay! 4 hrs on DSL and my Pre RC1 is now here.... I may be busy for a while....)
          • Have to agree

            I tried the Beta 2 and was very disappointed. I've never been the biggest fan of MS, but their OS' have been getting more and more stable every release.

            I just upgraded to the Pre RC1 release and have been using it for work for the past few days and I actually really like it. I finally upgraded my laptop at home as well. That said, $399 for the Ultimate edition that I'm testing out now is just way too much money. I doubt very much I will be buying this product. You can get a whole Dell system for that these days. Paying that just for an OS is ridiculous. They should definitely think about having some aggressive discounting campaigns. I want to be legal, but MS continues to make it impossible for me to do that.
          • No one needs Ultimate unless they are ....

            ... doing development work. Home Premium has everything that was in MCe and Tablet and supports all the functions the home user could ever need. The business version supports everything the average business user could ever use. Ultimate combines the two and gives you free access to language packs. Home Premium according to this article is a $159.00 upgrade or $239.00 outright.
          • 200 systems a DAY, Shadey?!? I KNEW IT!

            ShadeTree is just Mikey Cox wearin' a Guy Fawkes mask! C'mon, fess up Shadey, you only take the mask off when MS does something so incredibly lame even YOU can't believe it!

            Ain't that right? Huh, huh? Ain't it? ;)
          • Not even close!

            Mike Cox is a nix guy who spoofs Being a Windows guy. I am the real deal. Those 200 test systems are a normal compliment for a PC OEM. They represent the high runners of all the configurations we sell.
          • I KNEW IT!

            "... PC OEM" and "I am the real deal."


            Yeah, ol' OhBee has dealt with you guys before. Go into a meeting with ya, complain about the high price of the software, and you guys --- [i]with a straight face[/i] --- say something like "Oh, I dunno, with 1500 machines, monitors, 500 printers and the switches, ethernet runs, and other infrastructure, you're looking at a budget of a tad over $5 million; so, divide that by a measly $150/copy price for Vista Business that we're gonna bundle for ya as a 'preferred customer'..." <wink, wink> "... and yer lookin' at less than 5% of yer IT budget!"

            And poor OhBee is blinkin' his eyes, lookin' dazed, and sayin' "I got confused at 1,500 PC's, and totally LOST ya at $5 million! All I need is 5 boxes for a doctor's office!"
          • Still not close

            We are ranked in the top 3 of computer manufacturers. We even sell them one at a time to consumers.
          • Gotta be REALLY close, Shade.

            I remember a guy, probably a subdivision of yer outfit, who sold custom, top-of-the-line one-off systems ... in tung-oiled mahogany cabinets. Very well heeled buyers --- like the guys on YOUR contact list --- could purchase one for around $10K. Like I said, a measley two C-notes fer Vista Biz don't look like much with that system budget, eh? ;)
        • Dude!!!

          What are you thinking?!@? You ALWAYS run pre RTM software on a second machine, not your main one.

          That's why its called beta "TESTING". It ain't production.
  • Why surprised?

    One of the signs of a monopoly is rising prices. Remember when
    MS used to say that piracy was what kept their software prices high
    because they had to make up for lost revenue? Well, WGA is
    supposed to take care of that. So where are the lower prices? What,
    you mean you actually thought MS prices were high because of
    piracy? Hey, buddy, I have a bridge I can sell you for cheap...
  • more likely Jan. 63rd

    My money is on January 63rd. They'll change the calendar so they
    can say they released it in January as promised.
    • It is a step forward

      They actually have a release date. How many time they have to change that date is up for debate. I've seen release dates get changed 3 or 4 time pushing a product back over a year. That's usually the average from my experience. Of course this doesn't mean Microsoft will delay the product but it is a step more. It means it could be out anywhere from that date to Spring of 2008. The vapour may just be clearing a bit now.
      • What's the big fuss ..?

        I don't understand why people make a big fuss over release dates. How could it possibly harm any sensible human being to wait for a little longer? Are we grown-ups or infantiles expecting immidiate satisfaction?
        • RE: What's the big fuss ..?

          Given that line of reason, why don't we omit all deadlines? How
          could it possibly harm any sensible human being to wait a little
          longer for say...a heart transplant, or the fire department to
          arrive when your house is on fire. Gee, we'd like to get the
          Astronauts back from the International Space Station, but the
          guidance computer has a bug and the software company that
          writes the code has pushed back the release date of the fix; I
          guess all the Astronuats will have to die. That's OK though
          because we're grown-ups and don't require immediate
          satisfaction. What's the big fuss?
          • Astronauts?

            No one is going to die based on the availability of this new version. Knowing, or not knowing the relaease date, has no affect on the length of the wait. When it is released, you will hear about it and you may avail yourself of it, or not.
          • RE: Astronauts?

            I think you missed the point I was making.