Windows Home Server to get an x64 update

Windows Home Server to get an x64 update

Summary: Update 9-June-2008: A public beta release of Power Pack 1 is now available. For details, see "Windows Home Server gets a big bug fix (and much more).


Update 9-June-2008: A public beta release of Power Pack 1 is now available. For details, see "Windows Home Server gets a big bug fix (and much more)."  

This morning at CES, Microsoft announced plans to release a minor update to Windows Home Server, to be called Windows Home Server Power Pack 1.

The odd name (not a service pack, not a feature pack) reflects the unusual contents of this update, which will bundle bug fixes with a handful of new capabilities, including these three frequently asked for features:

  • x64 Connector software Probably the most eagerly awaited feature is an update to the Home Server Connector software that allows it to install on systems running 64-bit editions of Windows Vista.
  • Server backup features The Power Pack allows Home Server owners to designate an external USB drive as a backup device, allowing them to back up the server's contents.

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 allows external backups

  • More control over backups On both 32- and 64-bit systems, a new option in the Connector software allows users to control whether the system will wake up from sleep to run a scheduled backup task. This option is especially useful for notebooks that are temporarily disconnected from the network.

Windows Home Server adds x64 Connector support

Power Pack 1 is scheduled for release in the first half of 2008. Since I'm in Las Vegas right now, I can legally place my bet on April or May as the most likely ship date. You can take very short odds that the update won't ship before a fix for the data corruption bug that Microsoft acknowledged last month. A fix for that bug is in development now, but no one at Microsoft is willing to commit to a release date yet.

A release candidate build of the Power Pack software is in the hands of a limited number of beta testers now. (No public beta is planned.) I've had a chance to install it on a test machine in my office, where it's been running well. I've used it to back up and restore Vista x64 systems with no ill effects.

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  • backup of server

    Ed- Am I interpreting the screenshot correctly to say the new external backup applies to folders residing on the server and NOT to backing up the entire server or the backups on the server? (Ie., If my server is destroyed, I don't have a backup of the backup of the individual systems.) peace, mjh
    • backup of server

      Nevermind. peace, mjh

      Windows Home Server Team Blog : Windows Home Server Power Pack 1
      "You can also backup and restore and the entire home computer backup database."