Windows Vista RC1 is complete

Windows Vista RC1 is complete

Summary: Microsoft Windows boss Jim Allchin just posted the details over at the Windows Vista blog.Technical beta testers can now download Build 5600 in x86 and x64 versions, which I'm doing right now.

TOPICS: Windows

Microsoft Windows boss Jim Allchin just posted the details over at the Windows Vista blog.

Technical beta testers can now download Build 5600 in x86 and x64 versions, which I'm doing right now.

More details about the public release should be available on Tuesday.

Stay tuned...

Topic: Windows

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  • ......I can't let this thread die

    I'm doing CPR here, ED..... :)
    • It's a holiday, man

      Sensible people are out enjoying life with their families.
      Ed Bott
  • I dunno, but it don't look good

    Ed, have you noticed how your last few threads about Vista have generated so much negative response?...And how this one generated none?

    The 1000 buck Vista PC, The hardware hog, The pending release date.....Folks responded to those threads, but most of it was rather negative stuff....So I ain't amazed they haven't responded to this thread....There is nothing positive in the fact Vista is nearing final release.

    No one seems to care.

    Microsoft better pay attention.....I think it's kinda significant that this thread stalled.....No reflection on you my friend, but rather MS and Vista.
    • I hope you find buyers

      ...for the books you must be writing already about how to make Vista work properly.

      I'm sure you have dissected Vista Beta and RC-1 enuff by now to write several chapters of 'fix-it' stuff. Your buyers can place your Vista book on their shelf right next to your 'fix-it' books on XP.

      I figure Microsoft should bundle your books with their software.

      I remember buying 'how to' books for DOS, but DOS was kinda cryptic afterall....Still is.

      I'm wondering why 'fix It' books are necessary now that Winduhs has a GUI....Well, a GUI of sorts.

      Not dissing you, ED...I hope you understand that.
  • Doody..Doody...Doody...said Tweety Bird!

    "Windows Vista is going to touch hundreds of millions of lives all around the world."

    Jim-boy is a real optimist or pessimist, hard to tell from the above quote or overall comments.

    So here is RC1 which of course is not what the lead-in story says "complete!" We'll throw it out there, and you Beta Testers see if you can 'fix' it by providing feedback....PLEASE....!

    So just who are these 'millions' that are going to be touch? As I DL 53 more security updates for XP Pro being installed on a customers piece of junk Dell: I tend to rub my hands gleefully thinking of additional business coming our way, when Vista Final...(snort) makes it to the consumer.

    Our corporate customers, seem to express their thoughts as, "Oh good we go again!" While our home users seem to express Tweety Bird's lament. My partners and I have been in this nutty but very profitable computer business since we were inputing Hex, and printing 'A's" on a screen, and the old MS boys, were dreaming of a computer with their OS in every business and home.

    I still remember when thousands of us Sysops ran the precursor to the WWW running BBS's and actually had fun playing in the DOS world and always bitching about "compatibility" between the software and hardware.

    Very little has changed over these years, except for "Security Issues" which were not even a concern in the fun days, because geeks supported geeks, and shared and traded information...and yes...did it free of charge. Of course, 'them days'are gone.

    Will Vista be the next nightmare (or perhaps continuing one) only if the focus is NOT on two things? Bells and Whistles and plenty of hype may grab some, but it's going to be "compatibility and security!" The biggest issue between those two is security, because the computer world now builds for programmed obsolescence, as do the rest of those who create and produce.

    So all you techs and IT's rub your hands and prepare for the nightmare, because as Tweety Bird said, "I thought I saw a puddy tat?...I did, I did see a puddy tat....baaad puddy tat!!!
    • Yep,


      I just today installed XP OEM on a friend's new home built.....It took half a dozen updates and then 54 security updates to get er done.....The updates had to be squeezed out of the MS servers.

      First they would say all was up to date, then it would pop up a flag and say more updates were needed....You should see his update file...It rivals the size of the original install!

      Vista will only be more of the same. :(
  • Vista RC1 is near Perfect!

    I installed Vista RC1 today and as far as I can tell, it is near perfect! Installing the just released video and audio beta drivers, available from NVIDIA and Creative respectively, made RC1 perform beyond expectations.
    • Thanks for Sharing

      Thanks for sharing your assessment, Carey. Now I [b]know[/b] I'm going to at least wait for the first service pack. :-)
      • window vista

        I try to install window vista on new computer,everything went smooth(clean install)then its said, file missing cannot continue,

        What is the problem? help
        • Sorry, this thread is no longer supported

          :) :) :)

          I couldn't resist!
    • So if Vista had been released on time...

      We would just now be getting drivers.....Now that's the Windows I've come to know and love so dearly! :(
  • Vista RC1 is running fabulous!

    Yes, Vista RC1 is running fabulous! Its light years ahead of anything Linux has to offer!