Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

Summary: Remember that issue where trying to install Vista SP1 would result in a hard-to-break reboot cycle? Microsoft says they've identified the problem and created a fix for it. If you've been holding off on SP1 deployment because you feared bumping into this issue, you may now safely resume.


Remember that issue where trying to install Vista SP1 would result in a hard-to-break reboot cycle? Well, the Microsoft Update blog says the problem was caused by "a few unknown and rare events" during the installation of one of the prerequisites to installing SP1: KB937287, the Servicing Stack Update (SSU). That issue is reportedly fixed now:

To address this problem for people who have not already installed the SSU, we are releasing a fix tomorrow which will install prior to the SP1 Servicing Stack Update.  This pre-SSU update helps to ensure a smooth install of the SSU by working to prevent the system from rebooting during the SP1 SSU installation.  We also made additional changes to the SSU installer code, so that it checks for and requires the pre-SSU (KB949939) before it will install.

These two updates should now install seamlessly through Windows Update, in the proper order, so those of you with WU set to “install updates automatically” who haven’t already installed the SSU don’t have to take any further action. For those using the standalone download of SP1, the issues we encountered do not affect that method of installing at all.

Additional information in the announcement indicates that this issue doesn’t affect updates using the standalone installer.

If you've been holding off on SP1 deployment because of this issue, you may now resume.

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  • Yes, but it still doesn't install

    Dateline: Your Favorite PC
    Mood: Thrilled
    Result: Limp
    OS: Ultimate

    Step 3 of 3 - 100%

    Next window: "Didn't install correctly. Reversing changes. Do not turn off your machine."

    Response: Sigh.
    Damages: Network connection buggered. Reboot resolved.

    Conclusion: Sigh
    phpBB 3user
    • did you check your problems and solutions

      I had a similar problem on 1 of my SP1 installs. Problems and Solutions told me I had a Beta Version of Vista. MS told me to do a upgrade/repair install with my install disc because the Beta version error were corrupted System Files the repair/upgrade worked and it's all good now.I also updated my ATI drivers and uninstalled a few programs which Problem Reports and Solutions suggested I get rid of.
      • Problems & Solutions

        Thanks Mark.

        Yes I did, and there's no entry for the failed application. I didn't even get one of those "Send a Report" windows. I'll keep watching here and elsewhere, as this is a new event, and it may take a bit for it to hit the radar.

        phpBB 3user
    • Thanks for your post

      I appreciate your post... it lets me know there is still potential for a problem, but without the rant that I have to put up shields for.
  • RE: Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

    I have vista home edition and I dont know how it upgrades to SP1. I am so disappointed with Vista... I have one in 1GB RAM and it reboots every so often... specially during virus scanning... I wish there was some way to downgrade to XP without being charged...
    • sounds like a hardware issue.

      might consider testing your ram, or looking into heat issues.

      Downgrading to XP might be allowed for free, depending on how you got Vista, but it won't solve a hardware problem.
      • WRONG: Sound like AV is causing a crash

        I'm not the biggest fan of Vista, but fair is fair. Based on his comment about the reboot problem it looks like his AV software is the main problem.

        If I were to guess (since we don't have 100% of the facts), the AV software is making a kernel level API call incorrectly (ie: passing a null pointer) or trying to access memory on reserved space, causing an immediate reboot of the machine.
        • MAYBE:

          He said "specially during av scans", it could just as well be bad ram (in heavy use during the scan), excess heat generated from the heavy harddrive use pushing it over the edge, failing hard drive, etc.

          Agreed though, no where near enough facts to blame anything, even Vista.
    • 1GB ram in Vista is like XP with 256MB

      I had a terrible time with my daughters Vista machine. It would crash once or twice a week during AV scans with the McAfee it came with. And it came with only 1GB of ram. I uninstalled McAfee and put in 4GBs of new ram. I've had 0 problems since, SP1 installed the first try on this machine. Generally speaking Vista crashes less than any other OS I've used. Maybe I've been lucky but I'm supporting 4 at home and another 7 for clients and only 1 person had to go back to XP, mainly because of a issue with his VPN at work.
      Generally 2 GBs of ram is considered a minimum for Vista in my experience. XP is how old? It rolled out in fall 2001 I believe it needed 512MBs of ram to be happy. For an OS to need 2Bs 7 years later is not really that big a jump. Look at the processors,and storage common then. We are way beyond 4x on the other hardware. Vista is safer, allows you to run as a limited user and get things done and has a great built in search. XP is truly a downgrade. For $40 in ram and a free lightweight AV like Avast or AVG it might be worth another try. Windows has a free memory diagnostic tool that's worth trying as well.
      Good luck
  • Two months to fix??

    I'm glad I'm not using Vista. I find it ridiculous that a fatal bug as problematic as this one took 2 months to fix.
    • you really need to follow along.

      This bug hasn't affected anyone for 2 months, it was pulled.

      It delayed SP1, but it was hardly fatal.
  • I googled rebooting during virus scan

    I saw posts for every OS back to 98 and for all the reasons suggested by myself and in the other posts as well. I also saw everything from power supplies and malware, to a overheating cpu so it is very likely is hardware, or not.
    One way to trouble shoot this would be to:
    1 Update all drivers
    2 Get rid of all the trialware
    3 Use some of the diagnostic tools in Vista such as problem reports and solutions, and the Reliability and Performance monitor.
    4 Type MSCONFIG in the start search,go to the Startup tab, turn off everything except your security software. With 1GB of ram you don't need things like itunes helper and the rest of that stuff loading when you start up.
    5 Is the antivirus finishing ever? If not be supicious,does it find anything. Can it remove it.
    6 Use Windows defender to turn off unnecessary programs with the software explorer tool.
  • RE: Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

    With a year and a quarter of Vista experience behind us all, will somebody please give me an objective reason that it is such a dog vs. XP? Does it need a great deal more RAM, did the people at MS who knew how to build OS's retire, did Apple somehow sabotage the process, is it the fault of peripheral and software vendors who decided to sell more product by not bothering with compatibility, did hardware not get to the level MS expected, or what? While you're at it, tell me if MS can recover and produce a product that will avoid this sort of grief (a management process question, I think).
    Crabby Guy
  • RE: Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

    I installed SP1 with out any problem. I also only have 1 gig of ram and my computer seems to run just fine. I do not intend to put more ram in this computer because I am going to build another one soon. I had to install Auto Power/Shut Down when I first installed Windows Vista because my computer would not shut down and boot up properly. I have not tried to do that with out the program since installing SP 1
  • RE: Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

    The same happened to me also yesterday installing a new mobo. Downloaded the update to stop it rebooting KB. Used automatic update method until message stopped it loading, which happened near the end making for a long day. Then tried manual method and it worked! Only isue created was computer would not shut down I had to power it off. I love Vista sad to see great bata release, plus RC releases and the public release not working correctly.
  • RE: Vista SP1 reboot bug fixed

    My Vista Ultimate with SP1 and KB937287 inbedded is rebooting too. I cannot uninstall/reinstall KB937287 or SP1. So what's the fix, wait for an auto update solution?