Windows Update broken again?

Windows Update broken again?

Summary: Two months ago, I documented widespread problems with Microsoft's update servers. No problem, they said. Everything's perfectly normal. Today, those same servers are offline and technical teams are "working around the clock" to fix them. Hmmm.

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You know, I really hate saying "I told you so" two weeks in a row (last week it was the arrival of the Vista "kill switch"). But maybe Windows Update really is broken:

Microsoft on Tuesday released a slew of patches for Windows and Office, but a glitch prevented the company from pushing the updates out automatically.

The patches, which include critical fixes for both Office and Windows, can be manually downloaded from Microsoft's Web site, and the company said it hopes the more-automated tools will have the patch available later on Tuesday. Microsoft said that its technical teams "have been working around the clock" to solve the updating problems.

"Due to technical difficulties experienced on the Microsoft Update platform, security updates released today are not currently available via Microsoft Update, Automatic Updates, Windows Server Update Services or Windows Update v6," the software maker said.

Two months ago, I wrote, "The more I look, the more I’m convinced that there’s a substantial problem with Microsoft’s update process. But they’re not willing to talk about it."

And now, two months later, a new round of problems.


Topic: Windows

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  • We need service pack 3 now

    It has been far too long since service pack 2. 61 updates to download after sp2 is way too many. No wonder they are having problems.
    • Service pack 3 - you mean Vista? (nt)

    • crashed my windows xp

      The microsoft updates two weeks ago crashed my Toshiba P100 laptop. I can boot into vga mode or safe mode. . I downloaded the newest nvidia drivers for the geforce go 7600 video card, but it black screens once you login.It ran perfect before that upgrade. I am going to have to see if a total rebuild will bring it up..
  • I had a sports car like that once

    Dang thing ran nicely for the two or three hours it wasn't up on blocks. Whatever I fixed, something else would break.

    It's now sitting in the garage (where it's been for 15 years) getting tinkered with pending the kids leaving University -- and leaving me enough money to get it a complete end-to-end renovation.
    Yagotta B. Kidding
    • Old cars

      You'll get it restored, at which point it will spontaneously catch on fire.

      I, too, have had cars that were more of a pet than a vehicle.
  • Talkback broken

    I just lost a comment that kept getting an "Asset key ..." message. I'm too tired to create it over again.
  • It was broken earlier today

    But my WSUS server has the updates now.
  • Some perspective please

    Once again you seem to have no idea of the size of Windows Update.

    I mean it's OK if ZDnet stuffs up its forums or goes down for a while because (let's face it) there aren't that many people who actually use it compared to the installed base of Windows. It seems to be fine if Blizzard stuffs up their huge user base occasionally (and they are paying $15 per month). Countless other software firms regularly miss updates, go off-line etc.

    However, MS who's supplying a free update to just about all the world's computer users, stuffs up and it appears it's the end of the world.

    If MS has a delay - fine - at I'm sure they'll fix it.
  • Windows Update OK now

    Windows Update worked fine for me at 23:27 on 2006-10-10 when I manually invoked the service. Looks like the problem was relatively minor.
    • How can you possibly tell how serious the problem was?

      It took one of the richest companies on Earth a whole day to fix a high priority problem. And it's not as if "Patch Tuesday" caught MS by surprise, either.

      The best thing you can say at this point is merely "Windows Update OK [b]for[/b] now".
  • Message has been deleted.

  • The Cumulative Effect

    Windows problems seem to happen at a rate that is identical to
    the time it takes to write a blog. More conveniently, in blogland,
    the problems do not seem to overlap regardless of whether they
    exist concurrently or not.

    At no point has the cumulative effect of these problems been
    addressed. Whereas the user experiences the effect of cascading
    failures, the clue to it's cause lies not in the content of any given
    blog, but the laundry list of titles. By itself, each item is an
    opportunity for the heroic or magnanimous gesture, a little self
    contained "story" with conflict, and at least an attempt at conflict
    resolution. Today might require self sacrifice, tomorrow may
    require the hero/advocate. All of them conclude or hand off to a
    sequel. Their only cosequence is light entertainment.

    The blogosphere will trail behind the reality, unable to predict
    what will happen, satisfied to turn what has happened into a tidy
    morality play. In this way the blogger becomes the ultimate
    advocate for the status quo.
    Harry Bardal
  • What about zdnet

    The number of times that users have been unable to post due to some glitch far exceeds the couple of times there has been a glitch at Microsoft website.

    How come none of the zdnet bloggers never commented on it I wonder. Hmmmmmm
    • Theres the saying

      Dont crap infront of your own house.

      But they sure dont mind going to someone elses yard to crap.
  • What's broken?

    I've been down for 2 days because Comcast couldn't get their act together and you're worried about a little glitch with MS?
    Does it really matter if you wait a few extra hours to get a fix for something that's been broken for years???
    Worry about real problems. The little ones (like this one) usually take care of themselves.
  • Is it because?

    Didn't you hear that Microsoft's Update Server inexplicably failed the WGA test so it was put into "reduced functionality mode"? ;)